T-34 – the Darling Among Tanks

The Т-34, the main Soviet battle tank during the Great Patriotic War, was universally recognized as the best tank by friends and foes alike. Over 50,000 T-34s were produced during the War.
In many ways it has become a symbol of Victory. and you can see it on pedestals in many towns and cities in and outside Russia as a token of gratitude to the Red Army that brought liberation from Nazi occupation.


The Soviets had developed a special affection for tridtsatchetverka, as it was fondly called. During the War, the tanks received personal names, and in peace time, the tanks became the protagonists of many war movies along with their crews.
The T-34 epitomizes the current defiant mood of Russians, as can be seen in the photo below taken by the author in the carpark of his highrise in a sourthern Moscow suburb.

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