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The Ultimate 21st Century Choice; OBOR or War

The $46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has the potential to unblock vast swathes of South Asia, with Gwadar, operated by China Overseas Port Holdings, slated to become a key naval hub of the New Silk Roads.

Deep-sea ports will be built in Kyaukphyu in Myanmar, Sonadia island in Bangladesh, Hambantota in Sri Lanka. Add to them the China-Belarus Industrial Park and 33 deals in Kazakhstan covering everything from mining and engineering to oil and gas.

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Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron (L) Russia's President Vladimir Putin (C partially obsured) and President Barack Obama arrive to pose for the family picture of the G8 summit at the Lough Erne resort near Enniskillen in Northern Ireland on June 18, 2013. (AFP/AFP/Getty Images)

The Disastrous Nonintervention In Syria

War casualties: 155,000 – 400,000, depending on who is counted

4.8 million registered Syrian refugees

Aleppo, Bosra and Palmyra irreparably damaged

Majority of refugees are in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt

Islands off the coast of Greece and Italy are overwhelmed

Rise of xenophobia across the West

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Defense Contractors Tell Investors World War III is Great for Business

The mainstream media has been working overtime to position Putin’s Russia as our newest and most pressing international threat, and now even the most absurd events in media are linked to Russian interference. The reason why media is working so hard to create the impression that Russia is actively conspiring against is because conflict with the former Soviet Union is good for business.