‘Boycott Bing!’ Riyadh furious after search engine translates ‘Daesh’ as ‘Saudi Arabia’

Saudi Arabia’s monarchy was left fuming after Microsoft’s Bing search engine translated ‘Daesh’ – the Arabic acronym for Islamic State – as ‘Saudi Arabia.’ Many have called for a boycott of the search engine.

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Photo Credit: Gigi Ibrahim / Flickr Creative Commons

The New ‘Two-State Solution’ That Would Colonize Palestine

A ludicrous blueprint for permanent foreign military domination.

A powerful pro-Israel policy group with ties to the Obama administration and the Israeli military intelligence establishment is promoting plans for a “two state solution” that would subordinate Palestinians to Israeli military rule, supervised by a permanent U.S. military presence.

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Turkish Invasion Of Syria Reveals Vortex Of Interests

As Turkey deepens its push into Syrian territory, numerous geopolitical interests are now colliding with one another in what appears to be a war worthy of the reputation the Middle East has for political and geopolitical complexity. Having had its immediate expedition across the Turkey-Syria border condemned by the Syrian government, Turkey is now facing some public criticism from the United States in regards to its military efforts against Kurdish forces east of the Euphrates who are themselves aligned with the United States, partially against ISIS and the Syrian government as well as staunch enemies of the Turkish government.

What Syria’s Kurds “Think” They are Fighting For Versus Reality

​Reports are emerging of widespread armed conflict between Kurdish militants and  Syrian forces.

The Kurdish offensive is being backed by US forces, including airpower overhead and special operations personnel on the ground. Syrian attempts to use its own air force to counter the spreading conflict appeared to be checked by what was essentially a defacto no-fly zone established by the US over eastern Syria.

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