Turkey Plans to Introduce Pentagon Civil Management Model for Defense Ministry

August 14, 2016
Turkey is planning to introduce a new civil management model for the country’s Defense Ministry based on the US Pentagon, which will be composed of 60 percent civil and 40 percent military personnel, local media reported on Sunday citing ministerial sources.
According to the July 31 state of emergency decree law, issued after the July thwarted coup in Turkey, the country’s Land Forces, Naval Forces and Air Force commands are now subordinate to the Defense Ministry.
“The goal in restructuring the ministry is 60 percent civil and 40 percent soldiers in management. That percentage can be half and half in the beginning but the ultimate goal is 60 to 40 percent,” sources said as quoted by Hurriyet daily news.
The Turkish authorities intend to use the experience of the United States, the media outlet added. Pentagon’s management model comprises 70 percent of civil and 30 percent of military personnel.
“On July 15, an attempted coup took place in Turkey that was suppressed the following day. Over 240 people were killed and more than 2,100 injured excluding the victims among the coup plotters, according to the country’s authorities.

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