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Man Beats Rush Hour Traffic By Riding Ostrich In Kazakhstan

Most people think cycling is a good way to beat rush hour traffic, but a man in Kazakhstan took the concept to another level, reportedly riding an ostrich past commuter cars. The hilarious moment was captured on a dashcam.


The footage, which was posted on YouTube, shows the ostrich sprinting through the long line of traffic carrying its rider in a moment that would make the ‘Borat’ movie’s eponymous hero proud.


Commuters watch the event in astonishment as the ostrich darts through the traffic and is out of sight in a matter of seconds. The incident is believed to have taken place in the former capital and second city of Almaty, the Daily Mail reported.

A male voice is heard in the background saying, “oh my God! What has just happened?”


Although the clip had received over 15,000 hits on YouTube by the point of publication, some have questioned whether the video is real.

Local police are reportedly investigating the matter and are viewing CCTV footage to try to verify whether the ostrich was really on the road, the Daily Mail reported.

Luckily for the drivers, the ostrich didn’t seem to experience much road rage, like these poor cyclists chased by the bird, known to be able to reach speeds of 45 mph.


Source: rt.com

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