Hillary And The FBI: The “Deep State” Revolts

Every American is shocked that FBI Director James Comey revealed to Congress late last week that the Bureau has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Democrats and their ilk are enraged at what they say is ‘political interference’ so close to Election Day, while Republicans can’t believe that the same man who declined to press charges against the former Secretary of State last summer is now finally doing the right thing after shamefully selling out to The Establishment. The Democrats’ claims about ‘political interference’ are totally groundless, since the American People have a right to know if the illegal behavior of one of the leading presidential candidates is still being scrutinized by the authorities in light of new information. In fact, Comey wouldn’t have done such a dramatic move had his team not uncovered a real bombshell during their investigation into Huma Abedin’s estranged husband’s sexual perversions and suspected possession of child pornography.

At the very least, Huma is guilty of perjury for lying under oath and saying that she surrendered all work-related devices on which any of Hillary’s potentially classified emails could have been handled. This discovery raises obvious questions about the integrity of the woman who Hillary would likely make her Chief of Staff if she wins the election, and it worryingly shows millions of Americans that Clinton does not have the capacity to make good judgement calls. This further compounds all of the existing evidence that she’s corrupt and might proverbially be the drop that overspills the glass and convinces on-the-fence voters that she’s definitely not worthy of their vote. The Clintons’ corruption is legendary and has already been explored at length by Peter Schweizer and many others affiliated with the Breitbart alternative-conservative news platform so there’s no need for the present article to discuss that in depth, though it’s worthy to keep in mind this entire time.

The “Deep State”

Rather, this piece aims to analyze what motivated Comey to do what he did, as well as relatedly apply the author’s interpretive framework of the “deep state” in extrapolating the rebellious state of affairs at the FBI and the significance that this holds for The Establishment. To start off, the “deep state” isn’t some sort of ‘conspiratorial’ concept like reactionary critics might allege, but is just another way of talking about any given country’s permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies. The author broadly discussed the relationship that both presidential candidates have to this pivotal arm of The Establishment in the mid-summer article about “National Leadership Styles And The ‘Deep State’: Trump And Hillary”, during which it was posited that Hillary has favorable high-level support within the State Department and FBI (due to her existing tenure as Secretary of State and Obama’s close relationship with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, respectively) while Trump has pragmatic sympathizers in the CIA and Pentagon (such as former Defense Intelligence Agency head Michael Flynn) who properly understand what a dangerous train wreck Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy would be for the rest of the world.

This observation needs to be adjusted in order to account for Comey reopening the case into Hillary and notifying Congress that the investigation is once more ongoing. Like it was earlier written, he wouldn’t have done this if there was any conceivable way that he could avoid it, which strengthens the case that whatever evidence was retrieved is worthy of this unparalleled move. Reports have been circulating in the press that morale is at an all-time low in the FBI among employees who fervently feel that their Director permanently blighted the Bureau’s reputation and undermined the general public’s trust in this branch of the “deep state”. Many agents have even submitted letters of resignation in protest of what they are convinced is incurable corruption within the institution, and The New York Post even headlined an article in early October proclaiming that “FBI agents are ready to revolt over the cozy Clinton probe”. None of these factors by themselves would have been enough to get Comey to change his mind and come clean about what at this point inarguably looks to have been his own political interference into the election by refusing to charge Hillary, but they certainly contributed to the tense intra-organizational environment on the eve that agents first found Clinton’s emails on Huma and her separated husband Anthony Weiner’s computer.

The Revolt From Below

At this point it’s necessary to draw a distinction between the rank and file associates of the FBI and other “deep state” organizations and the institutional elites that rule over this class. It’s impossible to ever know without a grain of doubt just how dedicated each and every employee of the “deep state” is to upholding The Establishment, but it can be surmised that just like in any hierarchy, the bottom of the pyramid doesn’t always happily support the pinnacle of power. In this case, regular FBI agents really do seem to be revolting against Comey’s leadership as strongly as they legally can within their professional bounds, knowing full well that it’s almost impossible (and certifiably suicidal) to attempt a stereotypical “coup” against him but well aware enough of their importance that they understand what a blow it would be to his presidentially appointed rule if they continually leak their frustrations to the press and do everything they can to make him feel like a disowned outcast. The simple reality is that the FBI’s reputation is already ruined in the eyes of the American public, who now see the domestic intelligence and law enforcement body as a paramilitary extension of the Democratic Party. The only glimmer of hope that its employees have to correct this perception is to show the country that they are opposed to their Director turning them all into unwitting partisan hacks.

FBI employees join the Bureau out of a sense of duty in protecting their homeland from domestic threats and doing their part to clean up the rampant crime that has taken hold of the nation, not to behave as the corrupt apparatus of one political party or another. Comey’s betrayal this summer in refusing to indict Hillary Clinton despite the overwhelming evidence that she (and it later turns out, also President Obama himself) had broken the law hit the organization so hard because it flew in the face of every non-partisan principle that most of the employees truly believe in and joined the Bureau to protect, so when agents fortuitously discovered new evidence related to the case while they were investigating Weiner’s child sexting scandal, there was no way that they were going to sit on it without saying anything. One can only speculate on the sort of conversations and intrigue that went on at the FBI headquarters in the weeks since Hilary’s emails were discovered on Huma and Weiner’s computer, but it’s very likely that a suspenseful ‘Game of Thrones’-like drama unfolded whereby patriotic rank and file employees confronted their in-the-pocket Establishment leaders and demanded that the Clinton case be reopened and the announcement be made public so that all of their fellow Americans can know about it, otherwise they’d leak it to the press themselves.

The Path Of No Return

Comey already sold the FBI out by declining to charge Clinton in the first place, so it can’t really be argued that he suddenly had an about-face in order to save the institutional reputation of the Bureau, although it also can’t be completely ruled out either. Rather, it’s much more logical that Comey is interested first and foremost in his own personal wellbeing, not buying into the Democratic-controlled Mainstream Media’s reports that Hillary is far ahead of Trump and slated to beat him by a landslide and instead hedging his bets against what he would do if a future Trump Administration decides to investigate him for political impropriety after the inauguration. The author did in fact predict that Trump would undertake legal action against the Clinton and Soros Foundations if he’s elected President, so it’s only natural that he would expand this process to include their “deep state” collaborators if he was indeed serious about ‘cleansing’/’purging’ them from power. The only way that Comey could attempt to save himself in such a situation was to make the move that he did in unprecedentedly announcing that the FBI had reopened their investigation into one of the country’s two leading presidential candidates just a little over one week before the election. Comey must really believe that there’s a distinct possibility that Trump will win and carry through on his promise to “drain the swamp” of Washington corruption otherwise he wouldn’t have thrown the entire political process into chaos like he just did.

By going to Congress and contradicting the will of the Justice Department and President Obama, Comey is signaling to the American People as strongly as he can that something is very, very wrong, and he’s also publicly and irreversibly setting into motion an investigative process that could far outlive him in the event that he falls victim to a “mysterious suicide” just like the scores of individuals that have dared to cross the Clintons. Comey probably did all of this out of the self-interested motivation of looking after his own personal and professional interests, but regardless of what sparked him into action, the outcome is that this has helped to repair some of the previous damage that he did to the organization’s morale and its reputation among the people. The ordinary employees of this “deep state” institution, no matter how offended they are at Comey’s cowardice this summer, are now filled with a sense of purpose in going through the hundreds of thousands of emails on Huma and Weiner’s seized computer and extracting the evidence that they know is in there in order to reverse the injustice that their Director is responsible for. As for the private citizenry with any common sense left in their skulls, they should by now realize that the “deep state” revolt that took place among agents of the FBI is serious enough to have forced the Director into dramatically initiating corrective action less than two weeks before the election.

Circling The Wagons

The late-October reopening of the Clinton email case and the public notification that Congress received about this is indicative of a complete about-face by FBI Director James Comey, which could only have come about due to a “deep state” revolt by the rank and file agents within the Bureau who were spurred into action after fortuitously finding new evidence on Huma and Weiner’s computer. There was no way that Comey could continue to cover up for Clinton, and it’s very likely that patriotic employees threatened to go public with the Bureau’s findings if he didn’t take a principled move in the right direction and notify the country about what was happening (regardless if this was motivated more so by his own self-interests as opposed to his civic duty). This first-ever episode of such a high-ranking “deep state” representative “defecting” from The Establishment is significant in that it proves that the American “deep state” is not solidly behind Hillary Clinton like some have assumed, and that even within those institutions which are affiliated with her, there is a growing revolt among the regular employees against their politically co-opted superiors.

This is especially significant as the US nears the most historic presidential election in its history. Never before has a complete outsider like Donald Trump come so close to the Presidency and been in a position to clean out the corrupted “deep state” elements of the modern-day Establishment. In contrary, this is the first time that both the Democratic and Republican Party elite have united behind a single candidate (Hillary Clinton) and dispelled the enduring myth of America’s political system being characterized by a “free and fair choice” between two assumedly different candidates. In truth, Trump and Hillary couldn’t be more different than one another in almost all ways, but it’s the fact that both parties have come together to fight against the outsider and protect their own entrenched interests that American Democracy is revealed as the rigged institutional fraud that its critics have always alleged it to be. As further proof of this, The Establishment and its “deep state”-connected public affiliates of the Mainstream Media and “Academia” have waged an unparalleled psychological war against their own American People, even deploying Hybrid War technology in having the Soros-linked “Black Lives Matter” extremist group instigate divide-and-rule race riots all throughout the country.

“Deep State” ‘Saviors’

The reason why they’re going to such extremes with their efforts is because they need to convince Americans not to vote for Donald Trump on 8 November, since the election is ultimately just that – an election – and the candidate with the most votes wins. For as rigged and manipulated as the system is, it still boils down to a simple poll between the two frontrunners, one which can only be directly interfered with through fraudulent activities such as dead people voting and the outright tampering of electronic ballots. The latter option is especially threatening because of the large-scale and decisive impact that it could have in throwing this neck-and-neck election to Hillary Clinton’s favor, and as uncomfortable as it is to acknowledge, there’s absolutely nothing that the average American can do about it if such a scheme is already planned to take place. The only people who can stop, expose, and deal with this plot are the ones working with the “deep state”, particularly the elements in the FBI and NSA who may come across evidence of this occurring and be inspired to leak it to the press and/or compel their superiors to take action.

Up until Comey’s stunning announcement, there was no way of gauging just how divided and mutinous the FBI really was, so the thought of patriotic agents in the Bureau or any other “deep state” institution leaking or acting on evidence of pro-Clinton electronic voter fraud sounded to many like ‘wishful thinking’. In fact, the only related scenario which the Mainstream Media was willing to countenance was the outlandish one of “Russian hackers” rigging the election for Trump, a psy-op claim so egregiously insulting to the intelligence of average Americans that even CNN and Time felt it necessary to publicly walk back and refute. Now, however, there’s hope that patriots in the FBI, NSA, and others might not accept the election results if they come across evidence that Hillary ‘won’ by fraud. Such “deep state” ‘saviors’ could gather their supportive coworkers together and pressure their bosses to act just like the Bureau did with Comey over this past month, or even ‘go rogue’ by leaking the ‘smoking gun’ to the media and watching as all hell breaks loose while Americans stage their own ‘Color Revolution’ against The Establishment.

The ‘Second American Revolution’?

The ruling “deep state” elite is scared like never before because they no longer have the same amount of confidence in the power that they assumed they wielded over their underlings. The FBI Revolt of October 2016 was an even greater shock for them than it was for the average American because it means that any forthcoming plans to defraud the election in favor of Hillary could conceivably be opposed and exposed by the same shadowy apparatuses that were supposed to carry it out and sweep it under the rug. The FBI’s patriots sent a strong signal to their “deep state” counterparts in other institutions when they succeeded in pressuring Comey to publicly notify Congress about the reopening of Clinton’s email case, since their peers now know that there is a very real revolt going on in the “deep state” and that they have more support than they might have otherwise thought. This unmistakable message is designed to encourage other patriots to rise up within their own ranks and oppose the electronic voter fraud that Hillary and her backers in the “deep state” elite are plotting.

If one thinks about it, what transpired in the last week of October is the closest that the US has ever come to a ‘Second American Revolution’ and it’s proof that there are indeed ‘friendly’ and patriotic elements in the “deep state” that are willing to stand with the people in opposing the corrupt machinations of their ruling elite superiors in The Establishment. Americans can’t help but take note that something totally unusual is happening and that all is not right in the corridors of power. Never before has a branch of the “deep state” so openly rebelled against the ruling government, and the average citizen is waking up to the frightening prospect that their own “deep state” might be just as divided and on the brink of war with itself as are those in the ‘undemocratic dictatorships’ (or so the weaponized Mainstream Media makes them out to be) that the US routinely destabilizes and tries to overthrow. The parallels are remarkable and the foreboding sense of fear that they instill isn’t lost on many.

If the upcoming vote isn’t conducted in the ‘free and fair’ manner that Americans expect it to be, then the “deep state” ‘saviors’ will attempt to peacefully carry out their ‘Second American Revolution’ behind the scenes in dealing with this crisis, but faced with insurmountable institutional resistance from their elite Clinton-co-opted superiors, they might go for the ‘nuclear option’ and leak all of the evidence that they have about this plot to the media and thus prompt the American People to take the ‘Second American Revolution’ from the shadows to the streets. This could predictably result in a scale of violence and far-reaching turmoil that sets into motion a chain reaction that’s utterly impossible to accurately forecast. The ‘Second American Revolution’ could either be pulled off peacefully at the polls and behind the scenes by the facilitative “deep state” ‘saviors’, or riotously in the streets with unpredictable bedlam. Nevertheless, it’s a certainty that the ‘Second American Revolution’ will play out in one way or another, but it’s just a question of which of the two will ultimately be victorious, and whether that will be Trump’s form of the people conquering The Establishment or Hillary’s one of The Establishment conquering the people.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Katehon

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