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Soviet T-34 Tank Spotted during Fighting in Yemen

A video, showing a process of combat usage of the Soviet T-34-85 tank in Yemen, was published online.

According to an annotation to the video, the tank is used by Arab military, fighting on the side of Saudi Arabia, as a stationary firing point in the province of Dhale. The footage shows a tankman, who shoots from a turret gun with the help of a rope cord, being outside of the tank.


The best medium tank of the times of World War II, the T-34-85, is actively used in local conflicts in the Middle East. In August of this year, such tanks were spotted in Syria.

Soviet tanks became even more popular in Yemen, where fighting has been ongoing for more than ten years. During this time, the most part of tanks, which were in service in the Yemeni Army, has been destroyed by supporters of expelled President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi. This led to the fact that the Houthis and Yemeni troops also began to actively use very old military hardware – the T-34 tanks and the SU-100 self-propelled guns.

The T-34-85 tank became a part of the Red Army in the spring of 1944. In contrast to its predecessor, the T-34-76, the tank had a new cast turret with reinforced armor protection and a 85-mm cannon. Its armor-piercing projectile, weighing 9.2 kg, was capable to pierce a 102-mm armor from a distance up to 1000 meters, as well as to hole a 111-mm armor from a distance up to 500 meters. An AP composite shot could break through a 138-mm armor from a distance of 500 meters. The number of a tank’s crew increased to five people. Officially, the T-34 tank was removed from service in the Russian Army in 1993.

Source: South Front

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