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While ISIS Tied Up with Palmyra, Kurds Advance in Raqqa

Syrian Kurds launched a series of strokes on surroundings of Raqqa and managed to liberate five villages in its vicinity from the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group.

The Reuters news agency reported that the evacuation of militants from the eastern districts of Aleppo has been suspended. Perhaps, for the first time during the last time western media tell it like it is: the suspension of the evacuation process is caused by actions of militants themselves, who, in fact, continue to provoke the official authorities of the Syrian Arab Republic. According to some reports, a group of militants has tried to take prisoners.

Against this background, important messages come from another Syrian province – Raqqa. There, units of the Kurdish militia decided to carry out a series of powerful strikes on positions of the so-called Islamic State (IS) terrorist group after the news that several thousands of IS terrorists departed from the city towards Palmyra. After several hours of fighting, the forces of Syrian Kurds liberated five inhabited localities in the province of Raqqa, including the villages of Al-Khafiyah and Al-Sayer, from IS terrorists.

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According to the Command of the Kurdish units, they take up positions in the areas, liberated from the IS, in order to carry out a fell stroke in the direction of the western part of Raqqa.

It is notable that American sources reported about the “assistance, provided to Kurds by the coalition’ air power.” It is enough strange statement at least due to the fact that about 10 days ago, representatives of the US military command announced that the operation in the area of Raqqa has been stopped until the spring. There are only two variants: either it was a bluff in order to spoil IS game, or the statements about the air support, provided to Kurds during their offensive on Raqqa, are falsehoods.

Source: SouthFront

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