Illuminati Flip Good and Evil

A movie “The Front,” (1976) about the blacklist of Hollywood Communists, illustrates how
Jews have been brainwashed,  and, in turn, have brainwashed us all to mistake evil for good and lies for truth.

“The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that just as in the Russian revolution, the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph over fascism will triumph Judaism.” – Rabbi Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and Humanity, p. 143-144

In the climactic scene of 'The Front' Woody Allen tells the HUAC where to go. "Go F**k yourselves" summarizes attitude of Cabalist Jews to the goyim, God and to the universe in general.
In the climactic scene of ‘The Front’ Woody Allen tells the HUAC where to go. “Go F**k yourselves” summarizes attitude of Cabalist Jews to the goyim, God and to the universe in general.

In the late 1940’s, the US House Un-American Activities Committee investigated how Communists were using movies to shape the thinking of the American people. It established a “blacklist” of writers and filmmaker deemed subversive.

In 1976, some blacklisted filmmakers, all Jews, made a movie, “The Front” about this period in US history. Woody Allen plays a schlemiel who becomes rich by “fronting” for blacklisted script writers.

Predictably, the movie takes the Communist view that the attempt to restrict Communist propaganda violated guarantees of freedom of speech and was totalitarian and fascist.

In other words, 25 years later, the movie continued to do what the blacklist targeted: purvey Communist propaganda.

Thanks to Communist (Cabalist Jewish) control of the mass media, this “liberal” view is the required, politically correct view of the blacklist to this day.

Never mind that the US Communist Party was funded and controlled by Moscow with the goal of overthrowing the US government. This was confirmed by “The Verona Project” a US army program of deciphering communications between the Russian Embassy in DC and Moscow.

download20287729A list of people mentioned in the wires includes a who’s who of the FDR Administration.

Never mind that the Chairman of HUAC, Martin Dies, left, was a patriotic American Congressman from Texas trying to preserve freedom.

In her review of the film, Paul Kael provided the “politically correct” (a Communist Party term) view of the blacklist.

“At its most appealing, this movie says that people shouldn’t be pressured to inform on their friends, that people shouldn’t be humiliated in order to earn a living. Humbly, this film asks for fairness….”

This is ironic since Christians, Conservatives and anti Zionists now are routinely fired from universities and elsewhere for expressing their opinions in social media. “Naming names” was a sign of loyalty. Legendary director Elia Kazan, not a Jew, had no trouble doing it. 


We can’t see the truth because it is much simpler than we think. 

Judaism is defined and controlled by its leaders, who are Cabalists (same as Freemasons, Illuminati.)

Cabalism is Satanism. (It says God is unknowable and the Cabalist Jews channel His will. Cabalist Jews have banished God from the universe so they can take His place.)

Cabalism (Freemasonry) is Communism.

Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion. Communism is a Masonic Jewish creation, part of the plan for a satanic Jewish NWO tyranny.

Bereft of faith in the Creator’s Design, most Jews and humanity in general are forlorn and dysfunctional. We are fed a constant diet of ugliness, violence, trivia and sex in order to control and keep us sick and weak. A satanic cult exploits its members this way.

When Good [Martin Dies] is portrayed as Evil; and Evil [blacklisted dupes] is portrayed as Good, you have satanic possession, which is our condition. This is why truth is now labelled “fake news.”

The goal of Communism (Satanism) is to turn nature, truth and morality upside down. After possessing Jews and then Freemasons, finally humanity is delivered to the Cabalist cult leaders.

We live in a mental matrix built by these magicians who create “money” out of thin air and transfer this abstraction, representing debt to the bankers, by simply adjusting their accounts.

Unfortunately, these magicians also control the mass media and use it to distract us from their ongoing attack on society.

They create the wars and depressions to enrich themselves and weaken us. They control the universities and publishers who ensure that this horrible truth is suppressed.


Many decent, idealistic Jews have been duped into serving as “useful idiots” by Communist propaganda. They have been told Jews are hated “for no reason,” when, in fact, they are resented because so many have enlisted in this war against humanity and God. Communist talk of social justice and equality is a ruse to garner support for a satanic program designed to eliminate family, private property and political freedom.

the-front-movie-poster-1976-1010465630Why was this pernicious program allowed to function? Communism was sponsored by the Masonic Jewish central bankers and the giant corporate cartels they control. We have de facto Communism and have had it for a long time.

In his book, The Martin Dies’ Story (1963), Dies claims that President Franklin D. Roosevelt attempted to stop him from investigating communism. He claims that Roosevelt told him in November 1940, [when Russia was still allied with Nazi Germany]: “I do not regard the Communists as any present or future threat to our country. In fact, I look upon Russia as our strongest ally in the years to come. As I told you when you began your investigation, you should confine yourself to Nazis and Fascists. While I do not believe in Communism, Russia under Communism [is better than] than under the tsars. Stalin is a great leader, and although I deplore some of his methods, it is the only way he can safeguard his government.”

FDR, Stalin, Hitler and Churchill were all Freemasons, i.e. Cabalists partly of Jewish extraction.

Hitler, Himler in Masonic clutch
Hitler, Himler in Masonic clutch

In his book, The Trojan Horse in America (1940), Dies argued: “Works Projects Administration was the greatest financial boon which ever came to the Communists in the United States. Stalin could not have done better by his American friends and agents…. In one Federal Writers’ Project in New York, one third of the writers were members of the Communist Party. This was proven by their own signatures. Many witnesses have testified that it was necessary for W.P.A. workers to join the Workers Alliance – high-pressure lobby run by the Communist Party – in order to get or retain their jobs…. Several hundred Communists held advisory or administrative positions in the W.P.A. projects. Dies called for the resignations of [FDR braintrust] Harold Ickes, Harry Hopkins and Frances Perkins, as the three had “associates who were Socialists, Communists, and crackpots.” Roosevelt refused to sack these three members of his government but did bring the Federal Theatre Project to an end.”


Western societies are run by Satanists whose goal is to corrupt and degrade the population. Just compare the dignity with which women dressed 50 years ago and today. Then, they dressed like human beings worthy of becoming wives and mothers, the heart and soul of a family. Today, young women wear “yoga tights” which display their wares in sexual terms. Sex reduces humans to animal status.

Both young men and woman are taught that it is chic to question their gender. Gender is the key to personal and family identity for the vast majority of society.

Have no illusions, the Illuminati know promiscuity and gender dogmas are degrading and ridiculous. They are consciously waging psychological war on society under the guise of “progressive,” “tolerant” and “chic.”

Finally, the Cabalist (Masonic) Jew is a Luciferian, a rebel against God and nature. He holds mankind in his thrall. He’s like the one soldier in a thousand who is marching out-of-step. Yet he has amassed the money and power to tell the rest to ” go f**k yourselves” and get in step.

Trump won election by appealing to the feckless white majority. Given his Masonic, Jewish and Zionist connections, it’s unlikely he will deliver.

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

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  1. Ok.I got you.your main sources of information are not reliable.
    I can not get into this but you are making assumptions that are simply not true.
    Need have contributed many other things than bad movies.
    Do you really think that there is some evil gene that makes jews want to destroy the world ?
    I am very simple.
    Abraham had two son’s ;one is the father of Israel and the other Islam.
    I have excellent experiences with Arab people in Israel who do not fear jews but want to go exist.
    I realize that YouTube is full of crazy anti-Semitic nonsense.
    I really would like to help you because I think you are wasting your ONE PRECIOUS LIFE on hate.
    Jews are people :the worst crime being the seeds of Satan.Ok so why did jesus preach love?why did so many jews contribute to medicine science and arts?if we are so evil what is the point?
    Ok not all jews are smart.some make silly movies but don’t you think there is enough racial hate in the world?
    Do you really believe in ethnically evil people?
    I think you have serious trust issues.
    Who doesn’t?but get control. Your blogs are completely unresearched and based on racism.
    You hate Trump’s racism then why do you copy?

  2. Technically it’s considered “Xenophobia” when a religion is involved. Everyone knows that there are good and bad people of all races, religions, and economic backgrounds…He wasn’t trying to say all Jews are evil, he was saying that Hollywood and the Mainstream Media’s influence is deliberately trying to corrupt and weaken the American people

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