Look Out, Men: Your “Toxic Masculinity” is Now the Focus of Progressive Wrath

The growing epidemic of imagined victim-hood is expanding, and you won’t believe who the witch-hunters are after this time.

You’ve likely heard that colleges across the US have been offering courses and workshops focused exclusively on how “whiteness” is a serious social problem.

Universities are not the only “educational” institutions teaching students that being white is something to be ashamed of. High schools are also talking about “white privilege” and in some schools, children as young as age 6 are being taught that they are born racist and should feel guilty about their race.

Liberal media outlets are fueling the “white folks are bad” fire. Last month, we reported on MTV’s racist, sexist “2017 Resolutions for White Guys” video, and The Huffington Post’s article titled Donald Trump’s Proposed Cabinet Is Very White, And Very Male. The image above the article featured – in massive bold letters – the headline Pale Male Fail. We pointed out how funny that was, coming from a “news” site whose editor Tweeted a photo of a table full of mostly white women that was evidently meant to show workplace diversity, but actually showed a lack of males or people of color on their editorial staff.

“Toxic masculinity” is another focus of those who suffer from perpetual victim-hood.

Courses about this (fabricated) problem are being offered now, as CampusReform tells us:

Several universities are taking advantage of the new year to renew their efforts against “toxic masculinity,” with some schools hosting events that will “construct new futures for masculinities.”

At Oregon State University, for instance, students are invited to attend a “healthy masculinities conference” where they will “engage in collective imagining to construct new futures for masculinities, unrestricted by power, privilege, and oppression.”

Ithaca College is hosting a workshop on “masculinity and violence” during its MLK Week celebrations, where students will “examine hegemonic masculinity and its role as the wheel that rotates a cycle of violence” while empowering “willing individuals to begin to recognize, acknowledge, own, and disrupt the toxicity of manhood in order to end violence.”

Meanwhile, over at Duke University, there’s a “Men’s Project” that  is looking for applicants for a “nine-week long discussion group” that will also “examine the ways we present—or don’t present—our masculinities, so we can better understand how masculinity exists on our campus—often in toxic ways—and begin the work of unlearning violence.” CampusReform shared an excerpt from this program’s description (get ready to cringe):

We want to explore, dissect, and construct an intersectional understanding of masculinity and maleness, as well as to create destabilized spaces for those with privilege. Duke is an environment where some are rarely made uncomfortable while others are made to bear the weight of their identities on a daily basis—we aim to flip that paradigm.

Duke University told Campus Reform that its Men’s Project exists “under the advisement and funding of the Duke Women’s Center.”

Other indoctrination centers schools, including the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Brown University, have centers for men to confront their masculinity, with Brown’s “B Well” center hosting weekly “Masculinity 101” workshops for “students who identify as men.”

On their website on a page titled Unlearning Toxic Masculinity, Brown provides useful information about health issues that are concerns for men, including higher risks of physical injuries and suicide. While addressing those concerns and offering information on them to students is admirable, the article goes on to say…

How men are socialized plays into the type of violence that exists in college communities. The harm and violence that men inflict is not strictly contained to the self-harm mentioned previously. Men will often resort to violence to resolve conflict because anger is the only emotion that they have been socialized to express. Unfortunately, the way that young men are conditioned to view sex and their need to be dominant and have power over others also contribute to instances of sexual assault and other forms of interpersonal violence on college campuses.

UMass, Amherst has a “Men and Masculinities Center” for students to “interrogate and deconstruct traditional forms of masculinity,” even offering a support group for male students “who violated certain aspects of community standards” that “consists of a series of structured activities and conversations designed to get participants to reflect upon their behavior and the ways in which adherence to masculine norms influenced their choices.”

In case you are still confused about exactly what “toxic masculinity” is (as this writer and her friends are – to quote one: “So toxic masculinity is a new phrase now? I prefer knuckle-dragging, misogynistic troglodyte, but that’s probably my white male privilege talking. Good grief.”), here’s an explanation from Stef’s Cave:

One of the most common buzzwords spread around by third-wave feminists and progressives is the phrase “toxic masculinity”, which is basically their way of saying “we don’t want men to assert themselves at all, even when it’s appropriate”. What they’ll tell you is that the term “toxic masculinity” is a way in which “the patriarchy” (yes, this comes from feminist circles) is harmful to men, referring to what feminists perceive as socially constructed attitudes that compel men to be violent, unemotional, and sexually aggressive.

Not only does the toxic masculinity narrative espouse that all men are inherently violent (which in turn becomes the feminist rationale for the “teach men not to rape” argument), but it also presents men as incapable of being any better than creatures of animalistic passion and rage. Of course, progressives and feminists love this kind of postmodern claptrap because in their mind, it lets them justify treating men as inferior, broken creatures, with the added bonus of giving them an imaginary bogeyman for whenever men commit violent crimes (for example, this Think Progress article, which tries to connect “toxic masculinity” with the Orlando massacre).

Feminists and progressives often claim that America is a patriarchy – a society where men dominate and women are subjugated.

It seems that the agenda of the “toxic masculinity” narrative is to get men on board with this patriarchy-phobia by telling them that they, too, are victims of this fabricated problem.

As  Leona Marie Sharpstene explains in her piece The Dangerous Myth of Toxic Masculinity:

In regards to violence, chalking it up to toxic masculinity does nothing to assist perpetrators or victims of the kinds of crimes that are associated with toxic masculinity. Are there men who commit horrible crimes? Absolutely. Does every man who works out so that he can impress girls go on to become a serial killer? What about the kid who got into a fight on the playground in junior high? The individuals who grow up to make national headlines for their heinous crimes don’t do so because they’re masculine; they do so because they are mentally unstable. Condemning boys for doing what comes naturally to them, and then blaming it for the problems in society is illogical, and quite frankly, just plain wrong.

If feminists and progressives would take all the effort they put into their incessant, insufferable whining about how men and white people are everything that is wrong with society and focus that energy on actual problems that we ALL face, including the expanding police state, excessive taxation, the welfare-warfare state, the ever-skyrocketing national debt, The Federal Reserve, and widespread government corruption, we might actually get somewhere.

Remember – a nation is easier to control if its citizenry is divided and fighting amongst themselves. Our strength lies in our numbers, and we share a common source of oppression: the State. It’s about time we put aside our trivial differences to focus on that.

“When two brothers are busy fighting, an evil man can easily attack and rob their poor mother. Mankind should always stay united, standing shoulder to shoulder so evil can never cheat and divide them.” ― Suzy Kassem

By Lily Dane
Source: The Daily Sheeple

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