Nonexistent Merits of the “US-led Coalitions”

The perpetual war that the so-called US-led coalition is waging is now almost universally synonymous mass murder, and this is just another not propaganda claim, and that’s rather unfortunate. By the end of the twentieth century the United States employed military force abroad more than two hundred times. In Barack Obama’s two terms in office alone the US Army was conducting military operations in five countries in the Middle East and Africa, where the weapons of the US-led coalition claimed thousands of civilian lives.

Since 2004, the Pentagon has been targeting Islamists in Somalia, while the White House provides support to the government forces in the unraveling civil war in that country. However, American bombs are killing civilians just as effectively as they kill radicals, therefore the former became hostages of the military ambitions of Washington.

In 2011, Barack Obama approved air and rocket strikes against Libya, marking the start of the criminal US intervention in the country. This intervention resulted in the overthrow and consequent murder of the head of the Libyan state – Muammar al-Gaddafi. This resulted in the devastation of the most prosperous and stable African country.

On 23 September 2014, the US-led coalition began bombing the positions of the so-called Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. While those strikes have yielded no results, they’ve resulted in thousands of civilian deaths.

In 2015 Washington launched first US missile strikes on the positions of Yemeni rebels – the Houthis, while providing active support for the Saudi military intervention in Yemen. As a result, Saudi Arabia got embroiled in a US supported war in Yemen.

The Islamic State terrorist group remains a threat in Iraq, Syria and around the world. In once-peaceful Libya things have also gone to hell, we got more problems with terrorist networks and yet another wave of refugees flooding Europe.

As it’s been noted by the French edition of the Huffington Post, the fight against ISIS is no longer a top priority for the US, the ultimate is and to contain China, while preventing Russia’s rise to international prominence. According to this approach, under the guise of carrying on the war on terror, the United States, despite the decline of its influence, is trying to get back into the regional game.

While being a big patchwork of various states, the US-led has completely discredited itself and lost any legitimacy that it could have. The unnatural alliance of the Europeans, Anglo-Saxons, the Persian Gulf monarchies, as well as other states, ranging from Pakistan to Turkey can hardly be labeled as “the Western coalition”, it is rather “a coalition against Assad” or “anti-Russian coalition.”

Moreover, there are doubts that ISIS has been an enemy of this coalition at all, which becomes obvious if you take a look at the recent statements of the US Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Philip M. Breedlove who has been telling the world time and time again that Russia is a long-term threat to the existence of the US and its European allies.

According to the USA Today, things are also awful for Washington in Asia. The Philippines have long been the cornerstone of American dominance in the Pacific. Now Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, having pronounced the United States a “loser,” has decided to side with China. He is clearly not satisfied with the attempts of the Obama administration by force to dictate its will to the world, while hiding from any sort of retribution under the facade of the US-led coalition, while bringing nothing but death, hunger and poverty to the people of the world.

Therefore, the US president to be – Donald Trump inherits a pretty ugly situation that can get dangerous situation fast. And this situation is bound to be changed once the Obama administration leaves office.

By Jean Périer
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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