Insanity and the Art of Trump’s Deal

The word is out. World leaders that come to America’s Florida “White House,” are there to make deals, not deals with the United States mind you, but deals with Donald Trump, the con man, the cheat, the narcissist, the Donald Trump now on a binge of militarism the likes not seen since September 1939.

It is all about the “art of the deal,” a term Trump likes to throw around. Let’s be clear on what we are saying here, Trump sends out the fleet, he deploys an armored division to Jordan, he even attacks Syria and the reason may well be that he is being paid to do it.

The question then is this, would a man like Donald Trump use the American military and the American treasury as well as bargaining chips in private deals, to entice investors like the Saudi Royal family or to get gambling and hotel franchises across China?

Worse still, as we got a glimpse of in the “not really debunked at all” dossier presented by Senator John McCain, is there evidence out that there of crimes even worse than those the public is aware of already?

Let me remind you. Trump just settled a $25 million lawsuit over “Trump University.” He was sued by 3700 students who claimed his phony school had them sit through infomercials and that every second of it was a lie. Anyone else would do 20 years in federal prison. This is criminal fraud, not a civil case.

Then again, Trump also settled a lawsuit claiming he beat and repeatedly raped a 13-year-old girl. His close friend, occasionally denied, but a close friend for many years just the same, Jeffrey Epstein did 18 months in prison for related charges. Epstein was given this deal and the “choice” to not prosecute Trump was made by US Attorney Andrew Acosta who is now Trump’s Secretary of Labor although uniquely unqualified for that position.

The witness statements in this case included an accusation that Trump admitted to killing a 12-year-old girl. Curiously, or perhaps not so curious, is a report out of Japan that their intelligence agency has purchased a video tape of Trump murdering a 12-year-old girl. The source on this is a former CIA asset living in Japan who I questioned. Normally such a claim might be seen as a wild conspiracy theory except that soon afterward, Trump sent an American naval flotilla to confront North Korea.

Our CIA asset had claimed this is what Japan demanded in their blackmail of Trump, information that predated the military order by 10 days. Let’s call it a coincidence but also be forewarned as well as we are piling up coincidences. They are forming a pattern and the pattern is now overwhelming, blackmail, personal deals, radical policy changes, it doesn’t take a genius to put it together.

Trump is renting out America’s military like security guards at a shopping mall.

There is a saying, “a leopard can’t change his spots.” Well, in April 2014, after American missiles attacked Syria, two world leaders accused the United States of war crimes. One of those leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin, had until recently, been working closely with the Trump administration, so closely in fact that it is the subject of a major criminal investigation in the United States. Speculating on what transpired there, though significant, is not what we will talk about today. In fact, as is often, even usually the case, the public will never know what the real findings are.

Not just that everything is classified, but everything, all investigations are predetermined as well. No leader in the west ever calls for an investigation when he or she doesn’t already control the outcome. This was alleged by Putin as well, but this isn’t the story either, not Trump and his “Russian agent” staff or Trump and his role in either exploiting a chemical attack in Syria or even, as intelligence sources allege, have perhaps ordered it as well.

Then again, there is no actual proof of any kind, no evidence that can be used, no investigation, nothing independent or even remotely credible that a gas attack occurred in Idlib at all. In fact, this alleged attack is only one of over 600 alleged attacks, some with real victims but those had been perpetrated by, and wait for it, those who accused Syria’s President Assad.

In fact, the whole thing is entirely insane. But this is the real point, something spoken of everywhere, that America’s commander in chief, the man who controls the largest military in the world, a military that has shown itself to be without morals or scruples of any kind, is criminally insane and everyone knows it.

We go even further. One of the people in this world who knows Trump best is Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg, defacto head of New York’s financial community and former mayor has said that Trump is a conman and thief.

There is a bit of a rub about that also, a rather curious one. There is a prominent website, called Snopes, that debunks false claims or at least claims to. We checked at and found that they claimed Bloomberg never said this. They provided exhaustive documentation which I examined carefully.

Inside this documentation, a letter from Bloomberg, a man who can buy and sell Donald Trump like “trump change,” it turns out that Bloomberg actually said all of it.

In fact, Bloomberg went further:

“I’m a New Yorker, and I know a con when I see one. Throughout his career, Trump has left behind a well-documented record of bankruptcies, thousands of lawsuits, angry shareholders and contractors who feel cheated, and disillusioned customers who feel ripped off. Trump says he wants to run the nation like he’s run his business. God help us,” Bloomberg said.

The Issue of Insanity

During the election, a common attack against Trump were claims he was unfit for public office. Suffice it to say that these claims are made continually and are, in fact, generally part of a well-orchestrated “fake news” or psychological warfare operation waged in most cases against any political leader who threatens the status quo, that being rule by financial elites. Thus, such claims against Trump were, by many, written off as similar claims against Hillary Clinton or even the outrageous smears against John Kennedy or Franklin Roosevelt.

The problem with Trump is as most now accept, they were totally correct and most came out of his own mouth, as his hundreds of hours of television have shown the world. Past this there are literally thousands of hours of television “out takes” that are suppressed through non-disclosure agreements. Numerous sources indicate that the racial slurs that Trump is alleged to use continually are the least of it as are his continual references to “I’d like to…” tied to sexual acts or even murder, things that are long proven to be part of his daily speech patterns.

This can be written off as locker-room talk and were it not for the lawsuits and numerous accusations of sexual assault and secret financial settlements, we might be able to ignore these issues. Then again we return to that issue of civil versus criminal. Grabbing and fondling women or children is normally a misdemeanor with typical sentences of six months in jail and a fine. When issues of “authority” enter in, such as an employer, like a casino or hotel owner, or someone owning and controlling a beauty pageant, the crime typically becomes a felony.

If the act is simple kissing or groping, as Trump regularly admits to, under those circumstances the punishment is a custodial sentence of less than 5 years unless there are multiple accusations in which a judge may sentence someone like Trump to up to 15 years in prison. This is American law and these are not civil cases. I do not know why Trump has not be declared a sex offender and given all the corrections that this relates to.

The reason we bring this up is that the pattern of lawsuits that Michael Bloomberg refers to, continual and obsessive lying and cheating, the groping and kissing are signs of insanity. Attacking Syria because of fake news or, worse still, a hastily fabricated CIA report made up of fake news, no sources, no evidence, is worse.

Then we get to the real issue of the leopard and its spots. It likely isn’t that he is doing this simply because he is insane, something mental health professionals have long attested to. There has been no question on this. The issue is that he is simply doing business as usual, as Michael Bloomberg and so many others, including the 3700 at Trump University or the endless thousands of other defrauded investors assert, that Trump does what he pleases and will do anything for personal gain, anything for money and damn the consequences or who suffers.

When Trump ordered the attack on Yemen and then hid behind the death of one Navy SEAL to cover his own huge error in judgement, we began a pattern. Would Trump knowingly attack Syria and risk war with Russia and hide behind a “poor dead baby” as well? Sweden’s Doctors for Human Rights has submitted evidence that children were murdered to stage phony gas attacks.

When Veterans Today published their findings after the US attack on Syria, an article translated into a dozen languages and read by millions, sources at the White House told us that Trump personally ordered Veterans Today “crushed.” Within hours a cyber-attack orchestrated by the US Army Cyber Command at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona took down Veterans Today’s servers.

Finally, when they were brought back, a second attack using the Stuxnet virus was initiated, destroying the hardware itself. A conspiracy theory just became a reality. This was clearly an act intended to silence a news organization that had proven that Trump’s actions against Syria were war crimes.

Then we look at the “Jane Doe” rape lawsuit against Trump and the witness statement made, which I will paraphrase accurately:

“Trump told me that if I said anything he would murder me like he did the 12-year-old girl, Mary, who disappeared. Trump and Epstein had been having sex with both of us. Trump then told me he would have my family killed as well.”

The CIA report out of Japan said that they had a video of Trump killing a 12-year-old girl and that this video was used to get Trump to send a naval task force to threaten Korea. Statements alleged to have been made by Trump fit into his “locker-room” manner quite well. When you take into account the attack on Syria and his subsequent attack on a press organization, using the US Army, anything becomes possible.

What is clear is this, we have commanding America’s military, is exactly what we were warned of. Within the psychiatric community, Trump’s defenders say he is simply “bad,” a bully and liar, a person who likes hurting people. However, the majority vacillate between “psychopath” and “malignant narcissist.”

These diagnoses were made before recent events. My own view is that Trump is no worse than those around him, Netanyahu and his cluster bomb attacks on Gaza, Bush and his phony war on Iraq killing millions or the American business community of nearly equal cheats and liars, poisoned food, fracking that destroys the nations water supply or the trillions of dollars that have disappeared from the economy due to outright theft.

Perhaps there is nothing original about Trump at all only that he is just a bit more open than others. Is being “bad” crazy or have bad people become the norm?

By Gordon Duff
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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