The Psycho Revealed: Trumpenstein Removes his Mask

I submit that Trumpenstein is mentally deranged. He is simply not fit to hold the office of president, even if Jews were not pulling the strings. The thing is, Trumpenstein is escalating conflict everywhere. He’s loosening the rules of engagement and killing people en masse.

Tillerson is now making statements about “punishing criminals” anywhere in the world. Trumpenstein is a psychopath drunk on power. The world is going to have to stop this madman.

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I think the Russians have finally reached the same conclusion that many of us have: we are dealing with a bloodthirsty, utterly delusional psychopath who’s drunk on power, surrounded by like-minded psychopaths, enablers and apologists of every stripe, and being egged on by a Satanic, Jewish-supremacist death cult.

Who knows what this madman will do next?

Apparently the Russians are worried that the madman will attack North Korea. Speculations are rife that this will be his next move. Now put yourself in the shoes of the Russians and Chinese governments. If Trump is willing to start a gratuitous war on the Korean Peninsula which will kill – God only knows how many people – he is also mad enough to launch a first strike on Russia or China. Thus I sadly predict that Trump will start a war.

Russia and China will pretty soon realize, if they haven’t already, that war on them is inevitable and they will strike first. As they must. As I see it, it’s not immoral to launch a first strike if you know an aggressor is about to attack you. Now that Trump has removed his mask, will Russia and China just sit there helplessly and wait for their turn to be attacked? Not likely. That is far more immoral than going after the bully first. A preemptive strike is not only mandatory, it seems to me, but the most moral thing to do — if only to save one’s own people from the gratuitous violence of a criminal psychopath running amok.

There is one thing that cannot be hidden and this stands out like a brightly shining beacon to anyone looking for it: moral turpitude. When Trump’s actions are subject to even a perfunctory moral analysis, the facade instantly crumbles away revealing the monster behind it.

So for example when Trump does things like escalate the genocide in Yemen and start mass murdering civilians in Mosul, that’s all I need to see to understand perfectly well what he’s all about.

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The US government has a long history of illegal and immoral wars of aggression.

The US government has a long history of lies and deceptions.

The US government has apparently been ruthlessly pursuing an agenda of world domination and control at any cost.

The US government has put missile systems on Russia’s borders whose only practical purpose is a first strike.

The US government is assembling what looks like an invasion force on Russia’s borders.

The US government refuses to cooperate on anything of importance; it refuses to negotiate, compromise, or make concessions on anything  including the military buildup around Russia’s borders, the proliferating bases, the menacing missiles with which it seeks to frighten the Russian people.

Does Russia want war? Of course! Judge for yourself:


The Russian government has a sacred duty
to protect its people from the American aggressors

The Russian government has tried all peaceful and lawful means to defuse tensions and establish normal relations with the US government.

Every such diplomatic attempt by the Russian government has been rebuffed.

The deception and lawless aggression of the US government continue to escalate. Its arrogance and chutzpah have now passed all bounds. The point of crisis has been reached.

Given this sad situation, I don’t think the Russian government has a moral obligation to let the out-of-control US government strike Russia first.

Russia must take decisive action before it’s too late.

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It’s refreshing to see that Paul Craig Roberts, in his most recent article, has dropped the platitudinous “military industrial complex” verbiage. Moreover, he seems to be finally putting the blame where it rightfully belongs: on Trump himself. It seems Roberts has finally had enough of this egregious fraudster. Check out his latest piece. For convenience, I give here an abridged version of his article covering the most important points.

The insouciance of the Western world is extraordinary. It is not only Americans who permit themselves to be brainwashed by CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the New York Times and Washington Post, but also their counterparts in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan, who rely on the war propaganda machine that poses as a media.

The Western “leaders,” that is, the puppets on the end of the strings pulled by the powerful private interest groups and the Deep State, are just as insouciant. Trump and his counterparts in the American Empire must be unaware that they are provoking war with Russia and China — or else they are psychopaths.

A new White House Fool has replaced the old fool. The New Fool has sent his Secretary of State to Russia. For what? To deliver an ultimatum? To make more false accusations? To apologize for the lies?

Consider the audacity of Secretary of State Tillerson. He has spent the week prior to his visit to Moscow supporting incredible lies and false allegations that Assad of Syria used chemical weapons with Russia’s permission, which justified Washington’s unambigious war crime of a military attack on a country with which the US has not declared war.

Less than 100 days in office, and Trump is already a war criminal along with the rest of his warmonger government.



The entire world knows this, but no one says it.

Instead, Tillerson, who has been heavy with lies and threats has the confidence to go to Moscow to tell the Russians that they have to hand over Assad to the American Uni-Power.

Tillerson’s mission demonstrates the complete, total unreality of the world in which Washington lives. Try to imagine Tillerson’s arrogance. If you had been bad-mouthing and threatening strong, important people, would you feel comfortable going over to their house to have dinner with them? Does Tillerson think that now that Russia has largely freed Syrtia of US-supported ISIS, Russia is going to turn Syria over to Washington?

Is he going to tell Lavrov that he didn’t really mean all those nasty lies he told about Russia, but the zionist neoconservatives made him do it? That he is not really in charge, just a tool of the Anglo-Zionist Empire?

Is Tillerson going to apologize for White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s statement that Assad, Russia’s ally, is more evil than Hitler?

Maybe Tillerson is going to ask for asylum and get on the winning side.

The Russian leaders, who, unlike the Western liars, speak the truth, have said clearly that Russia will never again fight a war on her own territory. The Russians couldn’t put it more clearly. Provoke a war, and we will destroy you on your own territory.

When you watch the president and government in Washington, the European governments, especially the idiots in London, the Canadian and Australian governments, you can only marvel at the total stupidity of “Western leadership.” They are begging for the end of the world.

And the presstitutes are at work driving toward the end of life. Huge numbers of Western peoples are being prepared for their demise.

We have US missile sites now positioned on Russia’s borders. We tell the Russians the lie that the missiles are to prevent an Iranian nuclear ICBM strike against Europe. This lie is told, and accepted by the puppets in Europe, despite the known, incontestable fact that Iran has neither nukes nor ICBMs. But the Russians do not accept it. They know it is another Washington lie.

When Russia hears these flagrant, blatant, obvious lies, Russia understands that Washington intends a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia.

China has reached the same conclusion.

So, here is the situation. Two countries with nuclear forces expect that the insane fools who rule the West are going to attack them with nuclear weapons.

What are Russia and China doing? Are they begging for mercy? No. They are preparing to destroy the evil West, a collection of liars and war criminals, the like of which the world has never previously experienced.

It is the US, still unable to defeat a few thousand lightly armed Taliban in Afghanistan, that needs to ask for mercy.

Putin has shown amazing patience with Washington’s lies and provocations, but he cannot risk Russia by trusting Washington, whom no one can trust. Not the American people, not the Russian people, not any people.

America is now on the march toward Armageddon.

— Paul Craig Roberts,
Is That Armageddon Over The Horizon?
April 12, 2017

— § —

According to Lasha Darkmoon: “The latest hot news is that Assad’s alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria, which caused Ivanka to break down in tears, means that Papa Donald can no longer tolerate Evil Assad at the helm in Syria. Assad has to go, regime change now being essential if only to spare Ivanka’s tender feelings. Pleasing Jared is also, of course, a top priority. Families that stay together must slay together.”

LD : Jared Kushner now has his finger in every pie and has begun to take “an unprecedented role to interfere in foreign policy matters.” (See here)

Any suggestion that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and his daughter Ivanka have begun to exert a sinister influence on the President is, predictably, being portrayed by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as a “hateful” anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

Under the headline, Explosive Growth of Hateful Memes and Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories Against Jared Kushner, the ADL website has this to say:

“…This campaign of anti-Semitism has been driven by white supremacists and anti-Semites and has all the hallmarks of classic Jewish conspiracy theories. The narratives include accusations that Jews in the Trump Administration are trying to start a war to advance the interests of Israel. They contend that Trump has abandoned his “America First” policy, which the alt right supported, because he is being manipulated by Kushner and other Jewish advisors…”

Here is Trump’s team in the White House, his closest advisors. Is this “America First” or “Israel First”? Judge for yourself.



By Harold Smith

Source: Dark Moon

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