5 Hobbies of an Introvert that Others Can’t Understand

Having fun is not always about partying, clubbing and staying out late with a big company of friends. If you’re an introvert, then you must know what I’m talking about.

Having fun is different for each one of us, but especially for introverts, fun can sometimes be related with a lonesome activity – rather than a social one. Extroverted people don’t get it, since they think that the source of fun is other people, sometimes combined with loud music, lots of alcohol and dancing.

However, introverts can also have fun by being on their own – and often they have fun only by being on their own.

Here are 5 hobbies of introverted people that extroverts will never understand:

1) Reading books.

Ok, many people love reading books. However, for introverts reading is like a second nature. They can read the whole day and they sometimes prefer reading rather than going out with friends. Introverts don’t like pointless conversations, so they find it far more interesting to just relax reading their favorite novel.

2) Writing.

Introverts don’t like talking too much. That’s why they love writing. This can be a diary with their thoughts or even something more creative like poetry! Writing is the way introverted people choose to express themselves. Also, it is very common for an introverted person to text you long messages instead of calling you or talking to you face to face. Most people find this tiring or boring, but for introverts it is often much better than an actual conversation.

3) Going to the cinema alone.

When an extrovert reads this, they will probably wonder: “Who goes to the cinema alone?” I agree to some extend, since going to the cinema means that you will later want to share your experience with your friend, commenting on what you did and what you did not like about the movie. However, introverted people relax when they’re going to the cinema on their own. It’s like organizing the perfect outing – just for themselves.

4) Nature walking.

Introverts love to spend time in the nature. You’ll ask: “Who doesn’t?” Well, yes, but most people’s busy lives don’t allow them to spend much time out of the big cities. However, most introverts like to organize “little nature escapes” weekly. On their own or with a person they are really close to, so that they can find peace together.

5) Exercising on their own.

Introverted people rarely go to the gym or to dancing classes. Sports are also not their cup of tea. They prefer to exercise on their own either at home or in the closest park. When they do choose to take a class with other people, this will more likely be something like yoga, that will also help them relax.

By Katerina Papakyriakopoulou
Source: Thinking Humanity

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