The Top 5 Safest Cars on the Market

Car safety improves every year, and manufacturers are constantly looking at ways to continue this trend.

Even small cars that have had issues with safety in the past are the safest they have ever been.

Therefore, before you end up needing to call a car accident lawyer, research and find out which is the safest vehicles on the road at the moment.

This is why we are going to look at the top five safest cars across all categories.

Honda Jazz


Honda has made a very safe supermini in the Jazz. Some people may think that it’s a touch too safe, but it was good enough to win five stars from the European NCAP test.

Although the engine is only a 1.3 litre, the ride and handling of the Jazz are very impressive. It may well suit young drivers despite its low power.

Hyundai Ioniq


In the small family car bracket is the Hyundai Ioniq. It has a few little tricks that could make it a real force in this category, and it is the first car to offer a hybrid, all electric, conventional engine. It is also cheaper than its rival the Toyota Prius so there may be many that will favor the Ioniq.

Toyota Prius


Talking of the Prius, this is the safest in the large family car group. It has been around since the late 1990’s and has made hybrid cars commonplace. It is still immensely popular, mainly due to its amazing reliability and low running costs.

The newer Prius has a number of nice gadgets including assisted braking and lane-keeping assistance.

Volkswagen Touran

Touran - mlp

In the small MPV category is the Volkswagen Touran, which has always had a high safety rating. The new model has been improved all round and is both economical and responsive.

Having a safe family car is obvious, and the Touran is currently fighting off some tough competition. To add to all that, it’s build quality and comfort makes it ideal for long family trips.

Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy

If you have a large family, or regularly carry a lot of people, the top large MVP, A.K.A, the Ford Galaxy is the car you need. It boasts seven seats and is full of boredom killing features to help keep the kids occupied.

Large vehicles of this type often suffer going round corners, but Ford has worked hard to minimize this. In fact, it is very responsive and holds the road well. It is also extremely practical, with all the seats folded down, so you can fit a huge amount of items or weight. The seats are also all adult sized and fully adjustable.

In other categories, there is the Mazda MX-5 for those that want a sporty little racer, and the Volkswagen Tiguan if you prefer a small SUV. Both these cars performed extremely well and are the best at what they do. There had to be a Volvo in here somewhere, and the XC90 comes top in the large SUV group.

This list proves that you can have amazing safety regardless of the type of vehicle you want.

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