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Trump’s Glowing Orb: Even Satan Feels the Need to Distance Himself

A surreal image of President Donald Trump touching a glowing orb alongside the Saudi king and the Egyptian president has set Twitter alight, with some suggesting it may be a sign of witchcraft.

The bizarre moment has sent the Twitteratti into overdrive, turning the incident – which looks suspiciously like a meeting of evil geniuses – into an instant meme.


The viral snap was captured as Trump assisted Saudi King Salman and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi open the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology.

The leaders placed their hands on a glowing miniature globe in order to officially open the center and launch a futuristic welcome video.

Netizens have taken to Twitter to suggest that the image is actually a sign of witchcraft and wizardry and that Trump was harnessing the dark powers of the supernatural world.



Others felt Trump’s glowing orb looked like something from a Hollywood film or that it was ripped from the absurdity of the comic book world.

The Church of Satan, an international organization established in 1966, has been keen to note that the act was not a “satanic ritual.”

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