Yemeni Sniper Kills 2 Saudi Fighters with One Bullet

Yemeni military media released a video this week depicting a Yemeni sniper managing to take-out two Saudi soldiers with only one bullet.

In the video you can see three Saudi fighters. A Yemeni sniper kills two with one bullet and the third frantically retreats.

The incident took place in the Tal’ah moutian range in the city of Najran. Najran was originally part of Yemen but has been under Saudi control since 1934.

By Randi Nord
Source: Geopolitics Alert

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  • Those killed do not look Saudis. They clearly look Yemenis!

  • Look at the 3rd guy uniform. Thats a traditional yemeni dress.

    Besides, it is hard to believe a military trained solders walk like that and openly on daylight.

    I find it hard to believe…

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