Israel’s Deliberate Trajectory Towards an Escalating Conflict

The short-term policies of the now discredited Netanyahu government that are aligned towards ensuring another war with Hezbollah and Hamas, treat the future of the next generation of both Israelis and Arabs, with complete contempt. 

Netanyahu and his cabinet know full well that they are on a deliberate trajectory towards an escalating conflict with the blockaded peoples of Gaza and the West Bank who are forced to exist with virtually no electricity, or power, whilst Israelis in Tel Aviv’s affluent marina playground, in Herzliya, cavort about in their power boats as they plan their next luxury vacation to New York and the capitals of Europe.

Former Palestine is a land where shashlik salad and pitta fill the bellies of soldiers who strut their stuff in the coffee bars fronting Tel Aviv beach whilst the indigenous Arab population continue to live and work, often in darkness, under the heel of the Israeli military occupier.

The incomprehensible factor in this smouldering cauldron of religious, economic and cultural disparity, is the apparent unlimited support from the Diasporas of New York and London, and indeed from the US Congress and the British Parliament, who continue to send money and weapons, by the shipload and plane load, to shore up the occupying regime.

When the war does start: when the nuclear warheads are deployed: when the clouds of deadly radiation are released – they won’t, of course, stop at the Eastern Mediterranean. They will automatically continue north and west to darken the skies over Europe, bringing sickness and inevitable death and suffering to all who will breathe in the cancer of the contaminated air from the Negev-based, nuclear weapons facility in the Israeli desert. Inevitably, the trade winds will eventually push the irradiated rain westwards across the Atlantic, to poison even those who mistakenly thought they would be immune. [Of course, by that time, nobody in NY or London will still be importing diamonds; eating oranges or trying to use a dead cellphone .. they’ll be trying to build nuclear- fallout shelters – unaware that every Israeli family already has one].

That will be the terrifying consequence of today’s unqualified Western support for the occupation of the Holy Land, and the 10-year, inhuman blockade of essential supplies to over half a million Arab families in Gaza, by the Likud government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

By Anthony Bellchambers
Source: Global Research

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