“Continued and Systematic (US) Massacre” of Civilians in Syria

The so-called international coalition in Syria against ISIS supports the scourge it pretends to oppose.

It’s largely a US operation, begun in September 2014, with minimal help from so-called coalition partners, mainly Britain and France, others mostly in name only.

It has nothing to do with combating terrorism, everything to do with wanting Assad ousted, Syria transformed into a US vassal state.

Washington seeks another imperial trophy, aiding Israel eliminate a regional rival, wanting Iran isolated before targeting its sovereignty the same way.

This is how US imperialism works, diabolically seeking unchallenged global dominance by eliminating all sovereign independent governments, replacing them with subservient pro-Western ones, run by installed puppets beholden to Washington.

Trillions of US tax dollars are spent to achieve this objective, most Americans none the wiser about the deplorable way they’re governed – by a bipartisan criminal class pursuing a diabolical agenda.

Syria remains in the eye of the storm. Washington wants war, not peace. Daily terror-bombing continues taking a devastating toll – destroying vital infrastructure, massacring civilians, media scoundrels ignoring horrendous high crimes of war and against humanity.

Throughout six-and-a-half years of war, letters by Syria’s Foreign Ministry to the UN secretary general and Security Council president, calling for world body action to stop the carnage, accomplished nothing. Washington blocks whatever challenges its agenda.

On August 6, another appeal was made. Syria’s ministry “renew(ed) its call to immediately dissolve that coalition which was established outside the framework of the UN and without requesting permission from the Syrian government.”

It highlighted the “continued and systematic massacres committed by the illegitimate US-led international coalition against the Syrian civilians,” according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

It explained residential neighborhoods are targeted and destroyed. Raqqa’s National Hospital was terror-bombed, white phosphorous munitions used, able to burn flesh to the bone on contact.

US warplanes are terror-bombing Raqqa, Hasaka, Aleppo, Deir Ezzor and elsewhere in Syria, SANA explained – Nuremberg-level crimes committed against its people.

US terror-bombing is responsible for massacring thousands of defenseless civilians, victims of its imperial ruthlessness.

Months of peace talks in Geneva and Astana achieved no breakthroughs toward ending years of war.

On Saturday, Russian lower house State Duma Deputy Speaker Irina Yarovaya blasted US terror-bombing of Raqqa, including the destruction of its main hospital, saying:

“It is time to conduct post-flight analysis both in literal and figurative meanings and work out whether it was either total incompetence and criminal negligence or a disguised intention to destroy those who are not terrorists.”

“(H)ow long will the (US-led) coalition help terrorists to bomb and destroy Syria? There is too much deceit about errors behind which there are crimes.”

Raqqa-based Syrian Arab Red Crescent deputy director Dina al-Assad accused US-led coalition warplanes of destroying the city’s main hospital, using conventional munitions and banned white phosphorous. Over 100,000 patients depended on it.

A “scorched earth” campaign is being waged on the city, she stressed, targeting residential areas, schools, mosques, bakeries, its sugar factory, government buildings and vital infrastructure.

Iran’s Supreme Council chairman Ali Shamkhani accused Washington of committing “genocide” in Raqqa, indiscriminately massacring civilians.

“Instead of fighting terrorist elements, Western countries and the US take suspicious measures in line with strengthening terrorism and worsening insecurity in the region,” he stressed.

Russian upper house Federation Council member Alexei Pushkov tweeted:

“Baselessly accusing Damascus of using chemical weapons, the US themselves use phosphorus ammunition prohibited by international conventions. And this is proved.”

Since March 2011, Washington has been systematically raping and destroying Syria. Conflict resolution remains unattainable because dark forces in America want war, not peace.

By Stephen Lendman
Source: Stephen Lendman

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