Indian Celebrities Insult Pakistan over Refusal to Accept Obscene Film, as Their Own Nation Slides Into the Abyss

Indian film makers have produced an odd film called “Padman” which publicly airs the very private matter of female menstruation in very grim detail. According to Ishaq Ahmed of the Pakistani Federal Censor Board,

“We can’t allow our film distributors to import films which are against our traditions and culture”.

Pakistan of course has every right to prohibit films which are considered obscene and culturally degrading. Indeed, all countries, but especially those which have yet to reach the apex of their global potential, ought to encourage the production and distribution of uplifting films which focus on collective achievement, cultural heritage, moral guidance and messages of peace. Russian opposition leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky of the LDPR has repeated stated that Russia should encourage more positive film and television content, while avoiding the smut so common in European and North American screens.

“Padman” is the perfect example of vulgarity dressed up as a perverse post-modern form of ‘inspiration’. It is merely a gargantuan, overblown exposée on a matter best saved for internal dialogue between mothers and daughters as well as professional biology textbooks.

Pakistani officials rejecting the disgusting film have sadly led to a barrage of insults about Pakistan, flowing from the social media accounts of overzealous Indian celebrities.

The most blatant example of the airing of Indian bigotry about Pakistan and Pakistanis comes from Sonam Mahajan. She has seen fit to insult Pakistan simply because officials in Islamabad sought to defend their culture against an obscene film that plays no socially constructive role.

This is just one of the provocative and extremely offensive anti-Pakistan Tweets that Sonam Mahajan has posted. She has previously blasphemed God in a worrying threat to destroy Pakistan.

The fallout from the banning of the crude “Padman” film has exposed a dangerous element in Indian society that has been borrowed greatly from Zionist propaganda. The Zionist regime frequently promotes its self-defined “exceptional” qualities by attaching a racist narrative of cultural supremacy to ultra-liberal causes that are allegedly unpopular in most of its neighbouring states.

Likewise, with India, ultra-nationalists, whether secular or those who subscribe to Hindutva politics, look for ultra-liberal, post-cultural and blasphemous elements of cosmopolitan culture in order to slander Pakistan as a regressive terrorist state. It hardly even matters what the subject matter is, but increasingly, if something is unpopular in Pakistan, Indian chauvinists will promote it, along with tired old insults about the Pakistani people.

The reality of contemporary differences between India and Pakistan could not be more different from that which propagandists like Mahajan shriek about. At a time when Pakistan is embracing multipolarity, cooperative efforts with nations as diverse as China, Russia and increasingly Iran, all the while rejecting the neo-imperialism of the United States, India is going in the opposite direction both in terms of foreign policy and domestic.

Under Premier Narendra Modi, India has become dangerously intolerant of minorities, most notably against India’s 172 million Muslims. All the while in an ‘exceptional democracy’, a rape epidemic continues to spread like a virus, all the while individuals like Sonam Mahajan still see fit to use their large media platform to insult Pakistan.

While Indian extremists laugh at the slaughter of Kashmiris and pour disdain on Pakistan for seeking to shield itself from cultural degeneracy, the joke is ultimately on them, as India has decided to shut itself out of the greatest opportunity for cooperative enrichment in modern history, China’s One Belt–One Road.

While Pakistan moves forward in building the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor with its Chinese partner, offensive loudmouths who have become the social media face of India, continue to mock and insult, while only bringing shame onto themselves.

Modi’s India is increasingly becoming a less wealthy version of the United States – torn between Hindutva extremists and self-styled secular cosmopolitans who are as out of touch with their own historic traditions as they are in respect of the traditions of others. Like Trump in the US, the more Modi boasts, the more his society will continue to decline both culturally and economically. The same is true of Modi’s opponents who like Trump’s opponents, are equally good at shouting, but are likewise totally aware of their own hand in the decline of their nation.

By Adam Garrie
Source: Eurasia Future

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