Poland Is Exploiting Its American “Alliance” to Stand Up to “Israel”

Being an American “ally” has never yielded any tangible benefits for Poland until now.

Poland has never gotten anything out of its “alliance” with America other than being used as the Pentagon’s doormat for expanding NATO eastward to Russia’s borders and provocatively deploying offensive weapons on its doorstep, but that’s about to change now that Warsaw has realized that it could leverage its military relationship with Washington to its advantage in standing up to “Israel’s” bullying.

In what can only be described as a public relations nightmare for the US, its two Polish and “Israeli” “allies” have been feuding with one another over the Holocaust ever since the former made it illegal to use the hatefully revisionist phrase “Polish death camps” to describe Nazi extermination facilities that Hitler established on the occupied territories. Warsaw also banned any reference to the “Polish Nation” when describing German crimes during this time, a “controversial” move that triggered Tel Aviv into fear mongering that Poland was promulgating a policy of all-out “Holocaust denial” on the supposed grounds that people would no longer be able to talk about the wartime complicity of some individual Poles in carrying out the mass killing of Jews.

Like it always does, “Israel” was exaggerating because that’s not the case at all, just as the author explained in his recent analysis on the topic, but the resultant maelstrom has since taken a largely unexpected turn because Poland has refused to submit to “Israel’s” intimidation campaign. To the contrary, Warsaw has even managed to do the seemingly impossible in pushing back against Tel Aviv by going on the counteroffensive in bolding stating that “Israel” is “clearly fighting to keep the monopoly on the Holocaust” and that “there were (even) Jewish perpetrators” of this tragic event. People have had their lives ruined for even hinting at much less, but now all of a sudden one of Europe’s leading countries is proudly asserting at the highest levels of its government that the aforementioned narrative was in fact the case all along and that it won’t be coerced into suppressing the truth any longer.

“Israel” is beyond furious because it’s never experienced anyone else ever standing up to it like how Poland is right now, except perhaps Syria and Iran but they’re of course a separate story given the regional geopolitics at play with their respective situations, and Tel Aviv has become accustomed to all Western countries blindly abiding by the unstated dogma of “political correctness” which has hitherto made this topic taboo for decades. That’s why what Warsaw is doing is so historically unprecedented because no American “ally” has ever had the courage to say what Poland has, but truth be told, there’s a reason why the Central European country is so confident that it won’t bear the price that countless others have had to pay for its words. While it might sound unbelievable at first listen, the US now needs Poland much more than the reverse, and Warsaw is taking full advantage of this right now.

The US has become so dependent on Poland as its military springboard on Russia’s borders that it can’t bear the strategic consequences of destabilizing it as punishment for its newfound anti-Zionist policies. Russophobia is so prevalent in Washington right now that many have convinced themselves that the Russian “bogeyman” is conspiring to undermine Poland as revenge for Warsaw’s military “alliance” with the US, ergo why they’re prone to think that doing so on behalf of “Israel” would inadvertently be “playing into Putin’s hands”. Furthermore, there’s another factor at play as well, and it’s that the country’s “EuroRealist” government envisions radically reforming the EU and restoring sovereignty to its member states, something that’s ideologically in line with Trump’s worldview and therefore makes Poland an indispensable tool for indirectly carrying out the President’s will and putting pressure on the US’ German trade rival.

While it’s true that this latter element of their bilateral relations goes both ways and that Poland needs the US just as much as the reverse in this case, the overall dynamics of their “alliance” are such that Washington overwhelmingly depends more on Warsaw when considering how reliant the Pentagon is on Poland for “containing Russia”. That said, Poland knows that there are clear “red lines” that it can’t ever overstep, such as entering into pragmatic strategic relations with Russia without the “permission” of its American military overlord, though contravening the boundaries of “political correctness” when it comes to the Holocaust isn’t one of its limitations, as the whole world has just seen on full display over the past couple of weeks.

“Israel” is now in a real bind because it stands to lose its “normative legitimacy” in the minds of the Western populace. Its “official” “origin story” is that it was “created” as “due compensation” for the extensive suffering that the Jews experienced during World War II, which is a long-standing emotional “argument” that deliberately overlooks this entity’s true basis in being founded by “Weapons of Mass Migration” from Europe. Poland is shattering that narrative, however, and there’s nothing that America can do about it because it’s so strategically dependent on Warsaw in the context of the New Cold War that not even “Israel’s” incessant appeals for Washington to do something about it can compel its decision makers to take the risk of destabilizing Poland in punitive response.

The situation is currently such that Poland is adroitly exploiting its previously unproductive “alliance” with America in order to stand up to “Israel”, and given the stubbornly persistent spirit that Poles stereotypically have in never backing down and as evidenced by the government’s firm resolve in holding its ground, it’s likely that Warsaw might actually get away with it in doing the unthinkable and dismantling the Zionist entity’s “normative reason” for being.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Eurasia Future

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