US and Israel Escalate War on Syria

Both countries pursue regime change, wanting pro-Western puppet governance replacing Assad.

Endless war rages despite all-out Russian efforts for diplomatic conflict resolution.

It’s nowhere in sight, war likely to continue as long as Assad remains Syrian president – even if he’s reelected in an internationally monitored open, free and fair election like in June 2014, Washington, Israel and their rogue allies not likely to accept results as valid.

For the second time since last November, the third time since 2013, Israel reportedly terror-bombed Syria’s Jamraya Research and Information Center north of Damascus – its warplanes operating from Lebanese airspace.

A brief Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) statement said

“(t)he army air defense on Wednesday dawn confronted a new attack by the Israeli occupation entity on one of the sites in Damascus Countryside.”

No further elaboration was given, no information on damage or possible casualties, no confirmation from Israel about the attack. Reported explosions were heard in the area.

An unnamed source said Syria’s air defense system “dealt with these missiles and destroyed a number of them before reaching their targets.”

On Tuesday, Netanyahu and members of his security cabinet toured the Israeli/Syrian Golan border. He was quoted saying “we we are prepared for any scenario, and I do not suggest anyone test us.”

Claiming Israel “seeks peace” is bald-faced lie. Throughout the war, Israel terror-bombed Syrian targets numerous times, seeking an excuse to escalate conflict, daring Damascus to respond cross-border.

Netanyahu warned that if Iranian forces establish bases in the country or use Syrian ones, Israel will attack Syrian army positions and other military sites – a virtual declaration of war if happens.

A Tuesday article discussed phony US accusations of Syrian CW attacks – escalating tensions more than already, perhaps ahead of terror-bombing Syrian military targets.

An unnamed Trump administration official said all options are on the table.

“Using military force is something that is still considered.”

A second unnamed US official falsely accused Assad of intending new ways of using CWs, saying

“(i)t is incredibly important to stop that before it gets off the ground.”

The source ludicrously claimed these weapons “will spread to US shores if we cannot stop it,” ominously suggesting the Trump administration may escalate war on Syria – a serious development if occurs, risking confrontation with Russia.

During his Hoover Institution address in mid-January, Rex Tillerson ominously said

“(f)or nearly 50 years, the Syrian people have suffered under the dictatorship of Hafez al-Assad and his son Bashar al-Assad,” adding:

“The nature of the Assad regime, like that of its sponsor Iran, is malignant. It has promoted state terror. It has empowered groups that kill American soldiers, such as al-Qaida.”

“It has backed Hezbollah and Hamas. And it has violently suppressed political opposition” – disturbing rhetoric suggesting possible stepped up US efforts for regime change coming.

Tillerson called it crucial for Pentagon forces to remain indefinitely in Syria to protect US national security – for continued war and regime change, he failed to explain, the same strategy in all US imperial wars.

“(A) total withdrawal of American personnel at this time would restore Assad and continue his brutal treatment against his own people,” he roared, adding:

“A murderer of his own people cannot generate the trust required for long-term stability” – Tillerson’s rhetoric an utter perversion of truth, echoes of how Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were vilified ahead of US aggression, a pretext for pursuing Washington’s imperial agenda.

Washington’s rage for dominance represents humanity’s greatest threat, risking possible nuclear war, a doomsday scenario if launched.

By Stephen Lendman
Source: Stephen Lendman

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