Witnessing Vladimir Putin: Emperor of Patience

Russia’s president has marked our time now. No matter what your persuasion, even the die hard liberal world order minion must realize the character of greatness when he or she sees it. V.V. Putin rules modern diplomacy and politics, if for no other reason than his unimpeachable patience and pragmatism. Here’s another salute to Putin and to the ticking moments of humanity, dropping into the hourglass of time.

“Other than John F. Kennedy, Vladimir Putin is the greatest international statesman of our age. – Jeff Rense, legendary alt news radio host

In a recent interview I had with alt news radio legend, Jeff Rense he suggested how Putin stands alone in a tepid sea of forgettable nobodys. Sharp as the proverbial razor, Rense is a good barometer of every other political or strategy analyst now watching Russia’s leader. We all realize the stakes of the game being played out on the world stage. And we all are in agreement, what we’re witnessing as a battle to the death over Mother Russia’s treasures. What’s more, the unprecedented assault on Putin’s Russia just may be that human finale history has hinted at for millennia. Biblical, is the crisis and the desperation, the chaos, the unending friction in between ideas and tradition – the imminent danger looming today is extraordinary.

In the eye of this growing maelstrom we gawk at madmen and seeming psychopaths, “mad dogs” and “ad men” flagellating in their dramatic roles as leaders from Berlin to London, or Montreal or Tokyo. And standing alone at the center, just on the horizon of rationality, an unlikely Napoleon wrestles with the machinations of ignorant and wicked mediocrity. Putin’s Waterloo, if he should meet it, will be to be utterly surrounded by the armies of the lazy and dull-witted elites who’ve sucked our blood for centuries now. But wait, before you turn to another “fake news” story, let me open a window into this tragic comedy.

By now you’ve read the headlines about “Putin’s Doomsday Nukes”. Everybody in America has the seed of fear firmly planted in the brain. “Unstoppable” destruction waits now, if all goes bad. I’ve talked my talk about it, so have CNN and the other elitist controlled news outlets. But somehow the real message is obscured still. Nobody really knows what to think about Putin’s forecast of Armageddon. Almost nobody sees his moves for what they truly are. The western media is obscuring and muffling a plea for peace and for sanity. Everything we understood from childhood is being obfuscated by the evilest people who ever walked the face of this Earth.

I finally realized the human tragedy Vladimir Putin plays the heroic lead in during that interview with a man many accused of being the ultimate conspiracy theorist. But the alternative news man copied by Alex Jones and the rest, he turns out to be a kind of Edgar Cayce of New World Order premonitions now. I mention Jeff Rense here to rivet reality to the inside of my reader’s brain pan. For he is an iconic symbol of how we were “oh so” wrong about many things. My hope is that some reading this will direct their brains to scan the walls of the insides of their heads, to see the billboard pasted there reading “This could be the end!” The interview I speak of is right below.

In our talk, Rense and I talked easily and openly about the weapons Putin has been forced to brandish, and about Putin the man. What began as a “Doomsday Torpedo” broadcast, ended as two Americans making mediating observations of this emerging end game. The stunning reality that struck me after talking to the world’s sharpest conspiracy investigator was a picture window view onto the real and figurative Czar of moderation and patience. And the Rense interview brought forward the most important aspect of this “Putin Era” we’re witnessing. The radio host registered concern over the limits of the Russian leader despite his seeming intangibility. On the relentless policies and strategies aimed at Putin, Rense asked:

“I wonder how close we are to getting near the end of Vladimir Putin’s limits?”

This question brings us to the point of my report here. But a look at the President of Russia web pages really helps illustrate the seriousness of the current situation. In a March interview in between Putin and NBC’s Megan Kelly, who’s the most decidedly brilliant “dumb-question” bimbo in TV history, Russia’s leader pleads with Kelly’s viewers for sanity and reason. His concern and legitimacy is indemnified in the NBC broadcast, as he parries Kelly’s genius level quizzing from the standpoint of the dumbest of American viewer. To illustrate my point, here’s the quid pro quo where the NBC TV star quizzes Putin on the relevance of his unstoppable nukes. Kelly asks for clarification on the effectiveness of new systems and for a definition of them, to which Putin replies:

“Therein lies the entire meaning of this, because any antimissile defense system operates against ballistic missiles. But we have created a set of new strategic weapons that do not follow ballistic trajectories and the antimissile defense systems are powerless against them. This means that the US taxpayers’ money has been wasted.”

As I write the conclusion to this report today, the international order that arrogantly admits its existence, it’s on the offensive once again. Listening to the psychotic politicians in Britain’s parliament yesterday, I thank God Putin is in charge of Russia’s nuclear arsenal instead of me. Prime Minister Theresa May and her kiss-ups poking out their chests and boasting it is “highly likely” the Kremlin was behind the poisoning of yet another British spy – it was sickening to watch. The people of the United Kingdom have managed to put in office the cream of the evil crop of paid puppets. For those unfamiliar with the news, a former MI6 spy named Sergei Skripal and his daughter were supposedly poisoned by a military-grade nerve agent of a type May and her parrots say was developed by Russia. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Mrs May’s statement was “a circus show in the British parliament”. And this is what the war of ideologies has come to, a deadly clown circus with spotlights on three continents full of mad ringmasters.

Finally, isn’t it miraculous that a new provocation surfaces each time some great potential is the possibility for the Russia people? Putin and Russia spend billions to welcome the world to the most historic Winter Olympics ever – and U.S. Senator John McCain leads a throng of agents overthrowing Ukraine. The Sochi games are attacked by every sports broadcaster from ABC to BBC and the lot. It was unprecedented bad sportsmanship and geo-political skullduggery. Almost immediately, a Russian people emerging as a positive force for tourism, international business, and a fantastic renaissance on the domestic side of that federation – those potentials were shut down by western influences. The EU Putin and his ministers sought integration with, it turned into a new Nazi Reich under Merkel’s German bankers. Britain, the US, and allies set about cutting off money flows into Russia, and gas flows out. Then the doping scandal, led by the Queen Mother’s running idiot Lord Sebastien Coe. The WADA circus led to Russia’s athletes being ruined, and to exclusions from Rio and PyeongChang 2018. I am not astonished that this latest dog and pony act in London comes just before World Cup 2018 in Russia. Are you astonished to discover we are already at war with Russia?

The situation is getting much worse, but it’s all become so predictable from an analyst’s point of view. With no proof shown, using narrative and outright concoctions to fuel flamed of public fear and outrage, the United Kingdom more-or-less declares war on Putin personally. Yes, you read that correctly. The message carries from RT TV to viewers from parliament was crystal clear – several parliamentarians openly said it; “We are targeting Vladimir Putin.” Vladimir Putin is the Czar of patience. If Britain or anybody else warred on America like this, somebody would have already been bombed the shit out of. We invaded Iraq over a vial of baby powder for Christ’s sake! Theresa May clearly missed Mr. Putin’s last message Russia would use those “Assassin Nukes” to relentlessly pursue this liberal world order’s elites, should worse come to worst. Then again, maybe the British Prime Minister and her colleagues are reacting in fear!

Think about it. Where do these scary signals lead? If there truly is no turning back from the edge of Armageddon, I’d suggest staying far, far away from the elite psychopaths when Putin finally loses his patience.

By Phil Butler
Source: New Eastern Outlook


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