Syria in the US’ Bloody Embrace

The United States, loyal to its aggressive policy, is continuing to fan the military fire in the Middle East. Numerous facts indicate that the current Washington administration has fully adopted ‘scorched earth’ tactics, doing everything possible to make a number of Arab countries turned into huge cemeteries.

First of all, this concerns the Syrian Arab Republic, whose long-suffering people, since 2011, have been fighting for their legitimate right to live a peaceful life on their own land. At the end of last year, when with active help from Russia, Daesh was almost completely defeated in this country; it seemed that peace was coming to Syrian soil. However, Washington, actively using bandits from Daesh and other terrorist groups, continues to commit crimes in the long-suffering Syrian land. Feeling the support of the West, the terrorists, entrenched in Eastern Ghouta, launched 90 missiles daily in the direction of heavily-populated Damascus.

According to the press, the Syrian opposition groups are gradually beginning to lose control of Eastern Ghouta as successful government troops advance. In addition, civilian protests, who do not want to remain under the control of Islamists, have become frequent in the territory of Eastern Ghouta. At the same time, the bulk of the militants are not going to make a deal with the authorities and intend to fight until the last, the groups ‘Jaysh al-Islam’ and ‘Faylak ar-Rahman’ continue shelling the residential areas of Damascus, as a result of which civilians are dying. Quite often, humanitarian corridors are also fired upon when local residents try to evacuate along them.

Russia, faithful to its declared principles of humanism even in war, has agreed to release all wounded terrorists from ‘Jaysh al-Islam,’ the largest of the groupings defending Eastern Ghouta, as reported by the television channel Al-Arabiya. According to the publication, the agreement was reached with the mediation of the United Nations, and the opponents of the regime of Bashar Assad were the initiators, but, nevertheless, Russia accepted their request.

As the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said, Moscow considers Damascus’ operation in Eastern Ghouta as fully in line with the latest UN Security Council resolution on Syria. The document draws attention to the fact that “the United States, Britain and France, who were trying to establish an armistice in Syria, did not mention a word about these criminal actions of militants and never condemned the bombardment of Damascus, which has entailed the death of civilians.” Apparently, besides bandits and terrorists, the West does not see a different population in Syria. The Syrian Foreign Ministry also stressed that Damascus supports the provisions of UN Security Council Resolution No. 2401, which is aimed at establishing a temporary ceasefire, which will provide an opportunity to preserve the lives of Syrian residents.

In connection with this, a very natural question arises: Why, Daesh,routed by the Russian Air Force along with the Syrian government army, new terrorist groups were formed on Syrian soil, completely armed with modern weapons? Who is covering these bandits, who pay huge money for them and for their terrorist actions to destroy civilians, who supplies them with weapons, who is covering them in the international arena and in international organizations, such as the UN?

In connection, one can cite an excerpt from the speech of Vasily Nebenzya, the Russian special envoy to the UN, which was never published in the “democratic” press of the US:

“To begin with, it is in the American media that all world fakes are born, the only question is, where were all your press services, when American aviation was wiping Raqqa off the face of the Earth? Where was all your moaning? Months have passed since the terrorists were forced from this city and it is still not fit to live in? Moreover, we are now receiving new reports of civilian casualties as a result of the coalition air strikes in the Deir-ez-Zor province. Are these second-class citizens according to you? Or is the death of innocent people from democratic bombs, is this something insignificant and does not deserve attention? Or maybe you think that their death is generally honourable?”.

More and more facts appear that testify to the criminal activities of the West in the Middle East region to destroy the states existing there. For example, very convincing facts were brought forth by Iranian officials, but so far the West is simply silent, unable to respond or disprove anything. First of all, this concerns Washington’s involvement in the creation and “feeding” of the internationally-banned and recognized terrorist group Daesh. A number of Iranian newspapers have published testimonies of the former deputy foreign minister and now special assistant of the speaker of the Iranian parliament on international affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahiyan, who received documents from the special commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, Major General Kassem Soleimani, that the United States is in league with the terrorist group Daesh.

The documents contain accurate information about the geographical location, time and exact details of the US collusion with the terrorists’ leaders. “While Mosul in Iraq was under the occupation of the terrorists, an American A-330 landed at the Mosul airport, American generals left the plane, and military equipment was unloaded. In the airport’s VIP-lounge the American generals talked with the leaders of the Daesh for three hours and 23 minutes, and then boarded the plane and flew away. “The Americans brought weapons and equipment necessary for terrorists. The documents also testify that when many Daesh commanders were arrested in recent months, it was the American command that resorted to various methods of ensuring their security, as well as purely military methods, even through the UN, so that the majority of terrorist leaders were evacuated on the pretext that these people were under siege, and there is a need for a cease-fire. Syrian sources, Major-General Kassem Soleimani, say that American helicopters evacuated the Daesh commanders, transferring them to Afghanistan.

Recently, dissatisfied with the somewhat “sluggish” actions of American President Donald Trump, his provocateurs from London, who have centuries-old experience in inciting one people to another, joined in. And then came the special report of the International Committee of the House of Commons of the British Parliament, which includes recommendations to the Cabinet of Ministers. It was compiled on the basis of a parliamentary inquiry into the conditions for the provision of assistance by the UK to the Kurds fighting Daesh in Iraq and the Syrian Arab Republic The investigation began on October 23, after the Iraqi Kurds held a referendum on independence. After the referendum, clashes between Kurdish groups and Iraqi government forces began. “There is a clear risk of new fighting in the Middle East. Those who fought against Daesh had a common enemy, but different views on who should gain power after the defeat of the terrorists. Now, when Daesh has been routed, past victories create the risk of wars tomorrow. Such conflicts, similar to those in which Kurdish groups already participate, threaten the interests of Great Britain,” the report says. In other words, even now they are provoking new conflicts in the region, to which, according to the authors of the report, the UK government must apply its blood-stained hand for many centuries.

And now there are fake accusations against Bashar Assad’s regime over the use of chemical weapons and then in the threat of bombardment of Damascus. But Moscow, which has recently conducted a completely new policy with our American “partners”, poured a whole bucket of cold water on them. Cool down, gentlemen. The Russian Armed Forces will take countermeasures to a US missile and bomb attack on Damascus, Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov said during the conference call. He also said that, according to Russian military information, militants in Syria are planning to stage a chemical attack. The answer to this incident will be the American strike.

So it turns out that dissatisfied with the actions of their bandits and terrorists who did not achieve their goals, the “master of the world” United States and their faithful satellite Great Britain, discarding all their masks have entered the fray. Everything, as the ancients used to say, returns to its own place.

By Viktor Mikhin
Source: New Eastern Outlook


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