Winds of War Heading Toward Syria. Preplanned US Aggression, Confronting Russia

Washington and its allies use the Security Council as a sound stage platform for their imperial agenda – rule of law principles ignored, the UN Charter, other international law and America’s Constitution discarded.

Time and again the same or similar scenarios unfolded on the world stage, as well as in Washington and other key NATO capitals.

Facts don’t matter, only a pre-planned imperial agenda, naked aggression its defining feature. The die appears cast in Syria. Regime change is Washington’s long-sought objective.

Things appear heading toward something similar to US-led aggression on Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, smashing these countries, eliminating their leadership, installing illegitimate pro-Western puppet regimes.

Russia wastes time and energy demanding an independent probe into the fake April 7 Douma incident.

Russian experts explaining no CW traces were found in the town, no residents ill or dead from toxic exposure, and a Kremlin press statement saying Putin stressed “the inadmissibility of provocations and speculations on” the alleged Douma incident fall on deaf ears in the West.

Facts are irrelevant. On Monday, Trump signaled what’s coming, the fake/staged Douma CW incident “will be met forcefully” in a day or two, he roared.

Before meeting with his war cabinet, he said

“(w)e’re making a decision as to what we do with respect to the horrible attack (sic) that was made near Damascus” – a decision to come “tonight (Monday) or very shortly thereafter,” adding:

“This is about humanity and it can not be allowed to happen.”

Make no mistake. This is about imperial ruthlessness!

Tass cited a Wall Street Journal report, saying one or more US guided missile destroyers moving into position off the Syrian coast, not there for war games, the real thing likely coming.

The fake Douma CW incident was staged to justify unjustifiable greater US-led aggression on Syria, its military forces the likely target.

During Monday’s Security Council session on Douma, Russian UN envoy Vasily Nebenzya’s remarks were ignored, saying:

“The leadership of the United States, of the United Kingdom and of France, without any justifications and without considering the consequences have engaged in a confrontational policy against Russia and Syria and they are prompting others to follow suit,” adding:

“The fake news on Saturday from Douma is geared toward drawing the attention of society away from the Skripal case, which was muddled up by London, and throwing on Russia completely unconfirmed accusations with the aim of pulling solidarity to build an anti-Russian alliance.”

Raging lunatic fringe hawk Nikki Haley barely stopped short of declaring war herself, roaring:

“I could hold up pictures of babies lying dead next to their mothers, in their diapers, all lying together, dead, ashen blue, open eyed and lifeless, white foam bubbling from their mouths and noses” – no matter the so-called images are fake, Haley ominously adding:

“We have reached the moment where the world must see justice done.”

“History will record this as the moment when the Security Council either discharged its duty or demonstrated its utter and complete failure to protect the people of Syria. Either way, the United States will respond.”

There you have it, another defining moment on the world staged ahead of almost certain US planned aggression – notably with lunatic fringe hawk John Bolton assuming his post as Trump’s national security advisor.

Russia has only one sensible option it’s chosen not to take so far – warning Washington it won’t tolerate US aggression on Syrian forces or its government.

Nebenzya should have announced the following on Monday:

If US-led warplanes attack Syrian positions, they’ll be downed. If US warships conduct similar operations, they’ll be targeted, damaged or sunk.

That’s the only language Washington understands. All else is wasted time and energy falling on deaf ears.

If Moscow doesn’t warn Washington in no uncertain terms, smashing Syria more than already could follow.

If the Syrian Arab Republic goes, Iran is next. Russia has a choice.

Challenge Washington in Syria or risk having to do it in the Islamic Republic, then its heartland – the ominous possibility of catastrophic nuclear war.

A Final Comment

AMN News reported Russia’s Black Sea Fleet “placed on high alert after a US (war)ship reportedly left Cyprus for Syrian waters.”

“According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, their Black Sea fleet is currently on a high level combat alert in preparation for a potential attack by the US” – nothing more known at this time.

Southfront reported sophisticated Russian air defense systems and “multirole” warplanes also placed on combat alert.

Things could be heading toward something far more serious regionally than occurred before – much more on this as events warrant.

By Stephen Lendman
Source: Stephen Lendman


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