Is There Any Rhyme or Reason Behind Washington’s Never-ending Warfare?

While Trump along a number of US-satellite states chose to put their battle readiness on display in Syria, terrorizing the world with the promise of yet another armed intervention, there’s all sorts of analysts to be found that share basically the same exact position on this matter, demanding what is the reason for America’s ongoing wars and what is the ultimate objective of those? Are they profitable or what?

As of today, American military personnel is being stationed in a total of 76 countries. These are states that are being routinely subjected to bombing runs by the US Air Force makes, and there’s countries where American special services operatives training all sorts of militants.

However, many experts doubt the effectiveness of Washington’s actions. As ancient cities are being turned into piles of rubble, tens of millions of people have been displaced over the last couple decades. Those turn into refugees and jump national borders, disrupting the natural order of things in those countries still unaffected by Washington’s never-ending warfare.

A team of experts from Brown University of the United States in the course of implementing their project know as Costs of War, estimated that Washington spent over 4.5 trillion dollars on its so-called “War on Terror” worldwide. At the same time, experts do not rule out the possibility that the actual expenditures can be much higher than that, especially if one is to take into account the words of US President Donald Trump, who announced that Washington has stupidly wasted well over 7 trillion dollars on the Middle East.

Today, the US is waging war on a great many of countries, as evidenced by the recently declassified report Military Force and Related National Security Operations. Washington triggered an armed conflict in Syria that is protracted to this very day. Peaceful inhabitants of Iraq and Syria as a result of the US-led coalition strikes aimed at combating ISIS increased by 200% in 2017 alone. This estimate, based on the data collected from open sources, was presented by the British Monitoring Group Airwars. Last year was the deadliest for innocent Iraqis and Syrians, British analysts claim.

Under Donald Trump, the United States created new zones of tension around the world and cashed in on the ever increasing number of arms sales. However, these fact do not make the lives of ordinary Americans any better, as all the profits are flowing in the pockets of various corporations, that have turned the Pentagon into their own sales agent for a moderate fee.

Only through advertising a possible confrontation with Russia, China and North Korea, US arms manufacturers received additional 18 billion dollars in arms sales last year.

Such conclusions can be drawn from the report titled Trends in Major US Arms Sales for 2017 drafted by the Security Assistance Monitor program at the non-governmental Center for International Policy. According to the findings of this organization, last year Washington approved a total of 82 billion dollars worth of arms deals through the Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) and Foreign Military Sales (FMS). This constitutes a 6 billion increase over the figures shown the previous year.

The ongoing rocking of the Korean conflict boat by the Trump administation resulted in Japan drastically increasing its arms purchases from the US.

As a result of the potential confrontation in the South China Sea, the US tried to strengthen the coalition of opponents that are being pushed in a face-off with Beijing, which resulted in Washington increasing its arms sales to Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand.

The government in Ukraine that Washington installed through an armed coup is craving for more US arms to be delivered to Kiev, which can hardly be described as surprising. According to the Security Assistance Monitor, only last year Kiev signed a deal with US manufacturers to supply firearms, spare parts and accessories for over 41 million dollars.

The United States is rapidly creating stockpiles of weapons in Europe, that are designed to enhance a rapid deployment of additional servicemen 300 thousand servicemen on the continent, due to the fact that all guns, special equipment, ammunition, food rations and other property has already been stocked in various parts of Europe. There’s a total of eight control centers being established in Europe to oversee arriving US troops and facilitate their deployment in Eastern Europe. The United States is engaged in the transatlantic transfer of military formations, as a rule, at the brigade level, to Europe. These operations are justified through the ongoing rhetorics about the possible “Russian aggression” aimed at establishing tighter control and ensured political domination over Europe by Washington.

At it’s been noted by the Global Research, the United States is preparing to deploy new nuclear devices known as B61- 12 in Italy, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands within the framework of a nuclear rearmament costing 1.2 trillion dollars. Additionally, most of the new F-35 fighters will be equipped with the new bomb.

The rapid escalation of tensions entails an increasing military expenditure: Italy will bring it from 70 to 100 million euros a day; Spain to 50 million, which will constitute a 73% increase by 2024; France will increase its by 40%, exceeding 135 million a day. To boost its nuclear arsenal, France will spend 37 billion euros by 2025. It’s a big business for miitary industries US to say the least.

Next year, the Pentagon is going to purchase nearly 150,000 artillery shells, increasing the amount of units delivered to US troops by 825%, the fact would be empathized by those journalists who would study the draft of the US Defense Budget in much detail, with the total yearly military expenditures reaching 686 billion dollars next year. According to the US Army chief for budget, Brigade General Paul Chamberlain, America is preparing to participate in conflicts that require drastic measures.

It’s curious that once Donald Trump demanded the largest defense budget in America’s history – the staggering 637 billion dollars, the Congress would eventually give even more for the Pentagon to spend in 2018 – a record 692 billion dollars. At the same most political observers are bewildered by the fact that there’s little to no debate over it, which can serve as an indicator that Washington isn’t anxious to start more wars.

Yet, it’s been noted that a poll commissioned by the Committee for Responsible Foreign Policy revealed that nearly 71 percent of Americans want their representatives in Congress to constrain Washington’s interventionist impulses.

The National Interest would tell us that Americans believe that war is a last resort. They desire “clearly defined goals to authorize military engagement overseas, including a timeline and what will constitute victory; and oversight and accountability from Congress in regards to where troops are stationed and what is being accomplished abroad.” A solid majority of Americans, according to the poll, also want assurances that weapons and equipment provided to others are not used in ways that harm innocent civilians.

By Martin Berger
Source: New Eastern Outlook


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