Liberal Fear Mongering: Bribe Migrant Smugglers or They’ll Turn Into Terrorists

The UK’s Guardian is contributing to senseless fear mongering in propagating the narrative that former migrant smugglers – and assumedly, the sub-Saharan population at large – will turn into terrorists unless they’re basically bribed by the Europeans not to.

The EuroRealist Revolution in European Affairs began in Hungary but has since spread to much larger Poland prior to recently breaking through the East-West barrier between “New” and “Old” Europe after succeeding in Italy, bringing with it the unstoppable wind of change in finally compelling the EU to do something significant about the MigrantCrisis. The Afro-Asian invasion of Europe, sparked by reckless Western-driven Hybrid Wars and so-called “revolutions”, combined with the “much-too-effective” soft power appeal of the EU as a “utopian welfare state” to spur a seemingly unstoppable tidal wave of people crashing into the continent’s shores, some quite literally when it comes to the Mediterranean voyage that many of them are nowadays taking.

Before risking their lives at sea, hundreds of thousands of people from Western and Central Africa cheat death by crossing the Sahara desert with the aid of experienced migrant smugglers armed with knowledge of the safest routes to take in order to avoid certain death in the world’s largest and most arid wasteland. Seeing as how the fortunes that thousands of these human traffickers and their large networks made are now about to be endangered by the EU’s more robust security measures, which might see the creation of so-called “disembarkation centers” in Africa and the reinforcement of existing European bases there, the Liberal-Globalist masterminds behind the “Weapons of Mass Migration” scheme for transforming Western society are pushing back with a new fear mongering narrative.

According to the UK Guardian, these former black market profiteers of human flesh now run the risk of becoming terrorists by selling their physical services to the highest bidder, that is, unless the EU foots the bill in providing job retraining programs for each and every one of them that ultimately succeed in creating a sustainable economy that deters them from falling for this scenario. The notion is that top-down donor-funded developmental programs can somehow prevent the tens of millions of people in the fragile Sahel region from ever considering taking up the job of human smuggling, which is unrealistic to say the least because it implies the permanent transfer of European wealth to Africa in order to subsidize the continent’s own “utopian welfare state” that would make migrating redundant.

One of the states that would stand to benefit the most from this socialist distribution of wealth is Niger, the centerpiece of The Guardian’s article, and whose President is quoted in the text as saying that “The border with Europe, in reality, is Niger and Chad, taking into account the power vacuum, the chaos there is in Libya.” Obviously, he has a self-interested reason in framing his country and its neighboring military ally in that way so as to share in the largesse that he expects the Europeans to dole out, though he nevertheless has a solid geopolitical point. These two countries, as well as Mali, are indispensable transit states for West and Central African migrants to Europe, thereby making them part of any prospective “solution” to this crisis.

Furthermore, the international media has recently picked up on the story of thousands of illegal immigrants who were taken to the desert by the Algerian military after a series of recent crackdowns and forced to walk miles in the unbearable heat at the pane of death in order to cross the border into Niger after being kicked out of the North African country. This heart-wrenching experience is understandably upsetting to anyone who reads about it because the state’s sovereign right to expel illegal immigrants isn’t ordinarily assumed to grant it a de-facto license to kill them by putting these people in deadly circumstances during their “extraditions”. Without a doubt, the survivors’ accounts will probably be abused to push for this socialist subsidization “solution”.

The crux of the matter, however, is that some degree or another of economic development must be incorporated into any forthcoming solution in order for it to be truly sustainable, as military means alone will prove utterly insufficient in thwarting the potentially half a billion people who the Executive Director of the UN World Food Program warned a few months ago might consider making their way to Europe in the coming future and catalyzing a Migrant Crisis 2.0. That said, “bribing” migrant smugglers and then expanding this “protection racket” program to include the entirety of the Sahel region and beyond is a very expensive and unrealistic short-term “fix” to the underlying socio-economic and geopolitical root causes of this civilization-changing phenomenon.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Eurasia Future


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