McCain Didn’t Die, He was “Reincarnated” in India!

In what was either an eerie coincidence or a sign of something supernatural, a rabid right-wing Indian politician began loudly beating the drums of war against his county’s tiniest neighbors on the day that McCain discontinued his treatment for brain cancer, remarkably channeling the Senator’s rhetoric of militantly “spreading democracy” in the Maldives that was soon thereafter elevated to a plea for “humanitarian intervention” there a few days after he passed away, which showed the world that McCain’s spirit is still very much alive and seems to have “possessed” the South Asian warmonger.

“Spreading Democracy” The Indo-American Way

John McCain died last weekend but his spirit seems to have been “reincarnated” in India after a hyper-nationalist and Hindu fundamentalist politician channeled his war-mongering rhetoric in order to drum up support for an invasion of the Maldives. Incidentally, on the same day that the Senator’s family announced that he was discontinuing his treatment for brain cancer and was naturally in his death throes (or might have already even secretly passed away by that point), senior BJP ideologue Subramanian Swamy shocked all of South Asia by tweeting that “India should invade Maldives if rigging of election takes place”.

The ruling party was quick to distance itself from his remarks by insisting that he was speaking in a strictly private capacity representative solely of his personal views, but the damage was done and this influential politician’s threats were widely interpreted as reflecting the strategic thought of the BJP’s upper echelons. India has grown uneasy in recent years after the former satellite state of the Maldives broke free of its erstwhile subordinate status by “rebalancing” relations with New Delhi through a Silk Road partnership with Beijing, and this had the gradual effect of producing a “security dilemma” in the region.

Indian Meddling In The Maldives

As the author explained in April of this year in his article asking “Is Modi Carrying Out A Coup In The Maldives?”, India wants to replace the Chinese-friendly government of President Yameen with that of the Indophile former President Nasheed by hook or by crook, which at the time included a failed “constitutional coup” to oust him from office. New Delhi now seems to have decided that it’s better to send “plausibly deniable” signals of a military invasion through Swamy in order to intimidate the citizenry against voting for the incumbent during the 23 September elections.

The Indian-American Strategic Partnership

There’s no other way to describe this stratagem as anything other than foreign meddling designed to “hack the vote” by scaring people into voting against President Yameen in order to supposedly stave off an Indian invasion launched on the American-like pretext of “spreading democracy”. This shouldn’t be surprising to objective observers, however, because India has recently been styling itself off of the US after the two sides clinched an unprecedented military-strategic partnership in summer 2016 with the signing of the LEMOA pact that allows the US and India to use one another’s military facilities on a case-by-case “logistical” basis.

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson understood the supreme importance of these developments and therefore didn’t shy away from declaring in October 2017 that the US-Indian Strategic Partnership is the most important one in the 21st century. That being the case, the eerie coincidence of Swamy evoking McCain’s characteristic militarism in supposedly “spreading democracy” on the day that the Senator officially started dying isn’t in and of itself symbolic of him being “reincarnated” in the Indian politician, but it’s what he said a few days afterwards once he was already dead that really turned heads.

Doubling Down With Calls For A “Humanitarian Intervention”

Instead of leaving his original statement alone after the intense controversy that it created, Swamy doubled down and channeled McCain’s spirit by including a “humanitarian intervention” argument into the mix by suggesting that “India has a responsibility to protect those citizens, for which an invasion is necessary”, instantly drawing a sharp rebuke from the Maldives which reminded India that its citizens have always been safe in the archipelago. Swamy may have been inspired to say what he did not just by McCain, but by the Maldives recently requesting that New Delhi withdraw a helicopter team from the island nation.

The official justification is that modernized facilities and equipment make India’s very small deployment redundant, though New Delhi believes that Beijing is leaning on the country to kick its team out because of China’s Silk Road interest in the atoll that it’s deployed to. As of now, the two helicopters remain in the Maldives pending negotiations on their final status, but India’s refusal to withdraw them upon the original request is provocative and indicates that it’s trying to politicize this issue ahead of the polls, as well as tempt the government into triggering an international crisis by taking action against the team.

Is A False Flag Imminent?

Once again, it’s very easy to see the influence of American strategic thinking on India’s recent policy towards the Maldives, epitomized as it is by McCain’s “spiritual successor” Swamy who for all intents and purposes appears to be the “reincarnation” of the neoconservative Senator. In any case, it’s doubtful that India will actually invade the Maldives if President Yameen is reelected, though that could change if a false flag attack is carried out against Indian nationals in the country, whether throughout the course of the expected Color Revolution unrest that would follow or seemingly independently thereof by Daesh.

It shouldn’t be overlooked that the island nation has the ignoble reputation of having contributed the highest number of foreign fighters to the terrorist group, and in the midst of a post-election destabilization campaign, it wouldn’t be surprising if events quickly escalated to HybridWar proportions if Daesh attacked, especially if they decided for whatever reason to target Indians there. Should that dark scenario transpire, and it certainly can’t be discounted, then it’s a sure bet that Swamy will be cheering on the sidelines for a military invasion and carrying on McCain’s legacy of militantly “spreading democracy” and launching “humanitarian interventions”.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Eurasia Future


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  1. Modi is a disaster as President of India. He is apparently unable or unwilling to control the sectarian violence and rapes that are sweeping India – and has aspirations to greatness with a Nobel Peace Prize. He sadly lacks the qualities of Amrin Khan the newly elected pleader of Pakistan.

  2. Well for those who remain unwilling to agree there is little difference between the prevalent mind-set in Delhi and Washington this one incident, although not of much apparent significance, should say it all. The world has shut its eyes to the truth about the ruling elite in India… if only the outside world had been willing to look at what the world’s largest democracy has been doing in Kashmir for decades no one would have been surprised by the above mentioned incident… the truth is India was and is the Geo-political heir of the Throne of England in the region… and during the past 70 years instead of breaking away it has only strengthened its ties with the Globalists.. not out of compulsion rather because of a strikingly common psyche…

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