The “Deep State” Planted a Red Herring to Set Up a Showdown Between Trump & Pence

The Mainstream Media’s latest reports that internet sleuths think that Vice President Pence probably wrote yesterday’s “Resistance” op-ed in the New York Times because of the anonymous writer’s use of the word “lodestar” is nothing more than a red herring by the “deep state” to provoke a showdown between Trump & Pence ahead of this November’s midterms and possibly even push the President to trigger a constitutional crisis by trying to fire him.

Everyone in the world is wondering which high-level official in the Trump Administration penned yesterday’s “Resistance” op-ed in the New York Times, but the Mainstream Media is running with the story that internet sleuths think that it’s Vice President Pence because of the anonymous writer’s use of the word “lodestar”, which he’s publicly used on at least five separate occasions before. He probably wasn’t behind the piece, however, but his idiosyncratic use of a relatively uncommon word was likely picked up by the “deep state” well in advance and deliberately inserted into the preplanned infowar provocation that was just published in order to pin the blame on him as part of a larger scheme to sow discord in the White House.

The “deep state” wants to provoke Trump to unleash one of his famously scathing and unscripted tweets against Pence, which would irreparably ruin their professional relationship but also throw the President into a constitutional conundrum because he can’t legally fire his Vice President no matter how much the two might come to hate each other as a result of this devious psy-op. Running with this scenario for a moment, whether Trump tries to fire a publicly insulted Pence or seethes with rage because he can’t, the resultant turmoil that would play out in the Mainstream Media would be enough to seemingly confirm all of the accusations of chaos that Bob Woodward alleged in his upcoming book, therefore potentially tipping the midterm electoral scales to the Democrats’ favor.

Reviewing the fast-moving developments of the past couple of days, it’s inarguable that The Establishment planned for all of this to happen far in advance as part of their plot to undermine Trump ahead of the midterms, with the phased escalation of their infowar campaign so far moving from Woodward’s book to the anonymous “Resistance” op-ed and finally to the claims that Pence is somehow involved because the unknown author cleverly inserted a very uncommon word that he’s known to occasionally use. While Trump will probably display more common sense that he’s regularly given credit for and likely won’t fall for the trap of jumping the gun and publicly condemning Pence, he’s in a dilemma when it comes to identifying who’s behind the scandalous op-ed.

Trump has no choice but to order an immediate investigation on national security grounds after it was revealed that a high-ranking official in his administration is supposedly conspiring with others to sabotage the policies of the democratically elected and legitimate President of the United States, but this is predictably being framed by the Mainstream Media as a “witch hunt” that they’ll soon try to compare to a “Stalinist purge” (if they haven’t done so already). Actually, they seem to secretly hope that Trump becomes paranoid to the point of overreacting and punishes or publicly embarrasses innocent members of his staff in order to counterproductively create an internal “Resistance” where there might not have even really been one to begin with.

Whatever ends up happening, and the latest “deep state” coup attempt against Trump has only just begun, this much is certain, and it’s that the inclusion of the word “lodestar” was a red herring designed to manipulate the President’s mind after he finds out that the Mainstream Media is promoting internet sleuths who apparently “discovered” that Pence used this uncommon word on several occasions. The whole point at this stage is to provoke Trump, who they mistakenly believe to be an unhinged maniac incapable of controlling his actions and prone to lashing out at whoever and whenever at the slightest hint of an affront, to publicly attack Pence and then trigger a constitutional crisis by trying to fire him, all of which would be taking place in front of the entire nation ahead of the upcoming midterms.

Trump’s much too clever to fall for this trap, and the fact that something so blatantly obvious has been attempted speaks to just how much his opponents underestimate him, but he nevertheless needs to be careful that he doesn’t take action against any innocent members of his administration who might get caught up in the current investigation to find the traitor and their ilk, if they even exist. This means that he has to trust whoever it is that he’s dispatched to dig up evidence on this issue and won’t doubt the findings that they present to him, after which he’ll have to determine whether they’re also being set up just like Pence is or if they’re actually guilty as charged. Trump’s toughest tests are therefore ahead of him and could make or break his presidency in the coming days.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Eurasia Future

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