Don’t Listen To Soros’ Siren Song Against China’s Social Credit System

The billionaire Color Revolution financier made some seemingly valid points about the concerns that many Westerners have when it comes to China’s ubiquitous state surveillance system while speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this week, but Soros’ populist spiel is nothing more than superficial justification for interfering in the domestic affairs of the People’s Republic and cheering on the neoconservative “deep state” faction that wants to intensify the New Cold War.

Billionaire Color Revolution financier George Soros made waves earlier this week at Davos when he slammed China for its ubiquitous state surveillance system and hit on a lot of talking points that are popular among many Westerners, which was paradoxically expected but also surprising. His so-called “Open Society Foundation” (OSF) and the global network of proxies that it’s spawned over the past few decades officially stand for transparency, citizens’ rights, and accountability, which explains why he took aim at the speculated abuses that China’s “social credit system” could lead to, though this ironically led to him championing a narrative that is extremely popular with the populist movements that his organization is opposed to.

The fact of the matter, however, is that Soros has a track record of backing radical movements whose subsequent governing models are far from what his network purports to represent, with the most prominent example being the far-right urban terrorists who seized power in Ukraine following the February 2014 “EuroMaidan” coup and ultimately implemented a fascist regime there. Basically, what Soros says he stands for and what he actually ends up supporting are oftentimes the opposite of one another, but that’s just because he functions as a “publicly plausible” asset of the neoconservative faction of the US’ permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”) despite his denials to the contrary.

The contradiction of publicly against most of the world’s self-professed populist movements today (especially in the West) while tacitly advancing one of their most popular narratives about China is explained by Soros’ desire to simultaneously boost the OSF’s brand while also feeding into the anti-Chinese frenzy in the West. It’s important to note that some of his reported remarks include an attack on Trump for supposedly selling out to China through a series of what he describes as “concessions” instead of taking an even harder line than he already is by doubling down on the so-called “trade war” to ensure that, among other things, Chinese companies don’t “dominate the 5G market” in the future.

As unbelievable as it may seem, Soros of all people ended up cheering on the most far-right elements of the American populists by suggesting an intensification of the New Cold War and criticizing Trump for going soft on China, an angle of narrative infowar attack that plays into the neocons’ hands by attempting to split the President’s base unless he bends to what the billionaire hopes will be the externally provoked “grassroots” pressure campaign that his supporters might initiate against him. Though many of them literally hate Soros because of all that he stands for and everything that he’s done to try and stop Trump, some of them might nevertheless be swooned by his siren song at Davos.

It would be very dangerous if they were influenced by his words because it needs to be remembered at all times that Soros isn’t just criticizing China’s social credit system for the sake of it or out of his “genuine concern for an open society” there, but because he intends to weaponize the American public’s growing anger at the way that China has independently decided to domestically manage its socio-political affairs. His whole intent in doing so is to co-opt his populist enemies by turning them into “useful idiots” for promoting his anti-Chinese neocon agenda of pressuring Trump “from below” into taking an even more aggressive stance against Beijing.

It stands to reason that Soros is driven by Liberal-Globalist ideological reasons in doing so, but he’s devious enough to disguise his motivations under populist-nationalist rhetoric in order to make them more appealing to the masses per the modern zeitgeist. Had he openly declared that he wants to turn Trump’s supporters into the right-wing version of “Trotskyites” in order to dilute his chances of winning reelection next year, practically all of them would have immediately rejected what he has to say, but by cleverly playing to their political expectations, he has a much greater chance of indirectly influencing them. That said, criticizing China’s social credit system doesn’t make anyone Soros’ “useful idiot” unless it’s used as “justification” for disowning Trump and escalating the New Cold War.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Eurasia Future

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