Everyone Will Remember That the Media Made a Mockery of Itself Over Russiagate

It’s self-explanatory why everyone will remember that the media made a mockery of itself over Russiagate, but the implications will be far-reaching and deserve to be elaborated upon.

It’s official – Trump and his team didn’t “collude” with Russia, and the entire Mainstream Media fake news narrative about the Russiagate witch hunt was just exposed as worse than McCarthyism. “At least” that hysteria claimed a few communist scalps whether they truly were guilty or not, while McCarthyism’s modern-day manifestation didn’t catch anyone at all for what they set out to do, which was to prove that Americans betrayed their country in order to put a foreign-backed proxy into power. It’s now known that that this investigation was nothing more than a preemptive false flag “insurance policy” launched by the Obama Administration’s “deep state” Clintonite supporters in order to “hack” the election in their favor and then subsequently delegitimize its results after the fact once their candidate of choice suffered her historic loss.

The Mainstream Media was weaponized against the American people by unelected bureaucrats in order to push this regime change narrative, ironically making the very same inquisitors the ones who should be investigated for treason on that very fact alone. The tens of millions of Americans who fell under the spell of the “deep state’s” infowar narratives are experiencing cognitive dissonance after “Saint Mueller” didn’t turn out to be Trump’s “political executioner” after all, and none of them will forget how their country’s leading information apparatuses were turned against them in order to advance a storyline that ultimately wasn’t true whatsoever. It should be taken for granted that some so-called “true believers” will continue to cling to the Russiagate conspiracy theory because they’ve since formed their entire worldview around it, but they’ll eventually move to the margins of society.

By and large, it can be expected that the vast majority of Americans will become increasingly cynical of the Mainstream Media and anything that they associate with the discredited “Establishment”, though that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll automatically support Trump in his crusade to “drain the swamp”. Rather, this suggests that his opposition will begin to embrace more (superficially?) anti-systemic views and support candidates who would have been regarded as ideologically fringe less than a decade ago. That will naturally lead to an even more heightened partisan political climate ahead of the 2020 elections and improve the odds of a so-called “anti-Trump” facing the eponymous incumbent, though provided that the Democratic primaries are free and fair (which can’t be guaranteed). Either way, there’s no going back from this epochal moment after the Mainstream Media just died a dishonorable death.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Eurasia Future

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