The Christchurch Terrorist Attack, The “Deep State”, & The “Clash of Civilizations”

At least 50 people were killed in one of the West’s worst terrorist attacks when an Australian opened fire on worshippers in two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch, with the killer apparently intending to exacerbate the so-called “Clash of Civilizations” and being able to carry out the carnage that he did because he somehow slipped under the “deep state’s” radar beforehand despite giving off signals that should have at least made him a “person of interest” to the security services.

The whole world is in mourning after an Australian terrorist killed at least 50 people in two New Zealand mosques on Friday while livestreaming the carnage on Facebook. All indications suggest that he intended to exacerbate the so-called “Clash of Civilizations” (which is essentially a unipolar blueprint for dividing and ruling the Eastern Hemisphere in the 21st century) after provocatively scrawling the names of several historic figures, battles, and slogans onto his guns to “commemorate” Christians who fought in the Crusades and against the Ottoman Empire. He also included the names of some contemporary people who carried out acts of violence against Muslims and referenced a notorious British-Pakistani grooming gang, in addition to publishing an explicitly fascist manifesto that talks about his hatred of Muslims.

While there remains a high risk of copycat attacks and the possibility of retaliatory violence by extremists on the opposite side of the ideological spectrum, the obviousness of the killer’s motives greatly reduces the chances that an out-of-control cycle of violence will occur because responsible people the world over are well aware that this scenario would simply play into his hands and make his terrorist attack a strategic “success”. That doesn’t mean that future terrorist attacks which claim to be inspired by this one won’t happen, but just that they probably won’t have the impact that he anticipated that they otherwise would after “trying too hard” to force society to accept his “Clash of Civilizations” narrative.

In any case, there will always be terrorists of any stripe planning attacks to advance whatever their agenda may be, but it’s the duty of the intelligence elements of the state’s permanent bureaucracy (“deep state”) to identify these threats before they materialize and proactively take steps to neutralize them before they harm anyone, and it’s here where the Australian authorities failed in their responsibility to their people and neighboring New Zealand’s. It’s unimaginable that not a single member of the country’s “deep state” thought that the terrorist was at the very least a “person of interest” after he supposedly lived off of cryptocurrency sales and traveled to a variety of “sensitive” countries that Western intelligence agencies usually flag as “suspicious”.

Reports have emerged that he traveled to North Korea, Pakistan, and Turkey, et al., which isn’t anything “suspicious” in and of itself but is usually interpreted as a “red flag” of some sort by the intelligence community whenever someone from the West with no outward connections to those countries all of a sudden decides to go there by themselves. The “national security state” that was progressively rolled out all across the West after the 9/11 attacks and especially in the so-called “Five Eyes” states that include Australia and New Zealand would have certainly taken an interest in a bitcoin-selling 20-something-year-old traveling to those countries, which doesn’t imply that they’d interrogate him but just that they’d probably keep an eye on him from that point onward.

One can only speculate about what the intelligence wing of the Australian “deep state” knew and when, but it certainly would be strange if they hadn’t considered him to at least be a “person of interest” even if they had no proof of him doing anything other than traveling to “sensitive” places while supposedly funding his trips by selling cryptocurrency. While the investigation is currently ongoing, it wouldn’t be surprising if it turned out that he was indeed flagged by someone or another as “suspicious” but the information wasn’t followed up on or shared with others. Again, one can only speculate whether this would have been due to bureaucratic inefficiency, more malign motives, or even whether there were any grounds to take an investigation further in the first place.

Whatever the case may be, it’s possible to predict some of the political outcomes of this terrorist attack. It was already mentioned that the killer’s intention to exacerbate the “Clash of Civilizations” will probably fail because it was way too obvious, but that doesn’t mean that some countries and their histories (especially Balkan ones) won’t be smeared as “racist” and “Islamophobic” because he claimed to have been inspired by them. This could be abused for all sorts of purposes that remain to be seen, but it should nevertheless be pointed out and warned about well in advance of it probably happening. Another possibility is the Western “deep state” in general stepping up scrutiny of “right-wing-leaning” people who travel to those countries.

Building upon that and the attacker’s unknown reasons for traveling to North Korea, Pakistan, and Turkey (which, to be clear, isn’t anything suspicious in and of itself, though in the context it’s bewildering that an Islamophobe would go to two majority-Muslim countries), Western tourists might be deterred from visiting those places out of fear of being put on a government “watch list” “out of an overabundance of caution” by the authorities. This won’t really affect North Korea but it could have a negative effect on Turkey’s established tourism industry and Pakistan’s incipient one too, especially in the post-attack partisan aftermath of trying to attribute blame where it doesn’t belong and some forces concluding that it’s “politically convenient” to scapegoat those two countries through innuendo, as ridiculous as it may sound.

More tangibly, it’s expected that Australia, New Zealand, and possibly other Western countries as well will attempt to pass legislation increasing the state’s power to regulate cryptocurrency, social media, and firearms. It’s unclear at the moment what form this could take or whether it’ll succeed, but it can be assured that interest groups will try to push through these agendas while many members of the public are still too shocked by what happened to actively resist. The main takeaway from the Christchurch terrorist attack is therefore that the killer’s “Clash of Civilizations” plan will probably fail just like the “deep state’s” security mechanisms did for whatever reason in the run-up to the incident, but governments might try to expand their own powers in the wake of this tragedy.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Eurasia Future

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  1. Even if there is an explosion on some far off planet, it seems the West will find its connection with Pakistan… we just cannot miss the name can we? Anyway… when you have a clear instance of terrorism yet insist on finding other words in the thesaraus that could fit such actions, you can blame anything on Pak… btw strange to see Turkey and Pak together this time… it appears Turkey regardless of how we may dislike Erdogan, has in fact succeeded in doing something to the Western Globalists’ schemes that has earned it the growing dislike of the White supremacists. What a world we are heading towards honestly… who says Hitler is dead?

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