The Monster, the Oil and the Death Throes of Britain

It becomes clearer every day. The stench of desperation emanates from the pores of the staunchest Union defenders like sewage from a damaged sceptic tank. The British Union is in its death throes. Independence for Scotland is now more certain than ever.

Theresa May’s embarrassing visit to Scotland the other day is just the latest signpost which indicates Britain as an entity is dead. The fact she began her fleeting visit at a tech start-up company in Stirling only a couple of miles from Bannockburn was a cryptic message that passed her by. No introduction for this PM. No warm-up act. Just a side-door entrance, a robotic substance-free speech extolling the ‘Precious Union’ and the realisation across all of Scotland that the advent of Boris Johnson PM is the final nail in the coffin for the 300 year ‘union’ which has exploited her vast natural resources but denied Scotland her very existence and right to flourish as a nation.

Lies repeated often enough and from authoritative sources are the most effective in history. Thus the British Establishment line repeated over and over again and parroted by Unionist ‘Uncle Toms’ here in Scotland for centuries allows the ‘Scotland is subsidised by England’ line to seep into the national psyche as if it is a truism up there with the world is round as a fact of life. In actual fact, it is a flat-earth fantasy and lie which has been used to great advantage for England for many decades but which can no longer survive even the slightest objective scrutiny.

Only a couple of weeks ago on UK wide TV, we witnessed ignorant ‘celebrity’ clowns promote the time served mince re-heated with complete disregard for reality. On the Channel 5 Jeremy Vine show we had a former Royal Butler, a former page three glamour model and former human being spew collective garbage about a subject they knew precisely nothing about.

Paul Burrell has made a living selling secrets about how good a servant he was to the British Crown. Nicola McLean has made a living exposing her breasts, having them surgically enhanced and then exposing them again. While Carole Malone has made a living manufacturing lies that are designed to spread hate and intolerance of vulnerable people in society thus qualifying her for the ‘former human being’ title. In 2009 illegal immigrants were receiving “free cars” according to callous Carole and by 2013 the six children of parents on benefits who were incinerated in a house arson attack were “an accident waiting to happen”. Six children burned to death were reduced by Malone to a benefit envy story amounting to “an accident waiting to happen”. Callous? Yes. Human? No.

Burrell was asked to comment on a story about Arch-Unionist and former PM, Gordon Brown, warning that the election of Boris Johnson to lead the Tory Party and become PM of the UK would lead to Scotland becoming an independent country, a helluva prediction from an individual who earned his corn as a unionist lackey in 2014 campaigning against independence. Burrell displayed the intellect of an action man with gripping hands and realistic hair when he spouted:

“… this is food for Nicola Sturgeon… she will love to read this this morning … saying that Scotland would have devolution … For goodness Scotland by itself … how is it going to survive? … what does it have? … oil and a monster in a lake … no one thinks Scotland could survive on its own …”

Waken up, you silly little man. Stick to topics you have the slightest clue about and stop making a complete fool of yourself. Firstly, we have had “devolution” for the last 20 years but secondly, and most substantially, we have:

8.4% of the UK Population but 34% of the UK’s Natural Wealth, 90% of the UK’s Fresh Water, 96% of the UK’s Crude Oil, 63% of the UK’s Natural Gas, 70% of the UK’s Fish Landings, 60% of the UK’s Timber Production, 62% of the UK’s Maritime Area, 90% of the UK’s Hydro Power, 26% of the UK’s Renewable Energy and 25% of EU’s Offshore Resources alongside 25% of the EU’s Tidal Resources.

Our exports are almost 3 times greater than England’s; our oil reserves are 95 times greater than England’s; our fish landings are 22 times greater than England’s; our natural gas reserves are 15 times greater than England’s; our Gross Domestic Product per Head (GDP) is over £2000 more than England’s; we have 7 times more farmland than England; we produce 18 times more renewable power than England and our tourism industry income is 8% larger than England’s. Our tourism is generated largely on the vast natural beauty of our country with its incredible collection of lakes, lochs, rivers, hills and mountains combined with a friendly and hospitable population. However, to attract the dimmer-witted like Mr Burrell a fantastic tale about a monster in a loch was created many years ago and, incredibly some, like Jeremy Vine show guests, still believe it…

So that’s what we’ve got Mr Burrell. We’ve got plenty. Every independent investigation of Scotland’s ability to survive as an independent nation has illustrated clearly that not only are we an economically viable nation, we are that would be amongst the top 20 richest nation’s on the planet. The much more pressing and relevant question for the likes of Burrell and all the other flat-earth adherents across the UK is how will England survive without Scotland’s vast wealth and natural resources?

For centuries now we have contributed far more to the coffers of London than we have ever received back in return for our subservience. More and more people can see the reality that a Government that is willing to punish poor disabled households in receipt of housing benefit requiring additional rooms to store life-saving equipment, and poorer families who dare to believe poor kids should be allowed separate bedrooms is hardly likely to continue to subsidise a whole country if it really was a drain on resources.

The simple truth that is beginning to dawn on greater numbers of Scots every day is that Scotland subsidises England and it is they who need us to economically survive not us that need them.

Malicious Malone on that same show while nodding in agreement with Burrell’s dismissal of Scotland’s ability to survive on our own, as did ‘authoritative’ Nicola McLean, threw in her usual lie filled statement:

“… figures now are higher for staying within the union than they were at the time of the referendum …”

Complete and utter pish but uttered without even a blush, let alone the glowing embarrassment which should have adorned her face. Not only do all the usual polling agencies now admit support for independence is now running at or around 50% or higher, even the rigged polls from the BBC and their ‘on unionist message’ commentators like John Curtice, are now admitting that support for both independence and a new second referendum are over 50%:

“In short, not only have recent polls suggested that there has been something of an increase in support for independence in recent months, but also that this rise has occurred entirely among those who voted Remain (and those who did not vote in 2016).

“It would seem that the Brexit impasse has motivated some Remain supporters in recent months to re-evaluate their attitudes towards the Union”.

Over 50% want a second chance at claiming Scotland’s freedom and well in excess of 50% will vote for it as soon as the opportunity arises, which will be very soon indeed. Just like Theresa May’s political career the British Union is dead. Only the funeral remains to be arranged.

By Tommy Sheridan
Source: Sputnik News

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