27 Years Since the Massacre of Serbian Civilians in Bosnia

In Kukavice village near Rogatica (nowadays Bosnia and Herzegovina), today was marked 27 years since crimes against Serbian civilians committed by Bosnian Muslims, members of the so-called Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina on August 27, 1992.

In an attack on a column of Serbian civilians, involving about 1,000 elderly people, women and children on tractors and passenger vehicles, Bosnian Muslim extremists killed 26 and injured 80 Serbs.

Rogatica Mayor Milorad Jagodic called this a monstrous crime as among the victims are a child of 11 and 82 years old man.

“This was a column of innocent people who were looking for refuge and salvation,” Jagodić emphasized, recalling that in the verdict, the four indictees charged with this crime stated that they didn’t know that there were civilians in the column but soldiers.

Jagodić hopes that the High court would be reasonable and recognize that the perpetrators are devoted to denying everything that has happened so that those who committed the crime will be adequately punished.

Such a crime could not be organized by four people, so it’s necessary to find and punish those who gave the order and knew that the column would pass.

Veljko Lasica, one of the victims of crimes against Serb civilians in the Kukavica village who survived, points out that it was a difficult time when people had to leave their homes and whole past lives, as the column started from the village of Jabuka to Rogatica. In these hard moments, the Muslim extremists found an opportunity to attack the sad column in the canyon near Mesić and all their bestiality and rage exposed at the entrance to Kukavica.

“I was in the car when they started to shoot. There was no way back. I was aware that the only way to survive was to go on. There were blasts and flash everywhere. I saw and I see the criminals (so-called Bosnian Muslim army members) attacking the column; an unprotected group of people… nobody was armed since there were only elderly men, women and children.

As we reached the canyon I heard the sound of breaking glass; somebody screams, some head falls down, smashed; somebody’s wounded. But we go further. My daughter screams. I was wounded in my leg.

There was even more hell to survive – the vehicles in flames and people captured inside turned into living flames, under heavy Muslim shelling; the road was covered with massacred corpses.”

He stressed that the perpetrators have not yet been punished.

Bus driver Ranko Ikonić recalls the driving a civilian bus called “Dubrava” with 60 seats and 120 people and women holding their children in the lap… killed.

And the criminals who were acquitted because the Trial Chamber adopted their version according to which they didn’t know that there were civilians and that they knew it was a military column.

“I had to go through the ambush, 14 of my family members were killed and 60 wounded. ,, How can there be a military column with an ancient Zastava750  and Yugo 45 vehicles!? Without a single tank or howitzer?

They were well aware that the column was entirely civilian; they were shooting from 10 meters distance but did not manage to recognize anyone, “says Ikonic.

According to the reports of War crimes by Ministry of Interior of RS in 2006 and amended in 2012,  the suspect for this crime are Aziz Susa, Muhamed Sisic, Izet Hadzic, Tarik Sisic, Aganović Aziz, Emir Drakovac, Zahid Alic, Salko Alic.  

However, despite all the evidence, the Court of Bosnia i Hercegovina acquitted on March 7 former members of the so-called BiH Army Muhamed Šišić, Aziz Šuša and Tarik Šišić, charged with crimes against Serb civilians in Rogatica and Foča.

There was a short video the criminals recorded from the crime scene and the sequences allegedly were used in the film by Bosnian Muslim Danis Tanovic’s “No Man’s Land” movie.

In order to kill the victims again, some of the so-called humanitarians are struggling to make different footage of killed Serbs and use these images in their dirty propaganda as Muslim victims.

“So the Sarajevo director Danis Tanovic in his movie No Man’s Land depicted these recordings of crimes in the village of Kukavica, and that’s when something unimaginable, gruesome happens – Tanovic presents these Serb civilians massacred by Muslims, as Muslim civilians massacred by Serbs! The Muslim crime he portrays as Serbian crime AGAINST the Muslims.

And, furthermore, he received a prestigious prize – the Oscar!

So it’s just another filthy game played by Muslim Sarajevo; on the other side, that was extremely painful as Serbs recognized their beloved ones, their cars and their tractors in the film. ”

No one ever investigates nor spoke to the Serb survivors, neither wanted to hear the other side and what really happened on that 28. August 1992. And the Oscar was there to ‘cement’ one of the filthiest perversions ever.

Someday, mankind will be ashamed and these day’s Oscars, Nobel’s will be considered as marks of immorality and shame.

By Grey Carter
Source: Oriental Review

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