Greta Thunberg is the Elite’s New Political Weapon of Coercion Against the Masses

The aggressive climate change agenda ignores the industry that contributes the most to creating a carbon footprint and greenhouse gasses: the military-industrial complex.

* Does the climate change on this planet?

Yes, it probably does.

* But is it only caused by humans?

Maybe yes, maybe no. The earth’s climate has changed periodically, both regularly and irregularly, for billions of years, and there were periods of extremely high CO2 percentage in the atmosphere and periods of extremely high O2 percentage. When CO2 levels increased, we had explosions of the biosphere, tremendous growth, and the evolution of plants which gradually produced extreme O2 levels that caused the extreme growth and biodiversity of insects and other species that then caused gigantism — extremely large animal species like dinosaurs and later huge mammals, huge insects, etc., due to the excess of energy caused by high levels of O2.

So levels of greenhouse gasses and oxygen varied throughout history, and sometimes varied abruptly leading to the extinction of some species and the explosion of others.
The recent increase of CO2 by itself is not that much dramatic as long as we are not carrying out massive deforestation since increased levels of CO2 normally lead to a massive increase of the biomass on the planet which balances it.

* Is the climate change agenda a political weapon of coercion?

Yes, it is. Why? Because it falsely address the wrong issues while leaving the main issues aside and, in a political manner, targets particular areas and countries, which due to the level of their development, suffer much more and will thus take the main burden of the climate change agenda.

At the same time, the same aggressive climate change agenda does not take into account the most massive industry that contributes the most in creating a carbon footprint and greenhouse gasses: the military-industrial complex.

Taking into account for example only the US military complex — meaning the military itself plus the whole industry behind — we could roughly calculate that this complex contributes more than all other industries combined. Now take into account other superpowers and other larger military powers, calculate the carbon footprint of all military complexes on this planet, and the result is more than obvious.

Yet nobody speaks about it, simply because it is not in the political interests of those in power. Even scientists and climatologists who are paid to make detailed research do not dare to speak out loud about this problem, probably fearing for their own jobs, or even the own lives if they speak about it openly.

So in the end, we end up with ordinary people and normal economies suffering and taking the burden of imperialism and brutal capitalism so that the culprits’ profit-oriented war industry and military complex — which only serves the purpose of domination in order to obtain access to cheap or free resources and labor, including first and foremost carbon energy sources — can continue without interruption.

* Is the climate change agenda, as it is currently presented nowadays, a political tool in the hands of certain centers of capital and power?

Yes, it is.

What I see in this entire agenda is nothing but a profit-oriented movement that hits multiple targets in the same stroke. By forcing countries to reduce their carbon footprint, they are harming the least developed countries by making them even more dependent on new expensive technologies (which also create a massive carbon footprint) and thus even poorer, while at the same time gaining more market access for their own so-called “green technology” industries, which I as an engineer can say are far from being green and I could elaborate on it in detail since I’m quite familiar with this matter.

The main problem of man-made global warming isn’t the creation of greenhouse gasses themselves, but the profit-oriented capitalist system which is highly dependent on inflated and artificially sustained consumerism, and which in the end creates unsustainable economies that must inevitably collapse at one point sooner or later.

So when I’m laughing at this evil-looking, deeply hateful, manipulated, and mentally challenged child with Asperger’s syndrome, I see in her a useful idiot who serves exactly the same purpose that she is allegedly fighting against. After all, the best slaves are those who enjoy their own slavery and aren’t even aware that they’re slaves.

A 16-year-old child has no idea about life, no clue for example about what I was writing about in this article. She’s a pretender who managed to hop on the train and now really enjoys the ride. She’s a tool in the hands of her sponsors, while they (including her parents) are actually child abusers exploiting an autistic child for political gain.

I saw too many such kids and young people who took the early train of politics and then enjoy the benefits without making any real contribution to society instead of learning and working hard to make a difference in life, and I’m really sick of them.

By Slobodan Solajic
Source: One World

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