Social Media Giants Have Blood on Their Hands

Last night I went to bed in tears and desperately sad for Jesy Nelson from Little Mix and for millions of teenagers and young kids whose lives are being destroyed by the uncaring attitude of the New Social media giants.

Jesy’s story of how she was viciously trolled to the point of trying to kill herself is a modern morality story which the Twitter and Facebook Oligarchs can no longer wash their hands off.

People say that social media is like the Wild West, it is not. At least in the Wild West there were clear rules of engagement and legitimate grievances. In a duel no one drew and fired before they should but on Twitter and Facebook there are absolutely no rules and the mob and the bullies rule.

If I printed in this column some of the things that are said on Twitter I would be open to charges of defamation, slander and libel. However, in the Twittersphere, people seem able to be free to say anything they want. This is not free speech. This is abuse.

When you complain to the social media giants they hide behind the pathetic excuse of not being a publisher but a technical platform. This is complete hogwash.

They may have started out as a tech platform but judging from the way both Twitter and Facebook promote themselves now, they have become an essential part of most people’s lives and they are both a news and entertainment site as much as say the Sun newspaper is. Therefore, the same rules of slander, defamation and libel should apply.

A newspaper or a site like Sputnik cannot print outright lies or engage in a systematic campaign of hatred against an individual and rightly so.

When I wrote for the Sun, our most successful tabloid, I couldn’t just gob off and say anything I wanted, I had to respect the law. And most importantly of course, I had to put my name and face, as I do with Sputnik, alongside my words. There was no anonymity to hide behind, no stupid twitter hashtag. Plus, as publishers of my views The Sun was also in the dock if I was to libel anyone and rightly so as they were the publisher. The same thing with broadcasting, it was the radio station who had ultimate responsibility for what was broadcast.

The internet has been a wonderful way to open up the MSM for scrutiny and promoting free speech but there is a world of difference between free speech and outrights lies, defamation and libel.

People hiding behind a twitter handle seem to be free to say whatever they like and damn the consequences. This has to stop and stop now.

No social media site should be allowed to let users post with a false name or no photo.

If you are big enough and ugly enough to spout your views on another individual you should have the balls to put your name and face to your opinion, comments and accusations. Then if the person targeted believes you are lying they would have the ability to challenge you in a court of law or in the court of public opinion.

It is interesting today to note that after the programme about Jesy last night Twitter is full of anti-Katie Hopkins tweets all displaying the same bullying techniques of the Twitter mob that attacked Jesy and drove her to attempt to commit suicide.

Now Katie Hopkins did say horrid and abusive things about Jesy but at least she put her name and face to them. Katie is big enough and ugly enough to defend her own views but it was not just her that drove Jesy and others in that programme to the idea of suicide. It was the twitter mob that did that. Focusing on Katie Hopkins tweets and then trolling her is a diversion, a nasty and obvious diversion.

The thing that broke me last night was when Jesy went to the home of a 16 year old girl who, after being bullied and trolled on social media, had taken her own life.

Her parents had left her bedroom just as she had left it that morning when she committed suicide. They no longer go into her bedroom as it is just too painful for them.

Jesy and we did enter and it was a typical teenager’s room Just like my girls’ room used to be.

The bed was unmade and left as she had got out of it that morning, there was makeup all over the table and above her bed, selfies and pictures of her mates all, pulling silly faces.

Again, It was just like my daughters’ rooms. I saw my beautiful girls in that room and I thanked God that they are no longer teenagers and were free of this hateful bullying.

When the girl’s mum explained to Jesy that when they had complained to Facebook and Twitter about the bullying and their daughter’s subsequent suicide these social media giants hadn’t even offered a response, let alone an apology or action to stop it happening again.

My sadness has now turned to real anger and a desperate desire to try and do something to control this new media mafia.

When you consider that Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook basically to get his rocks off, it was essentially a sexist misogynistic rating site for male students to rate and judge young women at Harvard, how dare he act as a moral guardian and political arbitrator in the modern world. Who elected him to set our standards of decency and morality?

Ironically today Facebook has told me off and asked me to remove a post. When I looked at which post it was, I discovered that it was a legitimate journalistic interview with Tommy Robinson from 2017!!!

I had even forgotten I had done this podcast which the post linked to. Of course, Tommy has now been banned by Facebook but this is an Orwellian nightmare that Zuckerberg thinks he can penalise me for breaking a rule which was not in force when I carried out the interview and posted the link to it on his Facebook site. How on earth can you be guilty of a crime that wasn’t even a crime when you allegedly committed it?!

If Facebook have the resources to act like Big Brother and remove legitimate posts from two years ago, why haven’t they got the resource to protect Jesy and millions of other kids?

Why doesn’t he spend some of the Trillions of dollars he makes actually employing a human being to answer a grieving Mum and Dad like the ones we saw last night.

Instead of worrying about whether Fireman Sam is too male or is putting off girls from joining the Fire Brigade (sorry service! God help us), maybe the Twitter mob and the uber-liberal, common purpose, cultural Marxists should be turning their attention to how Twitter and Facebook are complicit in the abuse and deaths of kids worldwide!

By Jon Gaunt
Source: Sputnik News

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