The Tectonics of West-East Geopolitical Friction Revealed

The US Geological Service was alarmed the other day by a seismic disturbance that scientists could not identify. After deep research, geologists finally determined that the strange geophysical disturbance was from the legendary philanthropist Andrew Carnegie spinning like a turbine in his grave. Analysts claim the Earth atop the famous steel magnate’s grave in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in New York state, yawned open at the news of Carnegie’s world peace efforts had been defiled.

In big, bold letters at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace the headline reads: “Late to the Party: Russia’s Return to Africa,” by Paul Stronski, it evangelizes America’s holier art than thou brand of colonialism, running Russia and Putin into the ground a cover story. The former US foreign service officer and intellectual spook slips up though, revealing that there is a “party” in Africa and that Russia is not wanted. I am always amazed by these paid stooges and their pseudointellectual overcoats. Stronski cites Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan to support his conclusions about mean old Russia:

“Russia often utilizes coercive, corrupt, and covert means to attempt to influence sovereign states, including their security and economic partnerships.”

Really now? As if the lords of regime change in Washington or London do not come to the “party” wielding whatever it takes to win. According to the former director for Russia and Central Asia at the US National Security Council, “Russia increasingly looks to Africa to project power and influence.” Well, shame on those pesky Russians for doing business outside the wall of US and NATO military bases ringing their country. How dare they? Keep in mind here, that people like Stronsky advise the president and his secretaries on US policy. And the Carnegie money is now being used for exactly the opposite of what it was intended to do.

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has launched a major analytical project entitled “The Return of Global Russia: A Reassessment of the Kremlin’s International Agenda.” The stated purpose of the project is to focus on and assess Russia’s new activist foreign and military policies. But the mission statement at the start of this paper (PDF) tells us the assessment was reached before the study began. And I quote:

“After a two-decade lull, the Kremlin, since 2012, has assiduously sought to expand Russian influence beyond its immediate neighborhood to the far abroad, a geographic scope that includes Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and even Latin America.”

Everything that follows this predetermination is organized to damn Russia into the pit of geopolitical hell. Carnegie’s minions had already decided Russia was doing something evil, and the rest of the paper tries to prove this. I find it funny, that such highly compensated and respected experts are this stupid. Or, maybe the arrogance of the American leadership has just filtered down? The Pentagon and deep state urchins do not even care if the public knows they’re lying. The last stated objective of this nonsensical paper tells us all we need to know: “…this initiative will examine what is at stake for the United States and its allies if Russian actions go unchallenged.”

Stronski and his colleague Richard Sokolsky go right ahead identifying the “US-led international order,” while injecting the same ideas we read in the mainstream media daily. Russia’s supposed invasion of east Ukraine, the “taking” of Crimea, and the US State Department narrative the world is already sick to death of. You don’t need to read this high-dollar propaganda report, just type Russia or Putin into Google News.

One good thing comes from these think tanks and highjacked philanthropy funds though. The “problem” with US policy can readily be seen. The damnable mess the world has become can be attributed to the “industry” of Russophobia or China fear-mongering. Look at Richard Sokolsky and his “mini-me” Stronski, and learn about archaic detente, the status quo, and the stagnant hegemony coming up against the proverbial rock of Russia.

For thirty-seven years in the Department of State, Richard Sokolsky made his living advising our leadership on how, when, and why to be afraid of and to hate Russia. But, the convenient enemy was not the only religious commandment handed down to disciples like Sokolsky and Stronski, when Russia lay semi-dormant, regime change in the Middle East, oil wars, and the destruction of good places to live like Yugoslavia took place. The “liberal world order” these idiots proudly pray allegiance to now, it had one ultimate goal. Domination. Now let’s open the curtain on these two home-grown policy spooks.

This 1989 Rand Report was a kind of coming-out party for a State Department nobody emerging as a trusted expert in Washington. Regardless of how Richard Sokolsky was cultivated before sprouting into a full-fledged hegemony priest, “NATO and Caspian Security” advises Washington leadership to create a proxy force against Russia and Eurasia. You read correctly. These psychopaths talk about oil interests as if the whole brotherhood of arms, energy, and liberalism is one chunky engine for good. This is a NATO strategy advisors folks, at the advent of America’s takeover move in the Middle East. Furthermore, the report represents a bid by the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon for ultimate job security.

Yes, Richard Sokolsky and the people who were his mentors, they help build an industry of perpetual war, friction, chaos, and control. I wish Putin or even George Soros would give me a couple million. I’d prove it and make a movie about it. Returning to the end assessment of the Carnegie Endowment report, the end of the assessment is a murky nothingness. These geniuses of Russia advice can’t even come up with a cohesive strategy to counter what they perceive as Putin’s achieved advantages. Their advice is to “keep going” with a soft power regimen against this contrived enemy. More job security in dinosaur detente left over from the 1950s. That’s it. This next quote is from the authors’ summary.

Given Moscow’s emergence as a serious adversary, the severe strains in the U.S.-Russian relationship, and Russia’s toxicity in U.S. domestic politics, the Trump administration is likely to come under pressure to respond whenever and wherever Moscow seeks to expand its influence.”

And we need not wonder where that pressure will come from. The US-led international world order that churns its strength from the deep state, the World Economic Forum, or from Harvard, from the banksters, and from the American technocrats, that’s what the world should fear, not Putin making a nation that survives.

It’s a sad irony that Carnegie gave away as much wealth as Bill Gates or Warren Buffett possess before his death in 1919. $65 billion in today’s dollars, the famous railroad baron donated for the betterment of humanity. And now US Pentagon trolls are stirring the chaos pot and fomenting more war. Now A good man’s generosity and legacy have been highjacked by the world wringers, the people who would drink the last drop from humanity. Let’s just hope the seismic disturbances do not ultimately lead to an apocalypse.

By Phil Butler
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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