Trump’s Impeachment Is a Political Spectacle by the Desperate Democrats

The Democrats pushed through Trump’s politically motivated impeachment because they believe that this spectacle is the only hope that they have to stop his re-election next year, but voters have wised up and realize that they’re being manipulated by the increasingly desperate “opposition” and their “deep state” handlers so there’s a credible chance that this gambit might majorly backfire on them.


Everyone saw it coming since he the moment he “surprisingly” won the 2016 election, but Trump is now officially the third president to be impeached by the House of Representatives. In his letter that he wrote to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for reasons of what he described as “the purpose of history and to put my thoughts on a permanent and indelible record”, he lambasted the Democrats for pushing through a politically motivated impeachment as a last-ditch attempt to offset his re-election next year and potentially even stage a coup by unseating him from office before then. The document is a must-read for understanding Trump’s position and that of his supporters since he makes his case that this spectacle was planned for years and would be advanced through one pretext or the other, be it the Russiagate hoax or now Ukrainegate.

Anyone even remotely familiar with the situation knows that there’s scarcely any chance that the Republican-held Senate will vote to impeach him (unless a whopping 20 of them “defect”), which therefore raises the question of why the Democrats even decided to do this in the first place if they probably won’t succeed in removing him from office. The reason should be self-evident but is being shared just in case some people — be they Americans or non-Americans — haven’t yet realized it, and it’s to stop his re-election next year by manipulating the voters’ perceptions of him. The “opposition” is increasingly desperate after Trump has presided over a period of impressive economic growth that contradicts their fearmongering speculations before the 2016 election about what would happen if he won, so they needed to concoct a new narrative instead.

People, for better or for worse, oftentimes judge incumbents based on how good the economy has been under their leadership (whether or not their leader was directly responsible for it), so conventional wisdom would dictate that Trump will probably win re-election and possibly even by a wide margin at that. Should such a scenario come to pass, then the Democrat Party would be destroyed by a combination of new Republican voters (some of which would have “defected” from their own ranks) and upstart Socialists who pose the greatest grassroots challenge to the left-wing establishment. Fearing for their political lives and worried that their identity politics-driven rants against him over the years have actually been counterproductive to their electoral interests, the Democrats naturally sought to distract voters from Trump’s excellent economic record with manufactured corruption scandals connected to him supposedly being a “threat to national security”.

Whether it’s the claims that he’s “Putin’s puppet” or has committed “abuse of power” by supposedly blackmailing Ukraine to investigate Biden’s son and then carried out “obstruction of justice” to cover up his tracks, the Democrats are betting that voters will be swayed into thinking that their leader — for as great as he’s been for the economy — simply isn’t suitable for office and should therefore be removed in the best interests of the country. Since the Democrats can’t remove him by impeachment due to the Republican-controlled Senate, it therefore falls on the voters to democratically do this in less than a year’s time, or so the plan goes. That said, the Democrats are grossly underestimating the intelligence of the average American voter just like Labour did during the latest UK elections last week, and the outcome might end up being a similar thwacking with equally near-existential consequences for the “opposition”.

Devoid of any context whatsoever and taken solely at face value, one would be inclined to believe that voters would be loath to re-election a president who was just impeached by the House of Representatives on charges of “abuse of power” and “obstruction of justice”, but real life is much more complex than any purely theoretical scenario thought up in a pro-Democrat think tank. The Democrats are out of touch with the average American, which was proven without a doubt during the last presidential election, but they’ve since doubled down on their “wishful thinking” expectations that they condescendingly impose upon the people. While there will certainly still be some folks who would vote against Trump no matter what, there are plenty more who are ashamed at this politically motivated spectacle and are ready to punish the Democrats during next year’s elections for insulting their intelligence with such a transparent regime change attempt.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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