It’s No Big Deal That There Are Some Limits to Russian-‘Israeli’ Co-op in Syria

Russia’s condemnation of the “Israeli Air Force’s” recklessness in once again hiding behind a civilian aircraft to deter anti-air fire by the Syrian Arab Army during their latest bombing operation against Damascus isn’t contradictory to the principles of the unofficial Russian-“Israeli” alliance but simply proves that some limits naturally exist to Moscow’s cooperation with Tel Aviv in the Arab Republic, as is normal for any set of partners anywhere in the world, though this incident is being manipulatively misportrayed by some “wishful thinkers” in the Alt-Media Community as supposed proof that Russia is “against Israel” as much as Iran is.


Two Schools Of Thought (And Both Are Wrong)

The topic of Russian-“Israeli” relations is one of the most controversial in the entire Alt-Media Community, which isn’t helped any by the establishment of two radical and diametrically opposed theoretical schools asserting that the Eurasian Great Power is either “secretly against Israel” just as much as Iran openly is or is yet another example of a so-called “Zionist Occupation Government” completely under the control of the self-professed “Jewish State”. Both are wrong, but Russia’s soft power shortcoming in hitherto failing to have its official media outlets properly clarify their country’s relationship with “Israel” has inadvertently contributed to serious confusion about its policy, which in turn has given rise to various “conspiracies” about its true intentions. The author attempted to rectify this problem in his extended analysis published at Global Research last September titled “Russia’s Middle East Strategy: ‘Balance’ vs. ‘Betrayal’?“, which linked to his previous work on the topic such as his piece about “President Putin On Israel: Quotes From The Kremlin Website” to help explain that Russia simply pursues its own interests as its leadership understands them. In this specific case, Russia believes that its national interests are best served by unofficially allying with “Israel”, which is why he published a follow-up analysis late last month telling readers “Don’t Be Surprised If Russia Tacitly Supports The Deal Of The Century“.

The “Anti-Zionist Putinists'” Games

Those articles elaborated on the nature of Russian-“Israeli” relations and served to debunk both of the aforementioned radical schools of thought that have sprung up around this issue, though the one insisting against all evidence that Russia is “secretly against Israel” dismissed the facts contained therein and claimed that the author’s arguments essentially amount to a variation of the “Zionist Occupation Government” theory, which is not the case whatsoever at all since the author explicitly rejects that notion in its entirety. Nevertheless, the “anti-Zionist Putinist” school (for lack of a better description since this one simplifies their view towards “Israel” while fusing it with their “hero worship” of the Russian President) believes that associating the author’s views with their rival’s is an effective way to discredit both his ideas and him personally, thus conveniently silencing one of the few articulated arguments published in Alt-Media against the community’s delusional dogma. The latest relevant development last week of the Russian Ministry of Defense condemning the “Israeli Air Force’s” recklessness in once again hiding behind a civilian aircraft to deter anti-air fire from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) during a recent bombing operation against Damascus is being manipulatively misportrayed by these “wishful thinkers” as supposed proof that Russia is indeed “secretly against Israel” as much as Iran openly is, which isn’t true at all.

Facts First

To aid with the dismantlement of this fake news narrative, the reader should be aware of the objectively existing and easily verifiable fact of what Defense Ministry spokesman Konashenkov actually said. TASS quoted him as saying that “The Israeli General Staff’s military air operations using passenger jets for cover or [for] blocking of retaliatory fire by Syrian missile systems is becoming a typical trait of the Israeli Air Force”, after which Sputnik quoted Lt. Gen. Gorbenko — former commander of the Russian Air Force’s 4th Air and Air Defence Army — who said that “The Israeli military has adopted the tactic of hiding behind unarmed aircraft, including civilian airliners. This tactic makes attacks against Syrian targets safe for the Israeli Air Force, since it severely restricts the actions of Syrian air defences afraid of shooting down a passenger plane by mistake. But the moral aspect of the use of such tactics is questionable…It’s likely that the Israelis knew the timetable and schedule of regular flights in the region, and could have postponed the strikes”. These are accurate depictions of what transpired and there’s no reason to doubt them, but they don’t translate into a shift in Russia’s policy towards “Israel” like the “anti-Zionist Putinists” want their target audience in the Alt-Media Community to believe.

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran (In Syria)…

Russia is in full support of “Israel” doing whatever it believes is needed in order to curtail and ultimately eliminate Iran’s capability to organize and/or carry out pro-Palestinian liberation activities from Syrian soil, hence why it’s “passively facilitated” literally hundreds of such strikes for years through their so-called “deconfliction mechanism” that was agreed to a little more than a week prior to the official onset of Russia’s anti-terrorist intervention in the Arab Republic in September 2015. Moscow is in favor of a “two-state” solution that would ideally see the return of “Israel’s” pre-1967 borders, but it won’t impose meaningful costs against Tel Aviv in the event that this envisaged solution doesn’t materialize for whatever reason. What Russia is adamantly against, however, is any foreign-backed action that threatens to reduce “Israel’s” pre-1967 borders (let alone eliminate it entirely) and/or militantly change the existing “state” structure, which is what Iran has proudly proclaimed to be its grand strategic objective and why Moscow continues to “passively facilitate” the “Israeli Air Force’s” bombing operations against the IRGC and its allies that are actively working to advance that goal through their alleged activities on Syrian territory.

But Do So At Your Own Risk!

Still, Russia believes that “Israel” does so at its own risk given Syria’s legal right to defend itself from foreign attacks against it, notwithstanding the scandal over the consistently inactive S-300s that were dispatched to the Arab Republic for the express purpose of deterring such strikes in the first place. The author elaborated more on that curious saga in his analysis titled “It’s Time To Talk About The S-300s, ‘Status Symbols’, And The ‘Savior Complex’“, which should be read by anyone who hasn’t already done so if they’re interested in familiarizing themselves with the author’s interpretation of what might really be going on behind the scenes with that issue. Moving along, Russia is not, however, in favor of “Israel” recklessly hiding behind civilian aircraft while carrying out its anti-Iranian bombing operations and therefore endangering the lives of innocent people even though Damascus would be partially to blame for any tragedy that might happen since it would ultimately be the side that decided to pull the trigger, exactly like what happened during the September 2018 spy plane incident that the author described in his piece at the time titled “Here’s How The Latakia Tragedy — Nay, Conspiracy! — Might Have Played Out“. Russia wants to avoid that scenario at all costs, which is why it condemned “Israel’s” recent recklessness in irresponsibly hiding behind another aircraft once again and thus increasing the odds of that tragedy repeating itself sometime in the future unless it changes its tactics.

Concluding Thoughts

This approach is fully consistent with the principles of the unofficial Russian-“Israeli” alliance since Moscow hasn’t done anything to stop Tel Aviv from continuing to strike Syria with impunity yet it reminded its strategic partner that there are very clear red lines of irresponsibility that it shouldn’t ever cross under any circumstances such as hiding behind civilian aircraft while carrying out these attacks. Russia wants to protect “Israel” from Iran’s pro-Palestinian liberation efforts that it allegedly plans to organize and/or carry out from Syrian territory in order to reduce the self-professed “Jewish State’s” borders from their pre-1967 limits and/or militantly change the existing “state” structure, ergo why it removed Iranian forces 140 kilometers beyond the occupied Golan Heights in summer 2018 at what Defense Ministry spokesman Konashenkov publicly revealed that September “was done at the request of Tel Aviv”, but it is totally against the “Israeli Air Force” using other aircraft as cover for deterring the SAA’s anti-air fire during their bombing operations. This public condemnation disproves the theory that Russia is a “Zionist Occupation Government”, just as its “passive facilitation” of such strikes debunks the “anti-Zionist Putinist” one. Those two schools of thought do a tremendous disservice to Russia by manipulatively misportraying the true nature of its relations with “Israel”, making it seem like it’s either controlled by “Israel” or Iran and not independently executing policies aimed at advancing its own regional interests.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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