Hydroxychloroquine and the Hybrid War on Trump’s America

The intense politicization over the topic of experimenting with the promising drug hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients strongly suggests that the “deep state” has intensified its Hybrid War on Trump’s America at its most vulnerable moment in modern history, all for the sake of ruining his re-election prospects even if this also results in the collapse of the economy and America’s attendant displacement abroad by its rivals.


Hydroxychloroquine Hope

Hydroxychloroquine is the strange-sounding drug that’s suddenly come to represent the planet’s hope for winning World War C upon the numerous reports that it might be the most promising treatment for COVID-19, which makes it all the more inexplicable that Dr. Fauci refuses to endorse large-scale testing despite hundreds of Americans dying from this disease each day. The country’s top infectious disease expert has butted heads with Trump over the President’s insistence that this treatment be made available to all who need it, which suggests that either the American leader is dangerously misinformed about the risks of this drug or that Dr. Fauci’s stance might be driven by ulterior motives.

Trump’s Dilemma

It’s enough to point out that the esteemed doctor is a self-described “admirer” of Trump’s former rival Hillary Clinton, whom he “loves” and is “very proud to know”, to set alarm bells ringing among those who are always suspicious of “deep state” plots to undermine the President, so there’s certainly a reason why those folks are concerned about their increasingly public spat over what’s literally a life-or-death issue for many. Furthermore, Dr. Fauci recently contradicted Trump’s plans to re-open the country in the coming future by urging a nationwide stay-at-home order instead, which has sparked speculation that the scientific expert is overstepping his professional authority to de-facto meddle in economic matters, hence why the Democrats adore him.

The President is already on the horns of a dilemma in being forced to choose between the economy and the people, whereby he either reopens the economy based on reports that COVID-19 isn’t really all that dangerous for anyone other than senior citizens and those with preexisting conditions or keeps it closed out of an overabundance of caution in order to protect the people. The first scenario could backfire if the virus is much more dangerous than he thinks, while the latter could easily have the consequence of crippling the economy in an irreversible way. This is the same dilemma he was forced into at the onset of the crisis whereby he was “damned” if he “overreacted” without any deaths and equally “damned” if he delayed his response till then.

“Deep State” Designs

Hydroxychloroquine represents the only foreseeable solution to this Catch-22 in that its promising potential as both a treatment and a prophylaxis could justify the reopening of the economy while mitigating the possible danger to people’s lives, though only so long as it’s mass-produced and disseminated to as many Americans as possible first. Therein lays the crux of the dilemma since Dr. Fauci is amplifying the Mainstream Media’s reports about the latent lethality of this virus while throwing cold water on Trump’s envisioned plan for returning America back to normal as soon as possible, whereas the President is strongly promoting this course of action together with reassuring his people that pretty much only at-risk populations have to seriously fear this virus.

It obviously can’t be known for sure, but there are serious grounds for speculating that the topic of Hydroxychloroquine has been politicized by Dr. Fauci and his “deep state” partners as part of their HybridWar on Trump’s America. This interpretation of events explains that the scientific expert’s fearmongering of this virus pairs perfectly with his dismissal of this drug in order to put ultimate pressure on Trump to continue his shutdown of the American economy, which could eventually create the domestic political conditions that capsize his re-election bid in parallel with boosting the geostrategic potential of his country’s rivals such as China by default.

In addition, this narrative sometimes goes a bit more in detail by pointing out how Trump has hitherto refrained from becoming the so-called “fascist dictator” that his political foes fearmongered that he’d be if he ever won the presidency, but that he might be pressured to unprecedentedly expand federal control over the states in response to this escalating crisis (or the perception — key qualifier! — thereof), which could in turn make their insincere “warnings” a reality. The combined effect of these three outcomes — the continued shutdown of the American economy, the unchallenged rise of China, and Trump turning into a “fascist dictator” — might be responsible for ruining Trump’s re-election prospects and are thus supposedly the goals of the “deep state”.

The Hybrid War On Trump’s America

The reason why this scenario is described as a Hybrid War against Trump’s America is because it uses non-kinetic (non-violent) means to undermine its targets — both Trump and the overall country that he represents — through a combination of media and economic factors, with the topic of hydroxychloroquine being intensely politicized simply because it represents the only way for the President to escape from this dilemma. Regardless of what he does, however, the Democrats are lying in wait to reframe his actions as irresponsible in order to advance their investigation into his administration’s response to this pandemic for the purpose of manufacturing yet another variation of the Russiagate scandal, this time, COVIDgate.

In this context, Dr. Fauci is presented to the American public as being the “nation’s apolitical conscience devoted to scientific truth and unquestionable facts”, so his refusal to endorse Trump’s plan to rely on hydroxychloroquine in order to gradually reopen the country’s economy acquires extra “moral” weight and thus gives this scientist disproportionate political influence as a “deep state” proxy whether he’s consciously aware of his de-facto function or not. In the event that this course of action fails to stem the outbreak and even more lives are lost if Americans return to work in the coming future at the President’s urging, then Dr. Fauci’s earlier words might be exploited by the Democrats to make the case that Trump is directly responsible for their deaths.

Concluding Thoughts

The above analysis is admittedly based on a lot of speculation which attempts to connect seemingly unrelated pieces together in order to form the bigger picture of what’s really going at the highest levels in America during World War C, but the intent is to present an intriguing explanation of events that will hopefully inspire further research into the question of whether or not the “deep state” is using Dr. Fauci as their latest weapon in waging their Hybrid War on Trump’s America. It doesn’t matter to them that they’d bring their compatriots untold hardship for decades to come through the economic collapse that they’re catalyzing, nor that their country’s rivals might then displace it, since all that they care about is that Trump loses in November regardless of the costs.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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