Trump’s Patriotic Color Revolution Call Is a Strategic Twist to World War C

Trump caught his political opponents flatfooted when he endorsed the patriotic protests against several Democrat Governors’ unreasonable quarantine demands, channeling the nascent Color Revolution spirit nationwide to show the rest of his compatriots that he truly has the people’s support as he gradually reopens America, which was a strategic twist to World War C that also represents his greatest counterstrike against the “deep state’s” Hybrid War on his country.


“Making America Great Again” One Protest At A Time

Americans of all political dispositions were surprised when Trump tweeted his support for the patriotic protests against several Democrat Governors’ unreasonable quarantine demands late last week, with his followers proud that their nascent Color Revolution attempts attracted the President’s attention of all people while his critics like Washington Governor Inslee claimed that he was “fomenting domestic rebellion“. The author asked at the beginning of the month, “Can Color Revolutions Stop The Coming COVID World Order?“, concluding that it would be dangerous for Americans to organize in support of their rights and the economy’s accelerated reopening unless they had the tacit backing of one of the US’ “deep state” factions. That, for as unlikely as it was to ever happen, is exactly what took place after the President himself threw his backing behind their growing protest movement. He sympathized with their civil disobedience against the ridiculous measures imposed upon them such as the Michigan Governor’s prohibition on seed sales and gatherings of any size, the Virginia Governor’s efforts to exploit this crisis in order to take away people’s Second Amendment rights, the closure of some churches during Easter, and police harassment of citizens who are self-isolating in public places, among many other examples.

“Liberating” America From Democrat Tyranny

Trump’s brazen call for Americans to “LIBERATE MINNESOTA!”, “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!”, and “LIBERATE VIRGINIA, and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!” were notable for only targeting states led by Democrat Governors even though other protests were taking place in those run by Republicans, leading some observers to suggest that the he had ulterior political motives in calling out those three specifically. That might very well be the case, which would actually be a shrewdly strategic move by him in three key swing states whose people are divided like never before over their Governors’ harsh quarantine measures. The protesters succeeded in what they set out to achieve, which was to draw national attention to their plight, casting their state leaders in the worst light imaginable after Trump seized the opportunity to portray them as tyrants taking advantage of a global pandemic to expand their power beyond all reasonable limits per his deeply held belief that the Democrats are ironically anti-democratic to the core. The protests also coincided with his plan to “Open Up America Again“, which is regarded as long overdue by his supporters but dangerously premature by his detractors.

The COVID Controversy

The crux of the controversy comes down to the questionable danger of COVID-19. The virus is extremely contagious and can worryingly incubate for up to two weeks before patients display symptoms, during which time they can still spread it to at-risk members of the population such as the elderly and those with preexisting conditions. This is understandably a cause for serious concern, though on the other hand, the argument can be made that it doesn’t necessitate shutting down what was hitherto the world’s best-ever economy, especially when some strongly believe that it would have been more reasonable to recommend that only those vulnerable members of society stay home instead of everyone else doing the same too. The case has been put forth that a better policy in hindsight would have been to quickly respond to the country’s hot spots such as New York, possibly imposing a comparatively stricter health regime on its residents out of an abundance of caution but nevertheless continuing to keep the economy open. This debate is so fierce because many Americans don’t have the financial wherewithal to weather a sudden period of unemployment that could seemingly last indefinitely, which is all the more stressful because they’ve seen Trump’s disputes with the “deep state” play out on their television screens almost daily over his desire to responsibly reopen the economy as soon as possible.

The Brouhaha Over Hydroxychloroquine

The President pushes hydroxychloroquine as a prophylaxis and potential treatment, but he’s regularly rebuffed by the country’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Fauci. The author wrote about this more in detail in his earlier piece about “Hydroxychloroquine & The Hybrid War On Trump’s America“, which explained how this drug is being politicized by Dr. Fauci and the anti-Trump members of the country’s permanent military, intelligence, diplomatic, and other bureaucracies (“deep state”). The “skeptics” (whether they sincerely are in this respect or are just faking it for show) assert that hydroxychloroquine hasn’t been clinically trialed to the extent that they feel comfortable recommending it to the American public, whereas its enthusiasts like Trump insist that it’s better to give it a try considering its reported successes in other countries than to let people get sick and possibly die anyhow. On the political level, hydroxychloroquine represents hope for responsibly reopening the American economy, which is why Trump is in favor of it so as to improve his re-election prospects while his enemies are against it in order to ruin his aforesaid chances. With or without this drug’s mass distribution into society, however, Trump took the bold move to issue federal guidelines for gradually reopening the economy, which is what his supporters wanted after they realized that its shutdown is largely a “deep state” plot.

The People vs. The “Deep State”

Sensing which way the wind was blowing in anticipation of Trump once again standing up to his “deep state” foes, protests started breaking out nationwide against some states’ draconian lockdown measures in the run-up to him releasing his plan to “Open Up America Again”, which dealt a powerful political blow to their targeted Democrat Governors and had a tremendous effect on shaping perceptions nationwide once the President publicly took up their cause with his surprise tweets. However risky it might be to gradually reopen the economy despite COVID-19’s ultra-infectious nature, Trump can now point to the passionate grassroots support that he has for this policy, which Americans are literally protesting in support of for simple economic and political reasons. In a sense, these Americans felt compelled to resort to Color Revolution tactics after seeing their President’s daily disputes with the “deep state” over the question of hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness, realizing that their leader needs as much support as he can muster if he’s to continue his crusade against the Democrat-aligned “deep state’s” unprecedented plot to oust him in November by — as they see it — purposely killing the economy through their deliberate overreaction to COVID-19. With the people behind him, they knew that Trump would soon thereafter come out hard against the “deep state”, which is exactly what he’s done.

Concluding Thoughts

Trump’s patriotic Color Revolution call was therefore a strategic twist of the greatest magnitude imaginable during World War C since it turned the tables on his “deep state” foes by showing them just how much grassroots support he has for gradually reopening the economy despite their fearmongering about hydroxychloroquine and the lingering danger of COVID-19. After resupplying the nation’s hospitals with thousands of ventilators and other related equipment, coordinating a nationwide response to this crisis through regular conference calls with his country’s Governors, and proving through statistical data that America has largely passed the peak of the outbreak except for a few hot spots, it was only natural that he’d take the lead to responsibly return everything to as “normal” as can be under the circumstances. Giving the states the prerogative to decide how this will unfold was a stroke of political genius that capitalizes on the best that America’s federal system has to offer while also redirecting the growing rage against the country’s shutdown away from his administration and towards the state ones instead. This was a brilliant counterstrike against the “deep state’s” Hybrid War on his country which instantly put tremendous grassroots pressure on many of his Democrat opponents and showed how skillfully he can evade his enemies’ most devious traps.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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