The US’ Medical Terrorism Against Syria Threatens to Make World War C Much Deadlier

The Syrian Ambassador to Russia slammed the US’ sanctions against his country as a form of medical terrorism that prevents it from importing much-needed “medicines, and medical goods, and other means to combat [COVID-19]”, which strongly suggests that America wants more Syrians to die in World War C out of the mistaken belief that this dark scenario would facilitate Washington’s failed geostrategic agenda.


Syria has thus far been lucky to only have 58 cases of the coronavirus within its territory and just three deaths from this disease, but the Arab Republic is seriously concerned that it might not be able to deal with a much larger outbreak in the worst-case scenario that one transpires. The reason for this is entirely attributable to the US’ sanctions against the country, which have deprived its people of medicine and the like which could greatly bolster its capability to defend itself from this global pandemic. Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad spoke about this on Monday during an online conference timed to mark International Quds Day and reported upon by Russia’s publicly financed international media outlet TASS under the title “Syrian diplomat slams US sanctions hindering medicine supplies as medical terrorism“.

According to the Ambassador, “The United States’ sanctions against Syria are actions running counter to international law. It happens at a time when all the nations have mobilized to combat the coronavirus infection. So, such actions are inhumane. Syria needs both medicines, and medical goods, and other means to combat the virus. Being deprived of such assistance, we see a new type of terrorism — medical terrorism — against people because the lack of medicines causes human deaths.” This is an accurate assessment of the danger that Syria faces, both in terms of responsibly recognizing that COVID-19 is indeed lethal (contrary to the increasingly popular claims in the Alt-Media Community, including among “influencers” who claim to support the country) and acknowledging that American policy aims to indirectly increase the number of deaths from this disease.

As the author wrote at the end of March, “Syria’s Serious Response To World War C Debunks Alt-Media’s COVID-19 Conspiracies“. The Arab Republic never once downplayed the danger posed by this pandemic even if it didn’t implement a very strict lockdown like China and many Western countries did. That wasn’t the exception either, but the rule, since the majority of the world’s countries — which are comprised of the developing economies of the “Global South” — opted for a comparatively more lenient approach that some observers believe was motivated by their difficult economic conditions. These states generally don’t have the “luxury” of world-class healthcare systems and billions in state revenue to immediately redirect towards social subsidies. To be frank, some of their people even risked starving to death if they followed the Chinese-Western path.

Whether that’s the case in Syria or not isn’t the focus of the analysis, but was simply being referred to in order to raise awareness of the fact that Ambassador Haddad’s concern that the US’ medical terrorism could claim more Syrian lives in WorldWarC is warranted. Not only is this policy being pursued for sadism’s sake, but it’s also favored by American decision makers out of the mistaken belief that it’ll facilitate Washington’s failed geostrategic agenda. The US failed in is initial objective of overthrowing the democratically elected and legitimate Syrian government through its nearly decade-long HybridWar of Terror on the country. Although America seems to have since accepted that President Assad will remain in office, it nevertheless still hopes to apply pressure upon him to implement its political demands for the post-war future of the state.

These vary in form from him declining to run for another term to decentralizing the state possibly as far as through its forthcoming “federalization” in favor of pro-American Kurdish groups in the agriculturally and energy-rich northeastern part of the country, but what they thus far have in common is that they haven’t yet succeeded. From the American geostrategic perspective, however, an uncontrollable outbreak of COVID-19 cases in the country might restart the recently reversed process of state collapse per the precepts of Stephen R. Mann’s “Chaos Theory And Strategic Thought“. With this in mind, continuing to cut the country off from “medicines, and medical goods, and other means to combat [COVID-19]” is regarded as a Machiavellian means to a purely political end, hence why Ambassador Haddad rightly described it as medical terrorism.

His Excellency’s words deserve as much exposure as possible in both the Mainstream and Alternative Media, though it’s doubtful that they’ll receive it. The first-mentioned has a vested interest in covering up for the West’s crimes against Syria whereas many of the latter are obsessed with downplaying the lethality of this virus by dismissing it as no big deal, even sometimes going as far as to attack those states and their citizens that regard COVID-19 as a serious threat. As such, the Mainstream Media won’t dare to report on his words, while those in the Alt-Media Community who might do so will probably omit what he said about how “Syria needs both medicines, and medical goods, and other means to combat the virus” since it contradicts their narrative. That’s a pity, too, since Ambassador Haddad’s message is meant to help everyone better understand how the US is wielding COVID-19 as a Hybrid War weapon against Syria through its policy of medical terrorism.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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