US Media Propaganda Claiming that Putin Supported “Left-Wing Terrorists”

Politico’s scandalous “report” alleging that Putin secretly supported and even possibly organized the left-wing terrorist activities of the “Baader-Meinhof Group” during his time with the KGB in East Germany is pure propaganda which is intended to serve the purpose of implying that Trump’s attempt to clinch a “New Detente” with his Russian counterpart over the past few years is akin to him hypocritically “colluding” with the man who’s now being portrayed as the “godfather” of his hated Antifa nemeses.


Is Right-Wing Putin Really A Left-Wing Terrorist?

Fake news is most effective whenever it mixes a bit of indisputable truth with scandalous speculation in order to craft an information product that appeals to the target audience’s confirmation bias, which is exactly the case with Politico’s propaganda piece alleging that Putin secretly supported the left-wing terrorist activities of the “Baader-Meinhof Group” during his time with the KGB in East Germany and might have even organized some of their attacks. Everyone knows about the Russian leader’s history of service with his country’s top intelligence service, but most had hitherto been under the impression that it was uneventful and full of boring bureaucratic duties like most Soviet government positions were during the end of the Old Cold War. Nevertheless, because President Putin is so politically polarizing as a result of the “deep state”-driven but ultimately debunked Russiagate impeachment scandal, there’s a sizeable number of people in the US who will believe any malicious gossip about him just because they think that it makes Trump look bad by association.

“Perfect Timing”

That’s precisely the modus operandi at play with Politico’s latest hit piece, which literally relies on a single unnamed “source” who “coincidentally” decided to surface at the “perfect moment” in the middle of Trump’s ongoing re-election campaign, which serves the purpose of implying that the President’s attempt to clinch a “NewDetente” with his Russian counterpart over the past few years is akin to him hypocritically “colluding” with the man who’s now being portrayed as the “godfather” of his hated Antifa nemeses. The overarching narrative that the “deep state”-backed Democrats have constructed since even before Trump’s election is that he’s prone to “treason”, whether out of nefarious intentions or simply because he’s so unqualified for the presidency that he supposedly doesn’t know what he isn’t allowed to legally do. His political enemies have warned him against making any peaceful outreaches to Russia on the pretext that its leader is “the greatest threat to the West”, but Trump never believed this to be the case and thus continued to openly defy them.

“Deep State” Desperation

The “deep state” is therefore more desperate than ever to pressure Trump into reconsidering the wisdom of cooperating with Putin since they’re certain that he’ll go fully “rogue” if he wins re-election. This could predictably see him dedicate a substantial amount of his time into personally overseeing the evolution of the nascent “New Detente” into a series of “mutual compromises” across a vast array of issues intended to lay the basis for comprehensively “resetting” their relations so that the US can focus much more on “containing” China in the New Cold War. Considering the rising influence of Antifa as the “deep state’s” “useful idiots” of choice in waging the Hybrid War of Terror on America and Trump’s visceral hatred of this decentralized network of left-wing terrorists, there’s a certain logic involved in concocting a conspiracy theory at this precise moment implying that Putin is the “godfather” of this organization through his alleged support of a similarly notorious left-wing terrorist group during his service with the KGB in East Germany.

Triggering Trump With Antifa Allusions

The purpose of this latest salvo in the “deep state’s” information war against Trump is to trigger him into thinking that Putin is his ideological enemy just like he rightly regards them and their Democrat puppets as being. In the event that the reader isn’t familiar with the author’s prior work over the past month about the Hybrid War of Terror on America, which explains the domestic context of this latest foreign policy propaganda, here’s a list of his most relevant works that should be reviewed in case anyone questions why the “deep state” wants to imply an ideological and even operational connection between Putin and an Antifa-like terrorist organization at this specific moment in time:

* 1 June: “Mayhem In America: Masks Off, Molotovs Out!

* 2 June: “America Has The Right To Defend Itself From Urban Terrorism

* 2 June: “The Alt-Media Community Betrayed Average Americans By Supporting Antifa Terrorism

* 3 June: “What Comes After America’s Nationwide Anti-Terrorist Operation?

* 4 June: “Antifa Wants To Lead African-Americans To Their Slaughter To Spark A Race War

* 5 June: “The Hybrid War Of Terror On America Was Decades In The Making

* 8 June: “You Can Be An Anti-Imperialist, Support African-Americans, And Also Oppose Terrorism

* 9 June: “Let’s Never Lose Sight Of The Fact That No Race Has An Exclusive Monopoly On Racism

* 11 June: “Seattle’s CHAZ Is A Recipe For Civil War

* 11 June: “The Syncretism Of Economic Leftism & Social Fascism Is The World’s Newest Danger

* 15 June: “Atlanta: Rayshard Was Wrong, Rolfe Was Right, And The Incident Wasn’t Racist

* 20 June: “The War On Police, Blue Flu, And Calculated Chaos In America

* 20 June: “Toppling Statues Is A Classic Color Revolution Tactic To Rewrite Historical Truth

As can be seen, there are plenty of reasons why Trump’s opponents might expect him to be triggered by the ridiculous accusation that Putin either supported or directly helped organize acts of left-wing terrorism in the West during the last decade of the Old Cold War. In the HybridWar context, the “Baader-Meinhof Group” was just a smaller but more organized and well-known version of Antifa since both of them were/are fighting in support of ideological goals associated with the far left of the political spectrum. Connecting Putin to that, however feebly Politico attempted to do with just a single unnamed “source”, is wrongly thought to be like waving a red flag in front of a bull and thus triggering Trump to regard the Russian leader as his enemy.

Completing The Syncretic Conspiracy

The author argued in one of his above hyperlinked analyses that “The Syncretism Of Economic Leftism & Social Fascism Is The World’s New Danger”, which is fast becoming so difficult to deny that Trump’s “deep state” enemies predictably want to pin the blame for this trend on Russia, and specifically on President Putin. To be clear, it isn’t conspiratorial to make the objective observation that the author did upon closely studying the American Left’s de-facto employment of social fascist concepts such as the weaponization of race for anti-state destabilization purposes, but it’s definitely ridiculous to imply that President Putin might have been behind this. Politico doesn’t directly come out and say it, but they clearly hint at this possibility when they quote someone who claims that they were “one of Putin’s recruits in the Stasi” and says that “Putin’s activities included a role as the handler of a notorious neo-Nazi, Rainer Sonntag”. Some far-left economic forces (communists/anarchists/socialists/etc.) are indeed cooperating with some far-right social ones (racists), but neither Putin nor the country that he represents have anything to do with this “unholy alliance”.

The “Political Convenience” Of Propaganda

Nevertheless, it’s “politically convenient” to propagate this completely false innuendo since it plays into the equally false claim that Russia (which the target audience is always reminded is “run by former KGB agent Putin”) sows chaos around the world simply for chaos’ sake by supporting both sides in any given conflict. Variations of his weaponized narrative include the unsubstantiated accusation that Russia was responsible for the 2015 Migrant Crisis, the fake news that Russian trolls are supporting Democrat and Republican candidates on social media in order to further divide America, and now the equally absurd innuendo that Putin personally played a role in the syncretism between economic leftism and social fascism by simultaneously handling far-left and far-right terrorists during his time with the KGB in East Germany. Like the author wrote at the beginning of this analysis, fake news is most effective whenever it mixes a bit of indisputable truth with scandalous speculation in order to craft an information product that appeals to the target audience’s confirmation bias.

Concluding Thoughts

Politico is obviously desperate to push the false narrative that Putin has a history of supporting, if not outright involvement himself in, left-wing terrorism. Its hit piece against the Russian President relies on a single “source” whose claims are surrounded by a bunch of historical facts in order to craft the perception that Putin probably had some shadowy connections with such organizations, which preceded Antifa in their international notoriety and also emerged in the same country. It’s telling that not a single thing was ever said about this until Trump entered the middle of his re-election campaign and started showing some slight signs of success in clinching a “New Detente” with Putin. The so-called “source” could have come forward right when the Russian leader first entered office in 2000, but curiously chose not to until now. All of this proves that Politico’s report is nothing but pure propaganda intended to trigger Trump into regarding the Russian leader as his ideological enemy, as well as to make it seem like he’s been hypocritically “colluding” with the “godfather” of Antifa this entire time.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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