America Voted for the Worst Possible Result

If one cares about the stability of the United States then they should have been wishing for a decisive victory in yesterday’s election. A decisive victory for whom you ask? Perhaps in the long run that could be relevant, but in the short term it really doesn’t matter at all, the main thing is that someone needs to walk away as the undisputed champion for the sake of America.

Not only has the United States had a very solid track record of stability due to having the best possible geopolitical location on the planet, but also in part thanks to the wisdom of those within the two-party system to value said stability over a temporary victory time after time.

As a teenager any thinking American will quickly wake up to the fact that with “Hanging Chads”, Gerrymandering, and rumors of the dead and non-citizens voting, that our electoral system is at least highly and deeply flawed if not completely illegitimate. With all the “irregularities” that happen in November it seems to young minds that this is simply a massive farce that needs to end.

However, as one gets older we can see the wisdom in both American parties constantly cheating and yet acknowledging every election as legit, even during the bizarre final moments of the battle like those between Bush and Gore in Florida. The two-party system must have gotten the picture that both teams are going to do anything they can to win and that this is perfectly natural. But in turn, just because both teams cheat there is no reason to declare the competition to be illegitimate as a whole, lest we repeat the U.S. Civil War or the early days in the Russian Revolution in which many factions fought till there could “be only one”. Accepting that both sides can and will cheat but they must acknowledge the winner is critical for American stability and perfectly reasonable to those of us with grey hair.

The issue at hand in 2020 is that this old wisdom of how to play the game in Washington is dying or dead. Both sides are signaling to the other that they will not acknowledge a peaceful transfer/retaining of power. And just a day before voting, suburban soccer mom extremist Nancy Pelosi said that the House is ready to decide who will become President if the elections are “disputed” i.e. they are prepared to bureaucratically make Biden become President of the United States. This type of rhetoric could have big consequences for America as a whole.

With ballots still left to be counted, Trump says, in his usual exaggerated assuredness, that ‘Frankly, (his side) did win this election’ and is already making plans to go to the Supreme Court. This seems to be really jumping the gun, perhaps he knows about things happening behind the scenes that we do not, or he is simply no better than Pelosi when it comes to keeping their yap shut.

So far the official threats that we have heard are all focussed on using bureaucratic procedures against each other, but with BLM, Antifa and other forces already out on the streets and possibly awaiting orders, certain observing forces could throw gasoline on the fire at any moment. Violence on a non-organized/revolutionary level has already started (as expected) with 4 Trump supporters being stabbed.

This is why the results of the election as they stand at this moment are the worst they could possibly be – as a strong victory for either would almost certainly guarantee the United States would remain stable for at least another 4 years. The “score” we are seeing right now is fertile ground for Color Revolution like action.

We should not forget that Color Revolutions happen almost always in connection with hot election cycles and take place in the nation’s capital with full media support on the side of the rebels. All these check boxes are currently ticked and if cooler heads don’t prevail Americans will get to experience the lifestyle, violence and fear they brought to the former Soviet Union after it lost the Cold War via the CIA’s/State Department’s Color Revolutions.

It is imperative for cooler heads on both sides to remind their colleagues that America did not become a super power due to “exceptionalism” but instead thanks to location, certain opportunities (WWII), and select wise policies.

Then again if you are an Accelarationist, well, it looks like your moment has finally come. The Right and Left are playing chicken and it doesn’t look like anyone is going to blink.

By Tim Kirby
Source: Strategic Culture

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