Great Reset: New Globalist Conspiracy (Pandemic, Vaccination, Unrest, WWIII, Genocide)

Last June-3 during the Davos Summit, Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles announced the theory of the Great Rest. During this announce they spoke about Covid-19 as “a rare but tight opportunity window to rethink, reinvent and reset our world”.

During this meeting there were among many others :

–       Antonio Guterres (general secretary of UN)

–       Kristalina Georgieva (general manager of IMF)

–       Brad Smith (successor of Bill Gates in Microsoft company)

–       Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (close to Joe Biden)

This plan has been published in a book by World Economical Forum and was signed by :

–       Klaus Schwab himself

–       Thierry Malleret (married for a while with the former assistant of Prince Charles, close to Jacques Chirac, Jacques Attali and Mikhaïl Friedman)

This plan is now followed by the European Union and it constitute the vertebral column of Joe Biden political program. It is also closed following by Canada. In general, the level of government support for the project is strictly indexed to their acceptance of the “Covid-19 pandemic” story. Because under the pretext of a public, universal and existential threat, it is indeed a question of redefining our humanity.

This plan is an Evil plan based on a kabbalist conception of the world. 

Find below some phrases directly took of the book (nothing is invented) :

A messianic Project

  • “The pandemic gives us a chance. A rare but tight opportunity window to rethink, reinvent and reset our world”
  • “There can be no sustainable recovery without a global strategic governance framework”
  • “The more nationalism and isolationism pervade the global political system, the more likely it is that global governance will lose its relevance and become ineffective”
  • “hyper-globalization has lost all of its political and social capital, and promoting it openly is no longer politically defensible”
  • “Many of us wonder when things will get back to normal. The answer is short: Never! The coronavirus pandemic marks a fundamental turning point in our global trajectory. The world as we knew it in the first months of 2020 is gone, it has dissolved amid the pandemic”

From health surveillance to the psychiatric internment of political opponents

  •  “In the months and years to come, the trade-off between the benefits to public health and the loss of privacy will be carefully weighed (…) they (people) will then be willing to give up much of their privacy and agree that in such circumstances, the public authority can legitimately override individual rights”
  • “Some will survive the storm, but for some people a diagnosis of depression or anxiety could escalate into an acute clinical episode”
  • “Cognitive closure has often spawned black-and-white thinking and simplistic solutions, a breeding ground for conspiracy theories and the spread of rumors”

Piloted destruction of the entrepreneurial middle class

  • “No industry or business will be spared”
  • “Social and physical distancing measures are likely to persist after the onset of the pandemic itself, justifying the decision of many companies in different sectors to step up automation”
  • “When faced with it, some industry executives and some senior executives may be tempted to equate resetting to a reboot in the hope of getting back to normal… It won’t happen because it can’t arrive”

Towards a Bolshevism 2.0

  •  “Companies subject to much more government interference”
  • “Public control of private companies will increase”
  • “Companies will also be required to account for social and environmental divides”
  • “Three sectors will thrive in the post-pandemic era: big tech, health and wellness”
  • “The world of education, as for so many other sectors, will partly become virtual”
  • “Companies will not necessarily adhere to these measures because they see them as good, but rather because the price to pay for not doing so will be too high”

This a kind of the fourth industrial revolution

Towards a new humanity reduced in number, mixed, idle, assisted and assigned to home

  • “The higher the population growth, the more we disrupt the environment, the higher the risk of new pandemics is”
  •  “In the poorest countries as in Africa, the disruption of trade and supply chains caused by the pandemic will cause immediate devastation, waves of massive anti-government protests reminiscent of the Arab Spring in 2011”
  • “…This will lead to a new wave of mass migration like it was in Europe in 2016”
  • “If health considerations become paramount, we need to decide, for example that a cycling class in front of a screen at home is not as friendliness and fun as doing it with a group in a live class, but is much safer. The same reasoning applies to many different areas like going to a remote family reunion for the weekend (whatsapp family group is not as fun but again safer and more environmentally friendly)”

 Climate: the great alibi

  • “Respect for our planetary borders”
  • “At first glance, the pandemic and the environment may seem like distant cousins; but they are much closer and intertwined than you think. They are global in nature and therefore can only be properly addressed in a globally coordinated manner”

Source: Katehon

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