The Pharmaceutical Conspiracies: GcMAF – Lynda Thyer – Big Pharma and the Little Scientist

There is no evidence that Lynda Thyer is a witch – quite the opposite – but she is the victim of a witch-hunt. If you do not know who Lynda Thyer is, you are not alone, especially if you live north of the capital. In August 2019 she was ensconced in the overcrowded French Fleury-Mérogis prison on the outskirts of Paris having been extradited from the UK with little, if any, questioning from mainstream media, the legal profession or parliament. Today she remains in prison, a vulnerable woman, sick and, according to family sources, undergoing physical and psychological torture from prison authorities.

Quietly extradited from the UK, no case has been brought against her, and she is about to spend her second Christmas in jail. If France and the UK were impoverished states run by dictators this gross mistreatment of a scientist might be better understood.

Lynda Thyer – Lyn to those who know her – is a UK national and not wanted on any charges in the UK. So what did she do wrong? Her supporters claim, and there is a much evidence to back up this claim, that she and other clinicians, successfully treated people suffering from terminal cancer, for whom conventional medicine could do no more. There have had further successes with other ailments using a treatment of GcMAF, a blood-derived protein which activates macrophage cells to fight off infections and diseases. It occurs naturally in the bodies of all healthy people.

Thyer is a scientist with a background in biomedical research. She has co-authored papers in the field of GcMAF research. These cover the protein’s effectiveness in various cancer studies, its benefits in autism, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis and syphilis – to name a few ailments it has been used to treat. It is far removed from being pseudo-science.

In 2016 Earth Foods of Southbourne was forced to take GcMAF off its shelves by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority). In a letter to the editor of the Bournemouth Daily Echo, Lynda Thyer, defending the health food store, pointed to research papers by Chinese scientists which showed cancer tumours in mice reduced 90% in three weeks using GcMAF. She then cited one of her own co-authored papers “where we show patient scans of tumours reduced 25 per cent in a week with GcMAF.”

Her letter finishes:

“I am fed up with the BBC, Cancer Research UK, and the MHRA not acknowledging the scientific evidence for GcMAF, particularly when so many of us have put decades of hard work into providing a plethora of evidence.”

In this day and age to challenge autocratic establishments of the deep state, like the BBC and the MHRA, regardless of whether they have been perpetually hounding you, can prove costly – and so it proved for Lynda Thyer. While she has been in prison, in a foreign country, a country in which she did not originally know the language – but may know some now – her already fragile health has deteriorated badly. During a brief respite she told friends she went on hunger-strike because of the quality of the food in prison.

The precise nature of why she is being held is akin to that of Julian Assange, in that the authorities appear to have taken her out of society while building a case against her. Unlike Assange she has already been extradited. On 10 May 2019 she appeared before High Court Judge, Justice Supperstone, to answer a European Arrest Warrant (EAW).

This arrest warrant was, it is claimed, identical to one issued to her business partner and CEO of Immuno Biotech, David Noakes, who had already faced similar charges in 2017 in the UK. Noakes was imprisoned for 15 months after appearing at Southwark Crown Court on 1 November 2017. After five months he was released from Wandsworth prison. There was a massive error in the EAW in that Thyer was accused of money-laundering to the tune of £11 million, when in actuality the sum in question was a rather more modest £11,411 (and five pence). Justice Supperstone corrected this error but still chose to grant the extradition.

Nine charges are contained in the warrant, including: swindles as a gang, illegal exercises of the profession of pharmacist, marketing or distribution without authorisation of products defined as medicine and the like. The framework list was ticked to swindle. It really needs stressing that these are accusations used to get a UK citizen who had aggravated Big Pharma extradited on charges which have never been made against her in this country.

From the extradition many details are quite sketchy making it difficult to strike a true balance between the blatant bias of bodies funded by corporate pharmaceutical companies, like the MHRA, its EU counterpart, the European Medicine Agency (EMA) and UK and French government Departments of Health; as opposed to the more innocent bias of Lynda Thyer’s supporters. Unlike David Noakes no case was ever made against her by the MHRA even in the UK on any of the counts listed in the EAW, despite investigations that had gone on for three years.

The way in which intertwined powerful establishment organisations, which purport to have the best health interests of the public at heart, can completely destroy a dedicated scientist without any remorse is beyond credibility. The wellbeing of Lynda Thyer had been jeopardised long before her unwilling removal to Paris. The authorities, including medical authorities, knew about her delicate state of health, yet they still, not only allowed the mistreatment to continue, but were complicit in her abduction and extradition.

Big Pharma has a history of interference aware that challenges from new discoveries are likely to have a negative impact on the extremely lucrative markets for conventional medicines. Individuals can make up their own minds whether the MHRA and EMA together with their main sources of funding, that is, large pharmaceutical companies and government departments, perceived a better prospect of achieving their aims through the French penal system which tends to administer longer sentences. This action also separates the accused from friends, supporters and legal team.

Big Pharma has everything to gain by silencing the partners of Immuno Biotech and in the process destroying their GcMAF products – arguably a serious and safer alternative to corporate pharmaceutical products.

Between June and the beginning of August, 2019, the British authorities bundled a very sick Lynda Thyer off to France purportedly to face charges outlined in the aforementioned EAW. Take note that these are the same authorities that are currently approving untested vaccines for use on the whole UK populace in an experiment without precedent.

Events as they happened

A month before the hearing at which Justice Supperstone condemned her to extradition, Lynda Thyer’s father died, leaving Lynda as the main carer for her mother. Her mother is wheelchair-bound and a sufferer from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. She is unlikely to walk again. The EAW hearing went ahead as planned regardless with a grief-stricken Lynda Thyer facing charges which are allegedly identical to those upon which David Noakes was charged.

For some peculiar reason Lynda Thyer’s friends arranged a Zoom session which took place on 6 June 2019 to discuss the benefits of GcMAF. This session was supposed to be a conversation between Lynda Thyer and Neelu Berry, a pharmacist, and supporter. It was chaired by D. Ramola, another supporter. In essence it reveals a broken woman whose only immediate concern was the very realistic threat of her forthcoming extradition to France. Compare this with the articulate and ebullient Lynda Thyer who thirty months previously in Moscow was giving talks about the benefits of GcMAF in the treatment of terminal pancreatic cancer and advances in GcMAF protocol. Clearly, her state of health after approval of the EAW was extremely fragile as can be seen by what happened next.

Two days after the Zoom session, on Saturday 8 June 2019, Lynda Thyer’s heart stopped beating and she was resuscitated in Truro. Here was a woman grieving for her father, in hardly any state of physical or mental health to even care for herself let alone her incapacitated mother. Here was a woman in whom the MHRA had found no criminal activity, a woman condemned by the Honourable Mr Justice Michael Alan Supperstone, hounded by the British authorities and Kent police in a determined and concerted effort to despatch her to a foreign country, to be locked up and persecuted in prison in a land in which she could not understand the language. The magnanimous heart of the British justice system knows no mercy.

Events following Lynda’s resuscitation were even more incredible. Regardless of her delicate health Kent Border Police had furnished her with train-tickets (by email) which gave her the option of going to Dover on 10 June 2019 or Heathrow on 11 June 2019. She was instructed to make her presence known to an “agent of Kent Police” at the airport services. She had another collapse on the journey from Cornwall to Heathrow which may have accounted for there apparently being nobody to meet her at the airport.

A condition of her bail was that she kept her phone on all the time. From the airport she took an underground train some thirty miles to the house of Neelu Berry’s deceased sister, to stay there in the company of Neelu Berry. Shortly after her arrival an ambulance pulled up at the address and there is video footage of two females in paramedic uniform who knocked the door persistently for a long period. There was also a car in close vicinity with its engine running and lights on, the ownership of which is unknown. The ambulance on this occasion was not requested, and it seems Lynda and her supporters are under the impression that this was an assassination squad, since they had not requested an ambulance.

Under normal circumstances a “hit-squad” would be considered a ludicrous idea, and taking an objective view, after watching the footage, it seems unlikely to my mind that it was anything but an ambulance crew. Nevertheless, in Lynda Thyer’s position, most other people, including me, would probably have jumped to the same conclusion. Four years earlier a clinic in Switzerland run by David Noakes was raided and closed down. Shortly afterwards a US doctor who received GcMAF supplies from Immuno Biotech, Dr Jeff Bradstreet, MD, who was treating children with autism, had his premises raided and many believe he was murdered the next day. Regarding the ambulance the questions still remain as to who called it; and why.

The stress Lynda Thyer had been put under led to more collapses and more emergency hospitalisations. Callously choosing to ignore her state of health on 24 July 2019 Cornwall Police, without a warrant, seized her at Penzance Railway Station and took her to Bronzefield Prison near Heathrow Airport. They also took her passport from her. On 8 August she was ferried across the Channel from Dover and since has never stepped foot on English soil.

Eventually the EAW was revoked because, against French Law, it had been issued by a Prosecutorial Judge, and not an independent judge. Lynda Thyer was released but the celebrations did not last long, not even a week. Big Pharma appears to have a mission to stop scientists working on alternative medicines that prove to be beneficial. Very soon the English scientist was back in Fleury-Mérogis prison where she spent Christmas and the long, dark winter.

On 18 March this year she was released again when her counsel, Chloe Amoux, argued that she had been held in custody for too long without a case being brought against her. Consider that for a moment: a sick woman extradited by British authorities and imprisoned for nine months without a case being brought against her. No wonder the UK is castigated for such a deplorable record for the liberal granting of extraditions without being able to secure them from other countries which are much more concerned with protecting their nationals from extradition.

Being confused and distressed – perhaps as a result of what has happened before and of what prison can do to a scientific researcher, or perhaps because she had already been released once and shortly afterwards imprisoned just before Christmas 2019 – instead of abiding by the court’s directive that she stay in France she tried to purchase a train-ticket back to the UK. Remember, one of her defence arguments opposing extradition from the UK was her role as a carer for her mother. Following her attempt to get home she was re-arrested and is now back in prison a third time.

Simply for trying to help people with terminal cancer and other illnesses she has been extradited. Yet GcMAF research and its benefits is there for all to see. Despite a significant amount of peer-reviewed evidence the MHRA in the UK and the FDA in the USA have still not recognised GcMAF as a proprietary medicine. Other countries have. Considering the way the MHRA is allowing untested Bfizer BioNTech vaccinces to be plunged into the arms of unsuspecting volunteers when the recipe is unknown shows for what it is the blatant discrimination and victimisation of Lynda Thyer.

SARS-COV-2 vaccines, produced by major pharmaceutical companies, have had scant pre-clinical trials, no peer reviews and have been rushed through standard procedures that normally take at least six years to complete. The irony is stark. As Lynda Thyer deteriorates in prison trials are currently taking place in Ukraine and Italy using “third generation” GcMAF in treating Covid-19 patients. The product being used comes from Hong Kong. US studies also suggest GcMAF strengthens the immune system of vulnerable people susceptible to COVID-19.

There is nothing wrong with your common sense if you see this as a blatant attempt by Big Pharma to destroy and remove without good cause a dedicated scientist together with a product likely to be of benefit for humankind.

Lynda Thyer’s friends have put together a petition.

You might get a positive response by writing to your MP and explaining the wrongful imprisonment. By all means link to this blog. It is an act of unbelieveable negligence that our MPs are allowing Lynda Thyer to spend another Christmas in a French prison far from her loved ones and friends while they have approved pumping of a suspect vaccine into the arms of the UK populace, a vaccine the long-term effects of which are unknown.

By John Goss
Source: All the Goss

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