From One MAGA to Another: Here’s How to Cope With What Happened

As someone who proudly associates himself with the Trump-inspired “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement, I feel obligated to help my fellow MAGA members better cope with what happened since quite a few of them aren’t taking recent events all that well, and it’s more important than ever that we retain a clarity of focus about the future instead of remaining mired in the past or desperately clinging to the Q-Anon fake news scenario about a “grand finale” that’s fated to never come.

My Personal Motivations For Supporting MAGA

I proudly associate with the Trump-inspired “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement and passionately support its domestic agenda, especially when it comes to defying the liberal-globalists’ totalitarian ideology of so-called “political correctness” and of course “draining the swamp”. I explained my personal motivations in the letter that I published shortly after his historic election titled “Dear Foreign Friends, Here’s Why Trump Won (From A Clevelander)”. Nevertheless, like many of my fellow MAGA members, I’m deeply disappointed by Trump unexpectedly giving up the fighting a little more than 24 hours after he promised during his Save America Rally that “We will never give up. We will never concede, it doesn’t happen. You don’t concede when there’s theft involved.” I expressed my frustrations about this more at length while analyzing the last four years of Trump’s Presidency from a critical perspective in light of his surprise tacit concession in my piece about how “Trump Was Swallowed By The Swamp Because He Lacked The Strength To Drain It”.

Trump Was Victimized Because Of Us, But He Isn’t Our Martyr

I’ve come to terms with the fact that Trump thought more about saving his own skin in the end by desperately trying in vain to cut a deal with his “deep state” foes for “leniency” than going down as the MAGA martyr that we all thought he was destined to become by being forcibly escorted out of the White House on 20 January after promising that he’d “never give up, never concede”. That’s the truth, as bitter of a pill as it is to swallow, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t still support Trump in principle or that we MAGAs should now abandon him like many of those close to him have, albeit for their own selfish reasons. No, we must always remember the good that he did even though practically all of the domestic dimensions of that legacy will likely be reversed within the first year of the Biden-Kamala Presidency. An important distinction must be made when reflecting on the Trump years: he was a victim of the “deep state” (of that there’s no doubt after all that he publicly went through for opposing them), but he certainly isn’t our movement’s martyr after jumping ship while we sank.

Our Origins Predate Trump’s Candidacy

In fact, we MAGAs must remember that our outlook on everything predates Trump’s candidacy, but that he played the crucial role in bringing us all together and out of the shadows through his rallies, after which we were able to network in person and via social media to formally build our movement. He was our leader and did an excellent job for the most part, which we should all be grateful for despite his personal flaws preventing him from going even further in doing what he should have done in order to see to it that our vision fully succeeds like I explained in my earlier cited analysis. At the very least and regardless of whatever happens in the future, for these past four years, we were vindicated in knowing that we weren’t “crazy” like our political enemies tried to gaslight us into thinking for years and that there are tens of millions of Americans just like us. Trump gave us hope, and as they say, hope always dies last, but sadly a significant share of it has disappeared after what recently happened.

Defeatism vs. Realism

We mustn’t be defeatist, but we also shouldn’t be unrealistic either. There is no “master plan”, no “5D chess”, and Trump isn’t going to pull off a “grand finale” reversing recent events at the very last minute like the Alt-Media fake news network of anonymous “sources” commonly described as “Q-Anon” wants us to think. They manipulated our hopes and desperation for a better future, playing us like a fiddle for whatever their mysterious reasons might have been, but we must no longer allow them to exert any influence over us. The Q-Anon crowd have been exposed as discredited charlatans after what happened, and we must completely disassociate ourselves from them and help rehabilitate fellow MAGAs who have fallen too far under their cultish influence. The Hybrid War on America is over, the “deep state” won, and the only thing that we can look forward to is the “dystopian hellhole” that Biden-Kamala will likely seek to impose upon each and every one of us as soon as possible. The future is dire, but we’re not all doomed.

A Clarion Call For Clarity Of Focus

What we need now more than ever is clarity of focus about the future instead of remaining mired in the past or desperately clinging to the Q-Anon fake news scenario of a “grand finale” that’s fated to never come. We must be realistic, just as many of our predecessors elsewhere across the world became after they found themselves under the total control of political forces who detested them just like the liberal-globalists feel about us MAGAs. Unlike some of them, however, we mustn’t resort to anti-state violence since the times have changed and the present-day power dynamics inside of America make it impossible for a “rebellion/revolution of the people” to ever succeed on its own. Instead, we must peacefully but cunningly play the long game until another Trump-like moment presents itself in the future during which time the elite once again fight amongst themselves and use us as their pawns in their larger power struggle (like we MAGAs were Trump’s vanguard in his crusade against the “deep state”) that most meaningfully unfolds behind the scenes. As we wait, here’s what we must do:


* Remain Awake

The most far-reaching and long-term impact of the Trump Presidency is that he awakened tens of millions of us to the dark reality in which we live. He exposed the existence of factionalism in America’s permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”), as well as this power structure’s patronage of the Democrats, Mainstream Media, many faux social movements such as Antifa and “Black Lives Matter” (BLM), academia, and much more. We mustn’t ever forget that since it’s now an indisputable fact of historical record that while Trump wasn’t the MAGA martyr that we all thought he was destined to become, he was unquestionably a victim of those same forces who conspired to take him down prior to stripping each and every one of us of our civil liberties like they’re now striving to do.

* Acknowledge That The Deck Is Stacked Against Us:

It’s quite honestly very disconcerting to think about, but we’re all really a lot more powerless than we thought we were after witnessing everything that recently transpired. Not only did Trump fail to meet our expectations by refusing to be our political martyr at the very last minute, but he was mercilessly crushed by the “deep state” after trying to strike a last-minute deal with them for “leniency”, as proven by the fact that he’s now practically censored from all media and is once again facing impeachment. The “deep state” now controls all three levels of government (seeing as how the Supreme Court’s so-called “conservative supermajority” really just consists of “Republicans In Name Only” or RINOs), Big Tech, the Mainstream Media (MSM), the security services, and pretty much everything else.

* Don’t Fall For The “Deep State’s” “Domestic Terrorism” Trap

Armed “rebellion/resistance” is futile despite whatever some overly impassioned folks might think. There is no credible chance for it to succeed, and it would get us and perhaps many other innocent people slaughtered. Any move in this direction would only accelerate the “deep state’s” plans to criminalize our movement and everything related to it (slogans, gear, ideology, memes) as “domestic terrorism”. Seeing as how that outcome nowadays seems to be an inevitability, that only makes armed struggle all the more senseless. Some fellow MAGAs mistakenly thought that Trump encouraged their storming of the US Capitol and thus believed that he’d “have their backs” by following up their dramatic move with his mythical “master plan” to crush the “deep state”, but that was nothing more than a wishful thinking delusion which has now been totally debunked.

* Establish “American Solidarity”

The only realistic recourse for us is to embrace the peaceful principles of resistance pioneered by Poland’s 1980s “Solidarity” movement despite the difficulty of organizing something similar since most of us are locked in our homes due to the weaponized politicization of COVID-19 and our new Big Tech overlords currently keep a very close eye on us across all digital platforms. Nevertheless, we must prepare for the day when we’re finally released from our prisons by actively researching everything that we can about his historic movement while we have the free time to do so. In addition, we should also read up on and creatively employ the peaceful Color Revolution tactics masterminded by Gene Sharp, especially those described in detail in his famous works “From Dictatorship To Democracy” and “There Are Realistic Alternatives”. Only through establishment of “American Solidarity” can we succeed.

* Rely On Alternatives As Much As Possible

For as difficult as it might be considering the convenience costs involved, we must all strive to rely on alternatives as much as possible in our everyday lives. This includes social media outlets like Russia’s VK (seeing as how most alternative US-based ones with the exception of perhaps Gab can be crushed by the “deep state” like they’re doing to Parler at present), search engines such as DuckDuckGo, and online merchants other than Amazon (though we should preferably try to buy locally if possible). Anytime that we hear about a company discriminating against fellow MAGAs, we must do all that we can to cut all ties with them. It might also hurt our pride to use foreign alternatives such as Russia’s VK instead of American ones, but we have to do what’s necessary in order to continue organizing for our movement if domestic solutions aren’t sufficient.

* Deeply Discuss The Dimensions Of Our “New Democracy”

There are two factions emerging in our MAGA movement: those who believe that we should continue participating in our “New Democracy” under Biden-Kamala despite the rampant fraud that we’ve been made aware of because of Trump and his team’s efforts, and those who just as strongly believe that we should boycott it since most of us no longer have any faith in the political process. We must therefore deeply discuss the dimensions of our “New Democracy” with one another and whether it’s worth going through the motions of “democracy” (no matter how flawed and stacked against us it now seems to be) or sit every election out in order to deprive them of their political legitimacy. In my personal opinion, it’s better to still participate and at least mount primary challenges to the RINOs, but more thought must be put into all of this moving forward.

* Pass Down Our Culture, History, And The Truth To Future Generations

We’re probably about to enter into a prolonged period of political darkness that might not brighten up for decades in the worst-case scenario so we must ensure that our culture, history, and the truth are passed down to future generations during these extremely difficult times. It’s here where we can learn a lot from Poland’s “Solidarity” since those patriotic Poles and their predecessors never let their country’s soul be stolen from them during communism. To be clear, there were some important benefits derived from the communist era such as rapid industrialization, the granting of social benefits, and a rise in education and literacy rates, but there was also a lot of bad too in the cultural sense of trying to completely change the Polish identity. The “deep state” will also resort to 1984-like measures to forever change who we are, but we must always resist.


It’s harder than ever to be part of MAGA after what happened since it’s clear that we’re all at risk of being labeled “domestic terrorists” by the “deep state” under Biden-Kamala simply for passionately believing in our political ideas, but we mustn’t be deterred and should always remember that many of our predecessors elsewhere across the world survived for decades under much more difficult conditions. We need to be inspired by the non-violent methods of peaceful political change associated with Poland’s “Solidarity” movement and Gene Sharp’s Color Revolution technologies to establish “American Solidarity” while simultaneously decentralizing our organizational networks in order to best adapt to the impending authoritarianism under and against which we’ll be forced to operate for the indefinite future. Our movement must also rely on product and service alternatives as realistically as possible as well deeply discuss whether it’s worth still participating in our highly flawed “New Democracy”. And lastly, we mustn’t ever let the “deep state” erase our identity by brainwashing our children and turning them against us.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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