The MAGA Movement Must Either Rehabilitate or Purge QAnon Cultists from Its Ranks

The Trump-inspired “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement must either rehabilitate or purge the QAnon cultists in its ranks because they’re discrediting and potentially even dangerous, to say nothing of the fact that their very association with MAGA provides the “deep state” with the seemingly “plausible pretext” to push forward with its dystopian efforts to criminalize the movement as a so-called “domestic terrorist” organization and potentially even intensify its censorship of alternative and social media.

The Master Plan”

The whole world is talking about QAnon, the mysterious network of supposedly high-placed pro-Trump supporters that’s allegedly been leaking secret information about the outgoing leader’s “deep state” enemies for the past few years, after some of the Capitol Hill invaders pledged their loyalty to it before and during the events of that fateful day last week. There’s little doubt that many of them were influenced by QAnon’s narrative that Trump has hatched a “master plan” of epic proportions to take down traitorous elements in America’s permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”) as well as their academia, media, political, and religious (specifically Roman Catholic) allies that most mere mortals are unable to comprehend since it involves the playing of so-called “5D chess”. Having deluded themselves into mistakenly thinking that the President would support their storming of America’s seat of government, they raided the building after police suspiciously removed barricades and even opened the doors for them to do so.

Catastrophic Consequences

The consequences were politically catastrophic, not only in the symbolic sense of what they represented in terms of America breaking its two-centuries-long tradition of peaceful political transitions, but also substantively because their invasion is now being used to “justify” the launching of a domestic version of the US’ infamous “War on Terror” against all members of the Trump-inspired “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement. Trump quickly capitulated to the pressure placed upon him by his foes into reversing his previously recalcitrant stand that “We will never give up. We will never concede, it doesn’t happen. You don’t concede when there’s theft involved” by announcing a little more than 24 hours later that “My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power.” I analyzed this development and what should follow for the MAGA movement in my articles about how “Trump Was Swallowed By The Swamp Because He Lacked The Strength To Drain It” and “From One MAGA To Another: Here’s How To Cope With What Happened”.

MAGA vs. QAnon

What deserves a separate analyses, however, is the need for the MAGAs to either rehabilitate or purge QAnon cultists from their ranks because they’re discrediting and even potentially dangerous. This network has indeed become a cult after its adherents refuse to acknowledge objectively existing reality in order to cling to the main message of what they refer to as “the plan” that was earlier described with reference to Trump’s crusade against the “deep state”. Not only that, but they then immediately forget “the plan’s” previously debunked predictions in order to focus solely on its latest iteration aimed at keeping hope alive about this narrative’s credibility. It should also be pointed out here that the “deep state” has indeed victimized Trump throughout the past four years as proven by high-profile instances such as the FBI’s illegal spying on his campaign and the legally disproved Russiagate and Ukrainegate conspiracy theories among other such examples, but the QAnon cultists discredit these facts by imagining that his enemies are actually Satan-worshiping pedophile cannibals.

QAnon’s Craziness

Satan worship, pedophilia, and cannibalism unfortunately still exist in today’s world, but Trump’s “deep state” foes don’t practice any of them. Ridiculously claiming otherwise without any incontrovertible evidence is a serious disservice to the MAGA movement that these cultists have tied themselves to since it implicates the rest of its members as crazy by association. While some QAnon cultists might be clinically crazy for believing this and getting their hopes up with each passing day that the latest iteration of the “master plan” for exposing all of this to the world will succeed where the prior ones have all failed, it should be assumed that most of them are just well-intended folks who are passionately against Satan worship, pedophilia, cannibalism, and the “deep state” but have gotten so far carried away with everything that the subjects of their interest have since become an obsession fueled to dangerous dimensions by the shadowy string-pullers running the QAnon cult. These people need sympathy and support as their delusional world crumbles around them, not stigma and slander.

QAnon’s Narrative Collapses

All cult members the world over are by definition radical believers in the cause that’s brainwashed them, and the QAnon cultists are no different. Such individuals are at their most dangerous when they can no longer rely on the doublethink that’s hitherto kept them committed to the cause after reality has powerfully discredited their false beliefs. In the examined context, this said reality is represented by Trump tacitly conceding last week, which was never supposed to have happened in any of “the plan’s” numerous iterations. The latest variation of “the plan” designed to salvage some seeming degree of “credibility” by claiming that Pence was secretly doing Trump’s bidding by facilitating the Electoral College’s certification of Biden’s win and that Trump has for some reason only just now finally arrested the Pope reeks of desperation even by the cult’s own extreme standards. All but the most radicalized cultists are unable to perform the mental gymnastics necessary to continue going along with “the plan”, but shockingly or not, there’s still a significant number of folks who have done so.

Cult Psychology

Those people are delving deeper into their delusions and might even be at risk of doing something dangerous if “the plan” tells them to since they’ve been pushed to the psychological brink in thinking that it’s “all or nothing” over the next seven days before Biden’s inauguration. Many MAGAs know some people who fit this description, but they mustn’t stigmatize and slander them lest they inadvertently provoke those individuals into further breaking from reality and doing something terrible within the next week. Instead, those people need all the sympathy and support that they can get from those who sincerely care about them because they’ll be in for the rudest awakening of their lives when Biden takes office in a week’s time. Their entire worldview will collapse, and some of them might even resort to hurting themselves if they truly believe that Satan-worshiping pedophile cannibals have succeeded in taking over the entire world after Trump leaves the White House. Few, if any, will continue to “trust the plan” as the cult’s most famous chant goes.

The Purge

Those that can’t be rehabilitated, however, must be immediately purged from the MAGA ranks. It might not make any difference in preventing the “deep state” from continuing with its dystopian efforts to criminalize the Trump-inspired movement as a “domestic terrorist” organization and even intensify its censorship of alternative and social media, but at least every MAGA can have a clear conscience in knowing that they did whatever they could to stop this. The damage has already been done, of course, but the cultists can wreak even more havoc on the movement if they’re allowed to continue associating with it and thus sabotaging its attempts to rebuild according to what the author proposed in his earlier cited piece about “One MAGA To Another” should be the establishment of “American Solidarity” modeled off of its historical Polish counterpart. So long as some folks continue to believe that Satan-worshiping pedophile cannibals rule the world and blindly submit to believing random people’s political fan fiction about stopping this, then MAGA can never stand any chance at rebuilding.

Concluding Thoughts

The MAGA movement must therefore either rehabilitate those in its ranks who’ve fallen under this cult’s spell or immediately purge them lest the virus of their literal conspiracy theorizing infects everyone else. MAGA must cut all association with those who continue to cling to the QAnon cult after Biden’s impending inauguration because it cannot risk having mentally-emotionally unstable individuals in its ranks who discredit and undermine the movement from within, especially in the event that some of them inevitably explode and carry out acts of violence in the name of their beliefs as a “last hurrah”. QAnon has no place in the future of MAGA and is actually antithetical to it. This shadowy network has succeeded in corrupting the minds of potentially millions of MAGA members, ironically turning them into useful idiots of the same “deep state” that they’re so so obsessed with destroying. Their daily exercise of doublethink is disconcerting, and they’ve done more damage to MAGA than anything else. Without their rehabilitation or purging, MAGA will never rebuild.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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