Why the Third Palestinian Intifada Had to Happen

A young Palestinian woman carrying the flag of Palestine during the Great March of Return, which was actually already the start of the third intifada.

The Great March of Return, started in March 2018, was a statement made by the Palestinian people who want their freedom, their children out of jail, the end the Israelian occupation, and the return to the Oslo Accords. The Great March of Return was discussed and adopted in 2017, by our Organization, The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine,in a conference, which I attended in Tehran, Iran. All groups of Palestine, religious, non-religious, women, men and children, participated. It started as a weekly march for freedom at the Palestinian-Israeli border fence. It stopped in 2019 because of too many deaths and injuries among the Palestinians. Also, there was no support from Western countries, who are as usual on the side of Israel and turn a blind eye to crimes against humanity.

The Recent Escalation

As usual Western media and politicians are blaming Hamas, without mentioning the real issue. Things got worse when former President Trump declared Al- Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of Israel. Under the rule of the Israeli Labour party of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin(+) who was murdered by an Israeli extremist in 1995, Israel was heading towards the path of peace with its neighbours and finally wanted to acknowledge the Palestinians as also being, like Israelis, the rightful owners of Palestine. A two-state solution was agreed upon in the Oslo Accords, which was canceled under the rule of Benjamin Nethayahu and his war hawk government. He started to destroy the plan by bombing Gaza in 2014.

With approval of the US, the (ill)legal annexation of the Syrian Golan Height in 2017 and the opening of Embassies in Al-Quds were another sign of the totalitarian state of Israel and the implementation of the Yinon plan – a greater Israel. The Western world and Zionist Jews are radicalized, you can call them the Israeli Zionists and Christian Zionists. Zionism is not Judaism. Zionism is an ideology to conquer land and was based originally on socialist principles (kibbutz), but turned into political right-wing Zionism over the years, especially under the rule of Nethanyahu who brought the Middle East on the brink of destruction. Judaism is a religion, with no Zionist principles. The Labour party that ruled Israel before Nethanyu showed a sort of human face towards the Palestinians. But since 2014, there is no humanity left. There are evictions from houses and children as young as eight years old are in prison. Many Palestinians are in exile and refugees in Europe, which they remember as Al-Nakba, the day they were driven out of their homes and land in 1948. Things are deteriorating fast right now, which is normal. The Palestinians got no help from Israel under the so-called COVID-19 pandemic. Also Western countries didn‘t support them either, only Russia and China.

The Spillover

This month, not only for Palestinians, but for all Muslims around the world, is Ramadan, and like in Christianity and Judaism, some places are “holy‘‘ for them, like the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Al-Quds, which is disputed because the last temple from Judaism was also there. But as I experienced over the years, Jews who are very religious and practicing their religion of Judaism all say that after the destruction of the last and third temple, their religion forbids it to rebuild it and even to occupy Palestine is forbidden. But of course, this is not the aim of the Nethanyahu government, they use religion as a tool of Zionism. Like Western countries do, back than already in ex-Yugoslavia, to favour Muslims above Christians, many of the Muslims of Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo joined the UCK. Once the war was over, a lot of these UCK fighters went to Syria and Iraq to fight alongside ISIS. There is already a connection between the Western sponsoring of extremists, first in Yugoslavia, and after that in Syria. Furthermore, the West is supporting the Wahabi government of Saudi Arabia. They did this during the war in Syria and Iraq and still do, so does Israel, which is considering a peace treaty with them. That makes the West and Israeli extremist and we can see them as totalitarian governments and rulers. Humanity should always be first and then capitalism and trade. So how to expect support for the Palestinians? The majority of Palestinians are Muslims, but many of them are not extremist, they just want their country, or at least a peace deal, like the Oslo Accords, to live in peace and most of all prosperity and freedom. Also, poverty and oppression make people extremists, as proven in history.

Last week 8 May was Al-Quds Day for Palestinians and for Israelis it was the end of the Six-Day War, which Israel won. All groups were celebrating and protesting in Al-Quds. On top of that, the Israeli government decided to evict a few families, which they do on a regular basis from their houses in the Eastern part of Al-Quds where Palestinians live. In 2017, it was declared by Israel as being part of its territory with no place for Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. An escalation is unavoidable and this is what we see happening right now.


The real problem in the Middle East is Israel, which is surrounded by Arab states and on the other hand supported by the US and EU, which many of them have become totalitarian states themselves, especially during the so-called pandemic, which we can see happening every day. With support from Western states towards extremist and other totalitarian governments like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the West stopped supporting secular groups or governments like the Syrian government, Liwa-alQuds or the PFLP, calling them terrorists and murders. The Middle East, in particular Palestine, has to explode, there is no help for people who want peace and are fighting for a just cause, only extremists are being mentioned in the media and by politicians, who themselves turned into extremist and propaganda channels. We will see more escalation coming because one thing Western can learn from Arab people is that they will never give up and they love their countries and land, which Westerners forgot how to do!

By Sonja Van Den Ende
Source: OneWorld

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