Hungary Finally Has to Make a Choice

The insane over-reaction from the European Union over Hungary’s “Anti-LGBTQ Propaganda” law is a big tell that Brussels is losing control of the periphery of Europe. It’s also a tell that things have progressed to a point of no return.

This law is extremely popular within Hungary but has sent the EU into absolute apoplexy. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte (with 22% national support mind you) fulminated so hard at this he demanded Hungary be thrown out of the EU.

Right after that the EU began legal proceedings against Hungary to gain leverage over them. But, this was never about equality for Hungarian furries. This was always about the next step in the EU’s plans, as conceived by Davos, to force a legislative agenda through the European Council which would in turn force the world further onto the EU’s standards for combatting Climate Change.

If you doubt that look no further than this morning’s headlines:

Yesterday, to much fanfare the EU unveiled an absurd set of climate change and emissions targets for 2030 which will transform every corner of its economy. As part of the plan, every industry would be forced to accelerate its shift away from fossil fuels in order to cut pollution by at least 55% from 1990 levels by 2030. To achieve that, the bloc will bring new industries such as shipping into what’s already the world’s largest carbon market; ban all new combustion-engine cars by 2035; impose new costs on dirty home heating; and force the aviation industry to emit less and pay more.”

Zerohedge is right. These targets are absurd, purposefully so. The irony of course is that the biggest enemies of the Green New Deal are actually Greens themselves. Since they are so lost in their own religious and ideological fervor just three months ago the reports were that the European Parliament fell to vicious in-fighting over the definitions of which industries and technologies would even be considered “Green.” In the post linked above for my Patrons back in March I said as much:

So much of the ‘culture war’ which is now turning into a Hobbesian “War of All Against All” is due to the spiraling of logic built on false premises, like man-made global warming, and amplifying from there.

W.B. Yeats called it a ‘widening gyre’ but that’s why the EU will never get its Green investment rules set in place and certainly not in time for the 2030 time frame.  Remember, I think of the EU as the Western Oligarchs’ last attempt to colonize the world through regulatory dominance a la California.

The relentless talk of expanding the EU is all about bringing more countries under its regulatory rubric forcing more people to adhere to its standards which then increases the pressure on trade partners to do the same.

It’s California on Leninist Steroids.

Controlling the descent into madness born of logic and rationality isn’t possible when operating at the scale these people are.  It’s one thing to control your own descent into madness it’s quite another to ride herd over a few hundred million people all with disparate definitions of what it means to be Green.

I’ve been in the room with this.  I’m not proud to say that I spent two hours at a Libertarian Party of Florida convention arguing over the placement of a comma versus a semi-colon.

That was the last time I went to one.

With aspects of the Great Reset running head first into opposition it cannot overcome, the only thing left for the EU and Davos to do is continue forward, double down and believe they have the strength and ability to see this through to the end.

Believe me, Viktor Orban understands this perfectly. The problem for Orban is simply this. Hungary is a land-locked country of just 11 million people. Standing up to the ‘might’ of the EU is immensely difficult because of this. It has informed so much of his foreign policy and his dealings with the EU, trying to court friends out of the EU’s enemies and keep his enemies within the EU placated.

Unfortunately for Orban, he’s likely run out of road here and will have to choose a path forward.

This is why every move Orban and others in his position make, namely Aleksander Vucic of Serbia, has to be in service of providing economic and fiscal autonomy to their countries, stitching them to the rest of the world.

The EC knows that the entire Visegrad-4, the Balkans and Poland are simply not down with the ‘gay’ to the extent that the Germans are.  Don’t kid yourself, the EU promotes these ‘core values’ not for any deeply-felt solidarity with homosexuals and angry bottoms but because it seeks to undermine the culture of local populations.

Tim Kirby’s recent article on the cultural resistance to Davos and Brussels in the Visegrads is well worth your time.

The Hungarians passing some bill to ever so partially block LGBT, with the Poles trying shenanigans of their own with praise from an elderly Czech president may not sound that important, especially to those living in countries that have a more normal view on gender roles. However, we cannot ignore that for the Western elites LGBT is a core inarguable dogma. This is something that the EU takes dead serious and is a core element of their agenda.

Every corporation, every embassy, every school and every advertisement over the last 10 years has become increasingly rainbow ridden. The LGBT movement is vastly louder in its promotion from the West than Capitalism or Democracy ever were during the Cold War. Gay parade promotion has become a symbols of Westernness and Globalism and are a real foreign policy objective for the USA/EU. The push is on and has been on for quite some time. As we have seen standing up against this movement in the west is essentially career suicide at the least. This article does not use the terms “heresy” and “blasphemy” to be cute, this is really the dynamic at play – a zealous and extreme hatred of the family and traditional gender roles that has zero tolerance of any thoughts or actions to the contrary.

I don’t disagree with Kirby that the EU are full of religious fervor. I just think it’s in service of globalism and communism, not ‘the gay.’ Gay rights is a tactic within the strategic goal of breaking down societal norms to break the bonds of local communities. It’s about atomization of people into individual, cultureless, deracinated units without hope of winning or any ability to trust anyone else. It’s all in service to the bigger plan.

It’s certainly not in any way beneficial to actual gay people.

The goal is the “New Davos Man” who is a metrosexual slave version of the “New Soviet Man.”  This is what shitlibs mean when they say real communism hasn’t been tried yet. They really think they can rebuild us through social engineering and the femininization of men into something more noble by making us completely inhuman degenerates… like them.

Good luck with that.

Men like Viktor Orban and Vladimir Putin, whatever their faults from a doctrinaire libertarian point of view, understand this deeply. They also understand that humanity’s ability to withstand real tyranny, not the petty tyranny of a loose Federalist state like Russia’s, comes from the strength of its local communities and the bonds between people.

Hungary, unlike Russia, is much more of a monoculture and therefore harder to breakdown. Russia is a hodgepodge, spanning ten time zones, scores of ethnicities and definitions of community. Putin rules Russia with a firm but open hand, allowing individual republics to govern under different legal structures. Because of this Russia has grown in its resistance to the the Davosian way.

But, back to the main point, Davos’ agents at the top of the EU must make their stand here against Orban and his new ally Milos Zeman of the Czech Republic or risk losing the entirety of Eastern Europe and the Balkans. The EU are betting that Russophobia will keep Poland and the Baltics on the hook and squeeze the Balkans and Hungary into submission.

With Nordstream 2 going in Poland understands what this means for them and they will quickly find themselves trapped, as Kirby points out, between the Fairies on a String (All Hail Frank Zappa.. link is definitely NSFW) in the EU and their shadow projection in the Russians.

Neither of these are psychologically appealing options for the Poles and it’s a shame they are in this position.  Because if they can overcome their hatred of Russia long enough to see what’s happening then they become immensely powerful in this brewing conflict between Eastern Europe and the EU itself.

With Orban making his stand here, the entire Green New Deal hangs in the balance here. Which is why the EU is putting as much legal and financial pressure on Hungary that they can.

With the Poles lost in their hatred of Russia, the key to this resistance shifts to Serbia and Orban has identified this as well.

Serbia just signed a Free Trade Agreement with Putin’s Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). This along with Turkstream’s 2nd train bringing gas to both Hungary and Serbia (as well as Austria) and the new railway stretching from the Greek port at Thessaloniki to the Hungarian border stitches the countries’ futures together, giving them both lifeline to global trade outside of EU control.

Along with Orban is allying with Serbia on key energy and political issues.  Paul Antonopoulos weighed in on the subject with an excellent article on about Orban standing firm on Serbia being added to the European Union or, in effect, he will veto both North Macedonia and Albania’s accession as well as, now, the Green New Deal.

The biggest impact of Orban’s visit was his statement: “I understand Serbia and I think that it should be admitted to the EU because it is the central country of the Western Balkans, without whose accession to the EU there will be no admission for others. Serbia is a key country.

The EU is attempting to fast-track Albania’s and North Macedonia’s acension into the bloc without any consideration for Serbia despite being the economic powerhouse of the Western Balkans. 

The second Orban brought up Serbia’s EU position, lame duck German Chancellor and Davos quisling extraordinaire Angela Merkel brought it up as well. Now she wants the whole of the Balkans. But the EU will never give anyone decent terms so this is a dead offer from the beginning.

Orban realizes it’s now or never to stand up to the EU. He’s become increasingly strident and forceful in his opposition to the EU.

But, go back to what I said at the outset, Hungary is a landlocked country of 11 million people. It is trapped between two vaster powers, the EU and Russia. And the U.S. is now, under Biden/Obama realigned perfectly with Davos. He’s done amazing work balancing the two against each other. But the EU is now doubling down on everything as it tries to go for the big win in the great global game of capital.

Their religious fervor has taken control. They will not be denied without destroying as many as possible to get there.

Expansion of the EU is about regulatory control over global trade. It isn’t about improving our sustainability, guaranteeing human rights or saving the planet. That’s all marketing fluff for the puffers on TikTok. The reality is that we’re putting our future in the hands of people who are…

The EC’s formal charges against Hungary over their furry law is just like other such moves, namely against Poland for its hated Supreme Court recall law. They are forcing the ultimate choice on Hungary because all the EU really has is Article 7 censure and expulsion from the Union as a threat.

The amount of money they are holding as a carrot to Orban in COVID relief funds is just 30 pieces of silver and he knows i.

So, if you play this out to the end, this is where Orban has to go. He must force the EU to do what Mark Rutte said last month, kick them out or back down. The EU need to go forward. Everyday it becomes less and less profitable for Hungary to stay in the EU. The deal for them gets worse all the time.

At that same time the EU is fiddling while its empire burns.  Beset on the West by the Fed’s new aggressive monetary policy putting the ECB on its back foot and the East by Russia’s clear military and energy superiority it will not take much to topple the EU while it continues to think it has the power to move the world.

It does have that power, but that movement is away from them not towards them.  California is becoming isolated within the U.S., not more integrated. The same goes for the EU as it tries to force everyone to their standard.

The more they push this situation to its breaking point the more they will lose Eastern Europe. Cultural norms are powerful things. The governments elected in these countries reflect these deeply-held core values which cannot be NGO’d away through bribes and propaganda.

Everyday the mask slips a little further. It’s a well understood phenomenon in humans that when you take their religion away from them they will seek out and create another. Global Warming is the new religion for these people, it feeds their anger over a world lorded over by the very worst humanity has to offer but was created by those same people as a means to further enslave them.

It’s pathetic that they can’t see Climate Change is just another big corporatist government program and it doesn’t matter where you place the semi-colon in the new law, the law itself is the actual problem. Orban sees this. Putin does as well. This is why they are today’s Hitlers. Because Commies always despise anyone who stands up for themselves.

By Tom Luongo
Source: Gold Goats ‘n Guns

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